Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2/25/09: Anti-Sounders?

Received an interesting email today from a Mason Adair from London and figured I would pass the word for anyone interested in a free scarf:
I and a few friends of mine are of the opinion that Seattle Sounders FC sucks for a lot of reasons.

Not so much the Sigi thing, but the fact that you have these weak supporters out there in Seattle who couldn't support their club in USL, but then you get a comedian, a Microsoft trillionaire and a producer together to buy them a club and now they are going to fill half an NFL stadium with latte sipping soccer moms to watch an underwear model in a neon kit run around on plastic grass to the tune of Gary Glitter played by a f'in marching band.

Seattle has no soul and it's not what ultras culture in North America should be about . . . in our opinion.

Anyway, I've done something silly and spent money on a scarf run, believing that people out here will feel the same.

Here's the scarf mock up:

ACES = Any club except Seattle. I've got 5 that I want to give away for the cause and wonder if you could help steer me to anyone HSH or other, who might be sympathetic (since I now live in London).

I agree with the premise that Seattle is a little too mickey mouse for me especially with contests like this:

But, not totally feeling the "Any club except Seattle." As I hate about every club except the Crew; especially DC, Chicago, and TFC. Anyways, if you want a free scarf, feel free to give Mason an email at Seattle sucks just about as much as all other MLS clubs, so mise well spread the contempt.

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  1. fuck Adair, who does he think he is?

    Sounders till I die