Thursday, February 12, 2009

2/12/09: Crew Get Courtesy Wake Up Call From Puerto Rico Islanders In 2-0 Loss

Backup keeper Gruenebaum goes down with ankle injury in first half.

The Columbus Crew dropped their second straight preseason match in Bradenton, Florida with Hejduk, Moreno, and Rogers the only player's missing because of national duty. The Crew were not nearly full strength for any part of this game as Clements and Shipalane started in the first half lineup. Also oddly Hesmer, Gaven, Marshall, and Noonan were placed on the second half roster. I guess Warzycha wanted to mix it up and put some starters in both half's. Didn't work out so well from the word go, especially with starting Greunebaum over Hesmer, as Greunebaum allowed two goals by the Puerto Rican Islanders in the 1st and 13th minute, and then had an ankle injury in the 20th minute and had to be replaced by Kenny Scheoni(who I guess is still on the roster?) Anyways, I know it's early, but "whakey, whakey, eggs and bacey, Crew" got to start stepping it up.

Also, hot headed Steven Lenhart picked up a red card in the 30th minute in an exhibition, but luckily for the Crew he was replaced kindly by Garey since it was an exhibition. I'm not really sure if a red card in an exhibition is a good thing(passion) or bad thing(stupidity).

Anyways, luckily for the Crew, with the USA vs. Mexico game squarely on Crew fans minds there hasn't been alot of questions lately regarding the new Crew. But, if the Crew drops their Saturday game against the U-20's questions will start to filter in. Crew fans get that it takes a little time to get back on the same page. But, with only 3 starters missing, the Crew shouldn't lose to the Puerto Rico Islanders. Do we need reinforcements? Are the Crew having a hard time getting motivated this early? Whatever the answers, this surely couldn't of been the start Robert was wishing for. Anyways, as long as we win the games that count, any preseason bumps in the road will be completely forgotten come Houston.

Scoring Summary:
P.R. – Delgado 1
P.R. – Nuñez 13

Crew Lineups
First Half – Andy Gruenebaum (Kenny Schoeni 20), Danny O’Rourke, Chris Clements, Andy Iro, Gino Padula, Ty Shipalane, Brian Carroll, Stanley Nyazamba, Emmanuel Ekpo, Steven Lenhart (Jason Garey 30), Guillermo Barros Schelotto

Second Half – Kenny Schoeni, Jed Zayner, Anthony Peters, Chad Marshall, Paul Gerstenberger, Cory Elenio, Duncan Oughton, Eddie Gaven, Alex Grendi, Pat Noonan, Jason Garey


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