Saturday, February 14, 2009

2/14/09: Danny O'Rourke Joins The Blogging Community

O'Rourke kicking ass on the field, chatting about it off the field. (Pic via: Robert/myshap, more pics here)

O'Rourke's first entry from camp entitled "What's Up Folks?":
BRADENTON, Fla. -- Are you guys more excited about USA dominating Mexico at our home field Wednesday night or that you don't have to read Hesmer's blog this year? C'mon be honest. As much as I enjoyed watching our captain, Frankie, have a phenomenal game running up and down the flank and once again unleashing the patented Frankie two-footed tackle (I must say that I am anxious to add that to my repertoire, although I'd find a way to get carded), a preseason without reading about Will's bromance with BC is quite appreciated.

On a more serious note, the first part of preseason has been great. Everyone came back this year having maintained a high level of fitness, so we have been able to get down to business.

Business started this year with three consecutive days of doubles. Although it was pretty tiring for everyone, the energy level remained high. We are all competing and ready to get after it this year. We started off the preseason campaign versus D.C. and after a battle, we came up short, losing 2-1. Guess we just had to get that first one out of our system.

The 2009 SuperDraft brought us even more depth this year. Some new faces in Alex (Grendi), Chris (Clements), Paul (Gerstenberger), and trialists Ty (Shipalane) and Anthony (Peters) have all have been great thus far. With smaller rosters this year, I am confident that we will still be as deep as ever.

Bobby (head coach Robert Warzycha) hasn't let us skip a beat this year either. With his competitive nature and ability to not only coach but also demonstrate what he expects, it will add to the strength of our team this year.

As I sit here watching (Wednesday's) Duke-UNC game, I wish that I had exciting preseason stories to share with you folks. There are no crazy details yet. No Frankie stories because he's not here, much to the dismay of his lesser half, Duncan. Just a lot of hard work. Just one more disc left in my "Lost: Season 4" marathon.

In closing, I would like to applaud all the Columbus fans who continued their dominant display in cheering on our national team to victory. Seeing all you guys (amongst others) create such a hostile atmosphere makes me want to start the season tomorrow.

Still waiting to hear what happens to A-Rod,


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