Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/15/09: Insecure Anyone?

I guess it took the Red Patch Boys only four months to discover my "Let's All Laugh At TFC" video. Think they are taking it hard with 17 pages of comments total in the last week? Think I touched a soft spot?

I think TFC fans secretly love my video, as I received this message in my youtube inbox from SportingYork:
Yo just finished watching your 9 minute video on the tfc and columbus. As a fan of the TFC I am gonna say that was some funny ass shit. Entertaining all the way man. I like the rivalry we got going and it shall only get more intense as the years go on. You wanna know somehting funny. Last year in Toronto at the end of the game. I went up to some of the Crew fans.. and we exchanged scarves.. I gave them my TFC one and I got me a Crew scarf. ya well some jackass TFC fan stole my Crew scarf and I was one of their own! I just wanted a scarf to start a collection since I'm becoming a fan of the MLS. But god you guys are so right when you tear into these british fags that are TFC fans. If I could have it my way I'd ban all these posers with there fake accents and piss poor football knowledge. Toronto FC should have been in the heart of York Region where all the real soccer fans are at. Italians! Well good luck this year and I'll see you guys in Columbus for the TFC game.

My reply: Nice message Sporting York. Yes TFC fans are pretty lame for the most part, except for you and about at least 500 other people from Toronto who secretly love my videos and wish they were as cool as Columbus. Your disheveled compatriots in the South End know it as well, they are just afraid to admit it and rather troll us all day. Also, I have to agree, I just love how all TFC fans get so wrapped up into this rivalry. We kind of think it's funny. Like if a TFC fan made a video like this, we wouldn't be blowing it up with comments because we don't care. Lol. Were Champions and our section is the best. I could care less about who has more soccer families.

Like TFC fans get so wrapped up in what Crew fans have to say. They talk on our supporters boards all the time as well making random ass statements while ignoring signs like "we deserve better". If TFC fans made a video like this there may be three comments.

Btw, was this posted somewhere on TFC boards? Because I made this all the way back in December.

After doing some searching my video was posted here on the Red Patch Boys boards, I haven't visited their board since October of last year and I'm sad I couldn't get at least one more month before having to visit that place where intellect goes to die again. Could they please start a Canadian league so we can worry about our real rivals Chicago and DC? Yes, 9 more pages of them trying to pick themselves up after dealing with my ego shattering video. Lol, priceless. Can they just come out and say "we just want you guys to accept us Columbus." Pathetic.

Apparently were not getting their attention though: "yes, this video is one big love letter to TFC fans. sadly, like any 10 year old with a crush, they have no real idea how to catch their targets attention or how to impress them." It's really called Christmas break from school and 4 hours of free time. Also it seems like 17 pages of comments equates to catching your attention and the insecurity of TFC.

Also I leave you with this from David Oliveira on their boards: "It doesn't matter before. I really don't think they copied us. They (and as much as it hurts) are better than us. Have you seen their videos. People on these boards are so full of themselves. Instead of trying to improve, they spend all their energy on gloating. Stop and think about it. If you go and see videos of the nordeke, you would see them singing in unity and with great tifos. Dare I say it, they are what we think we are. We need to get our act together, stop the bickering within and bring it this season to even be compared to DC and the Dynamo fans, and maybe even Columbus (if they retain their fan base." Exactly, don't get me wrong TFC supporters have a good group that just doesn't live up to their potential. I have been there twice and honest to god haven't been impressed. To the scene, the Nordecke is new, but is growing at an exponential pace. I doubt they will recognize us from last year just as Chicago fans were impressed with our superior atmosphere in the Eastern Conference final.

Btw, their "Fuck U Crew" banner was a ploy, wow jokes on us I guess. Ohh boy. :-)


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