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2/15/09: Rumor: Martin Palermo Again; Sounding Alot Like Schelotto in 2007

Deja vu: Palermo sounding alot like Schelotto. (Pic via:

According to Nordecke Luchador, the Crew is close to making a serious offer to Martin Palermo of Boca Juniors. The uncertainty surrounding his injury (right knee) and his age (35) have dropped the price into the Crew’s range. Some sources are telling El Luchador that the Argentine striker will be making a visit to C-Bus as early as next week.

Man, I wish I had a source. However, not sure how valid this rumor is as Gregory Sica who probably has really good sources, vis a vis the lips of Palermo, says Palermo doesn't want to go anywhere but Boca. However, the confident tone of Sica's intro about Palermo isn't as confident if one reads between the lines (Palermo's actual words). Also the title doesn't really match any of Palermo's words.

Palermo said, "when the moment arrives I hope to stay, because, for now, that is my priority."

"El Loco" affirmed that he isn't thinking about retirement, and although he has the possibility to return to Estudiantes de La Plata, or to emigrate to the United States(Columbus Crew) or Japan, Boca is his only choice. But, what if he is no longer Boca's first choice? Like Schelotto in 07'.

"I hope it is with Boca, that is that I think and what I hope, because of everything the club has given me, and the best way to do this is to continue to wear this shirt."

If it's not with Boca though as could be the case from all the "hoping" then maybe Nordecke Luchador knows what he is talking about. Palermo also says he "hopes" that Diego Maradona will present him with a final opportunity to turn out for the Argentine national team, because according to the player it would be "a dream" come true.

So whats the difference between hoping to retire with Boca and hoping to play another game for Argentina? I believe not much. I'm sure Schelotto had similar hopes and dreams.

To me at least, Palermo's words sound alot like Schelotto's in 2007. The thing with Boca is that there fans love a player so much that Palermo or Schelotto couldn't just say "yeah I'm looking at other options." It's always "I hope to stay here for a long time" and "I don't want to go." But, Palermo wants to start and compete just like Schelotto wanted to in 2007. It seems like a player from Boca can't just come out and say that though, for those that remember the uncertain dance with Schelotto in the 2007 season.

And, if the hoping with Boca doesn't work out or already hasn't then maybe Nordecke Luchador is correct and maybe Palermo is headed to Columbus. If it's anywhere else but Boca, it's Columbus. And, this thing keeps popping up. I nonetheless find it kind of odd that Luchador says he might come to Columbus next week when the team is in Bradenton. But, keep a look out on the next couple of weeks. There has to be some reason this rumor keeps coming up.

And, if Palermo comes to Columbus, maybe he'll leave behind a signed contract.


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