Saturday, February 14, 2009

2/14/09: More Preseason News

Pic via: Robert/myshap. More pics can be viewed here.

Some good information from Crew fan Robert a.k.a. myshap who is down in Florida watching the Crew. These questions are from this bigsoccer thread, ask a question and maybe it will get answered. Some great information on a new 2009 Crew.

Question from Dave Brull on Big Soccer:
Any thought's on Gerstenberger and the other rookies?

Gerstenberger looks tenative and unsure, not up to speed with the rest of the players around him. Typical rookie stuff.

Alex Grendi is looking decent though, he has moments when he gets it. Shipalane also has moments, although with him the speed and flash are there, the final ball is not. Jacob Thomas'esq.

I have to say of all the invitees and draftees, I'm most impressed with Peters. Good in the air, doesn't miss his mark very often, good footwork for a guy his size and a decent passer out of the back. Seems to work really well with Chad as well. Needs some polish, but could be a good pick up.

Chris Clements isn't up to this level though. First game I forgot he even played, this game I'm sorry I remembered.

From Robbiegoal: How is Elenio looking this season?

Elenio was ok, in an off day for everyone. I like that he's willing to go at guys with no hesitation. Crossing, I'm not sure about. In the two or three crosses he got in, they were all pretty off, badly. In one of the better moves by Elenio, he recieved the ball on the right touchline and was able to push the ball past the defender and keep the ball in bounds, then he made the proper run to the box and had Noonan running into the box practicly unmarked. He had plenty of time to look up, pick him up and put the right touch on the ball to get the cross in, instead he rushed it and put the ball clear to the left touch line and the chance died.

It was not a good effort by the Crew at all. Missionary is right PR is a good side, but they aren't as good as the Crew made them look today.

Cleazer: I guess the Polish Rifle coaches by example?

One of the more interesting things for me is seeing all these different coaches and how vocal or un-vocal they are.

Carver screams for the whole 1 to 1.5 hours they are out there and I don't mean just yells occasionally, I mean yells what ever comes into his mind for the whole 1 to 1.5 hours. I haven't really paid as much attention to TFC training, but for the most part from what I have seen he runs everything and the ACs have very little to do.

Robert I don't think I've heard him yell at all. From what I've seen he lets his ACs do most of the drills as he looks on. You see him pull the ACs to the side a lot to obviously give them instructions. If he sees something he doesn't like from a player in a drill, he pulls them to the side individually and you can see him demonstrating what he wants to see and then lets the player rejoin the drill. I think I have a picture of that with Lenhart and another one of him talking to defenders on the bench.

How were the coaches in the U-20 game?

Robert and Lapper were very vocal this game. One was on one side of the field, while the other was on the other, both giving instruction. Lots of very good interchange on the day between Guille, Gaven, Rogers, and Ekpo. At some point in their time out there they each rotated in and out of each others "positions" very fluidly. Caused a lot of match up problems and confusion for the U-20s.

More commentary on the Crew's U-20 game:
Warzycha and Lapper both bit in hard on Lenhart and Stanley's play today. I think the funniest thing was they were yelling at Stanley to mark someone and he yelled back he was covering the space. Lapper yelled back that space isn't going to score on anyone, but a player will. Grendi had a hell of a day today though. I like this guy a lot, he's fearless going at guys. Very much like Robbie, but not as fast. The final 2 goals for the Crew came off corners he supplied. Crew need to work on that final pass and finishing though.

Afterward the game, the reserves played a short sided game against each other which Warzchya, Lapper, and Irriberran played in. Bliss came up and I got to pick his brain a little. Told him I liked Peters' play. Bliss said they were unsure if he was going to make it because he'd have to take a senior spot. They aren't sure if they want to go that route because he needs a lot of work. Said if they could offer him a dev contract, he'd already be signed. I mentioned Grendi and he said they were pleasently surprised by his play as it is at a much better level then it was from the combine.

A couple more quick questions answered:
Bradd, Ty Shipalane is still there from what I can tell.

Blake, Hesmer picked up a knock in Nat team camp and that's why he isn't playing.

Hang, Zayner looked solid and has looked pretty good all camp. Talked to him a little today and he said he's finally healthy and ready to get significant minutes this year.


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