Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3/10/09: Columbus, Rep Your City.

It's 18 days, almost 17 before we have 1,000 TFC fans coming again.

Good memories..

And, not so good memories...

For opening day, I just want on the walkout for the Crew players to be shocked at the scene in the corner and prouder then ever to be playing for Columbus. I couldn't care what TFC does or has planned. We just have to be at our best.

After seeing Thoma's amazing work that started in early December. I kind of started day dreaming of a spectacle for opening day of holding up a bunch of two sticks and banners on the walkout. We had good momentum of two sticks being posted in January then lately it has kind of tapered off. I got off track with making them myself with school, papers, and everything as well.

Tonight, I'm back to making two sticks for opening day (first one below). It's my new stress reliever between class and studying. I have made 5 back in January for the opener and bought enough material to make 10 this week. And, plan to make another 10 or 15 the week before March 28th(my spring break) along with a large banner. Thoma has made who knows how many two sticks, but I would say at least 30 or 35 and has made a huge Warzycha banner (Thoma deserves a bronze statute in his honor when he retires from banner making) :-). And, Big Al made a few along with some others who may have made some.

Here's my newest one completed a hour ago (design doesn't have to be perfect as mine are not, just paint whatever comes to mind, or look for some inspiration through typing different supporters groups and etc. in google images):

Anyways, no matter how many we have(the more, the better), were going to hold them all up on the walkout. I just wanted to throw this out here for anyone interested in helping out. It costs 20-30 bucks to make a couple two sticks or a crowd or a railing banner. I'm curtailing my going out to March 21st and March 28th to take care of my banner costs. :-)

Anyways, not telling anyone to do anything. I just think it would be a good way to kick off 2009 by just having an amazing looking demonstration on opening day to build off of our success of the Eastern Conference final and to let everyone know that 2008 wasn't some fluke in the stands either. One banner, one two stick, one anything, will help out a ton. It takes one hour to go to Wal Mart, and another hour to make what's above. So, rep your city.

Also, if you have any ideas on how we can make sure that all the two sticks don't get trashed or stolen on opening day, let me know? I guess putting the policing of the section to the test as we might want to reuse some. If you have any ideas for a two stick? Let me know, as I could use some good ideas. If you need more info on how to make two sticks or banners either check out the Nordecke Tifo page to the left(which has Thoma's way or use tape and adhesive glue to put the poles in place, my ghetto way, if I can figure it out, anyone can :-). Or feel free to email me.

I just wanted to post this to hopefully get some more focus and interest on the idea. As well with the two sticks, we also could use some new songs as well, maybe something like this would work, we should pick out a few new songs and try to give them a go. Overall, I'm guessing, myself along with most, don't want to stand around on opening day chanting the same chants and doing nothing, then having TFC trolls say how they destroyed us again.

Just showing up won't cut it. Lets put them in their place on opening day.


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