Saturday, February 28, 2009

2/28/09: REPORT- Reading Comprehension For MLS Bloggers At An All Time Low

Bring It On 3: Sigi Goes To Cheer Camp (Pic via:

Ran across this magnificently written piece on "The Run of Play."

I'm not totally sure why posting this email created such a fuss? Ended up on about 4 random blogs and that rumor blog. Unfornately it seems some bloggers and MLS fans lacking reading comprehension could not understand that a Crew fan didn't make the scarfs. The guy that emailed me was a Portland Timbers fan from London. I have little to none interest in Seattle. I just copied and pasted an email I received from some random dude from London offering scarfs. The connection being maybe a few people are interested in a free Anti-Seattle scarf to keep warm and because some people I know get all red at the mention of Sigi leaving the Crew. So, not sure what the fuss is all about? I definitely wouldn't of posted the email if it wasn't the offseason. Not much news out there, as the Crew have made zero instead of their usual 6 or 7 offseason acquisitions, and I figured what the hell some blogs will make a fuss out of it because they can't read and I'll get some hits out of it. Mission accomplished, didn't even have to work for it.

Good luck to Seattle, may you finish somewhere in the table below us and bring more awareness to the glorious MLS.


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