Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/24/09: Crew Making Offers To NYRB For Eric Brunner

According to Shawn Mitchell who has a good ammount of quality information on his blog today, The Crew has made offers to the Red Bulls to acquire former Ohio State defender Eric Brunner but he remains the property of New York, which drafted him in 2008. He’s trained on and off with Columbus before and after signing with USL Miami last season. It seems New York’s asking price is simply too high for the Crew.

No definite answer though on whether negotiations have stopped or whether the Crew will continue to attempt to negotiate with the Red Bulls over Brunner.

However, I expect a solution will be reached before the start of the 2009 season. As all signs have pointed towards this transaction occuring over the last year and a half as Brunner has said he wants to play for the Crew in Columbus where he also played his college soccer. Brunner has also hinted that he has no interest in playing for New York after Osorio shafted Brunner by dropping him down from a senior contract to a developmental contract to make room for Andrew Boyens. Have to figure nevertheless that the Red Bulls will want to get something of use out of Brunner's rights. And, I doubt when the Crew is the top competition in the league that New York is going to give the Crew Brunner for a 4th round draft pick next year. I figure the Red Bulls have been asking for something ridicoulous like the rights to Lenhart or Ekpo. The price will go down though with time.

I figure the Crew can get Brunner for a third round pick by the start of the season if the Crew keep plugging away. But, New York will make them work for it. Determination and not quitting will get the Crew Brunner as it got the Crew Ekpo in the offseason of 2008. I hope the Crew keeps plugging away as Brunner would be a solid backup and will likely see alot of minutes because of increased competition in CONCACAF. Also, Brunner is likely to get alot of minutes if the Crew have any defensive injury woes in 2009. I would prefer having Brunner and Iro as first backups then Iro and a rookie like Gerstenberger or Clements. With only 24 spots on the Crew's roster each one needs to be filled by a solid player, Brunner would make a solid acquisition to fill out the roster.


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