Friday, February 13, 2009

USA Wrap-Up - 2 days later and still hung over

So it's now 10:30 AM on Friday as I'm writing this, my voice still has not returned and I feel like I have pulled every single muscle in my body. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that my pounding headache has receded but one has to wonder the effects of soccer and cheap PBR pounders on the human body. I guess that's what you get for taking part in a 48 hour bingefest in the lead up to the biggest game outside of the Crew to come to Columbus in 4 years. Little did I know how much I'd regret at 8 AM this morning when I had to cram all my test material into a 4 hour study slot.

Since I have a million things to talk about, I'll try to split this up and keep it as segmented as possible with the topics:

The Pubs: So I tried to make sure I hit both bars hard for the festivities Tuesday night and Wednesday all day. I spent all of the night Tuesday at Claddagh's, trying to meet as many people as possible from around the Union and I can successfully say that we kicked the free keg of Carlsberg in 22 minutes, FACT. I literally think every person I met there was from a different state each time, and it was really cool to meet everyone in all the different supporter clubs : Barra Brava (even though they wore their club colors to the bar, not cool in my book), Riot Squard, Section 8. It was nice to see country over club for a short time, and see how people from all around do things differently. Tuesday night closing was probably the most craziest soccer pub experience I have seen so far in my life, with people swinging from the ceiling pretty much and the chants were 50x better than those West Ham muppets when they were here in Columbus.

Wednesday I was pretty hung over, so I didnt get the start I wanted but started out at Claddaghs for a few brews before I headed over to Ruby's. I really enjoyed the AO supporters as they were a bit more crazier, and the band outside the bar was awesome. I didnt get with the march because i was trying to catch my friends up on some beers before we headed over to the stadium but I am kinda glad it cleared out an hour or so before the game because it just seems to bottlekneck really easy in that bar in a lot of areas and I was feeling a bit closterphobic. It also was fortunate that I missed the hail storm that was ensuing outside also. The aftergame was pretty much nothing, I was wet and tired, and there were too many sloppy 40 year olds at Claddagh's to get back in the spirit, but overall an awesome two days.

The Game: So I tried to look around to see what reactions people had of the game, but it seems like everyone has about every grade in the book for Beasley, and Dempsey which I thought had pretty sound games. Just to keep it short, I thought Ching was pretty non existant up top and I am hoping Altidore will slowly take over that place coming up, Donovan was there when we needed him but pretty non existant the rest of the game, and I thought our midfield was dominating the Mexican midfield per usual. I thought Beasley actually had a good game, I thought he possessed it well and had a good touch on the ball. The game ball goes obviously to Frankie, whos energy and strong presence on what I thought was a solid line for the game proved to close down the Mexicans well and seal the game. Overall though, not the greatest performance by both teams, but made up by the atmosphere.

On that note, I kinda want to talk about something that I'll try to keep classy as possible, but there was a whole lot of douchebaggery in 139 Wednesday night. You had people in the 71st minute of all, trying to come down and fight people because they were in their assigned seats (even though we were general admission), which led to people falling down bleachers, and also I swear to god there was at least 5 different blunts around our section being lit up the whole game. You had kids lighting up and not even paying attention to the game behind us which I found pretty dissapointing. Overall I guess the ones that cared kept the chants going and our section MASSIVE, but I was still a bit dissapointed with it, and the 50% mexicans that seemed to surround us in the stadium.

Just some side notes, heres a follow up to Crewfighters girl slapping story, which Frankie giving his side of the story HERE.

Also if you didnt catch it, check out the new Road to South Africa commercial for US soccer HERE.
This song is a throw back to the days of World War 1, and is pretty easy to learn the lyrics too, can I smell a new chant for Sam's Army? We could use some new ones.


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