Sunday, February 15, 2009

2/15/09: Crew Add Forward Trialist Jordan Seabrook

From Shawn Mitchell, The Crew will play 30 minutes against the University of South Florida and 30 minutes against the University of Tampa on Thursday, then return to Columbus on Friday before departing for England. Maybe Palermo is coming to Columbus next Friday or over the weekend when the Crew is in town, if Nordecke Luchador's rumor is correct.

Expect one more trialist to join the mix: Forward Jordan Seabrook (USF), a fourth-round pick of the Rapids who was later released by Colorado.

According to Robert(myshap) down in Florida, Just read Mitchell's blog about Jordan Seabrook joining as a trialist. That kind of puts into perspective the conversation the guy sitting next to me talking to Bliss was having.

Although I didn't know it at the time, that must have been Seabrook's USF coach. He was thanking Bliss for taking a look at "him." Didn't know who the him was then. Bliss said while they were really happy with their crop of forwards, they didn't really have a runner and he was worth a look.

I saw him a few times in college, he's a kid from Indy, local lad with all the Indy Crew fans we have, whose fast with a good touch on the ball and crafty. A Cunningham like player. Seabrook had a fantastic freshman year, that I think got him called into a U-20 national team camp, but then his production dropped down when Rodrigo Hidalgo left school.


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