Friday, February 20, 2009

2/20/09: Crew Season Ticket Sales Up 15-20%, New Fan Interest About Double

More packed games similiar to the above game against New England from last year may be a reasonable expectation this year despite the economy.

According to Bob Hunter's Rumblings,
Crew general manager Mark McCullers said season-ticket renewals are ahead of last year's pace, and new business is about double where it was a year ago.

"Overall, it's tracking about 15 to 20 ahead" of last year, he said -- interesting given that ticket prices increased an average of about $2 across the board.

"New sales are strong," McCullers said, "and in this economy, we're very happy with that."

McCullers thinks the Crew's relatively low ticket prices are a plus, but he also knows that the team's win in the MLS Cup helped.

"You can never discount what a championship means," he said.

Hopefully that means a more interactive regular crowd to go along with the Nordecke as was the case in the Eastern Conference Final against Chicago. Good news.


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