Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2/11/09: USA Supporters Out In Full Force Last Night

We will hopefully have some better pics from last night's festivities sent to us later in the day.

After a wing eating contest with some friends Tuesday night at Quaker Stake and a full belly to help me with drinks I headed to Ruby's at around 8:30 p.m. last night. I came into the bar to a bunch of "AO"(American Outlaws) chanting their heads off by screaming a compilation of new USA songs that I never heard of before, but in the words of Danny Dire they "were some proper naughty" chants. As they chanted, a half-dozen supporters waved huge flags around inside the bar; I have to think this is somehow bad luck, but voodoo or no voodoo these guys didn't seem to care. Near the bar I saw a few lads in Portland Timbers scarves and even two people dressed in the new Sounders jersey. The Sounders kits sadly didn't go over well with some of the Crew fans who didn't take too kindly to the Sigi reminder and jeered the Sounders fans profusely(I guess the wound is still fresh). Anyways, after settling down with a Pabst Blue Ribbon 24 oz. Can feeling "proper white trash" I met some AO from Lincoln, Nebraska who seemed like they would fit right into HSH. During our conversation, I told these lads the Crew fan's crazy exploits and the insane Eastern Conference atmosphere. After hearing my stories the one Lincoln AO kid said he would move right across the street from Ruby's and transfer to Ohio State. I didn't blame him, I felt for those lads, not much of a soccer fix I suppose in Lincoln, Nebraska.

After a while Ruby's died down and myself, Shawn, and three of our new Lincoln buddies hoped into a cab to Claddagh's. When we got to Claddagh's the party was in full swing with about 30 people chanting outside in the balmy weather. Inside there were about 250 more chanting while waving US flags around.

To kick off the Claddagh's conversation experience, Shawn brought up the Sounders kits at Ruby's, and I along with some other Crew fans conversed about whether we should cheer Brad Evans and Sigi Schmid once they come back? We decided on a standing ovation for Brad Evans and a booing of Sigi with possibly a weight related TIFO, hey he had a choice. Then myself and another Crew fan had a talk with a Sam's Army guy who couldn't believe we could be club over country, although his club was FC Kaiserslautern in Germany that he could never visit, so I'm like "yeah dude, not the same." Don't get me wrong, but my thinking is this, I bleed Crew for 16 games a year at home and about 6 on the road and I even have shaped my young life around a move to Columbus for the Crew. USA vs. Mexico is an awesome game but it's one game every three or four years. I'll put the USA above my club during the World Cup, but against a Mexican team that has to make an argument to be USA's competition at this moment, "no thanks." Don't get me wrong I'm pumped for today, extremely pumped, but this is just a little and much needed injection for March 28th.

In short, both are kickass experiences.

Anyways, back to the inside of the bar to join in on some chanting. Saw some fans in straight up Barra Brava gear, isn't it a USA game guys? Saw Ives Galarcep hanging out in the flesh, for some odd reason I think he looks like Billy Hufsey from that I Used To Be A Teen Idol show on VH1. I didn't say hi because first off I'm a nobody and second off I didn't want to get laughed at for my stupid blog. Then, I saw more people in Seattle Sounders jersies. Sigi infiltrators. Saw some older looking Sam's Army dudes from Boston who were smoking on stoogie's but too cool to give me a lighter for my cigarette, looks like I'll be signing up for AO :-). Just kidding, I don't plan on signing up for either as with my wages I can barely travel to away Crew games. So, watching the USA beat up on Honduras or Costa Rica isn't in my near future plans.

Then I met some great guys from West Virginia who drove from 3 hours away. I attempted to convert them to come to some Crew games against rivals with my fabled stories of driving 3 and a half hours. They were some top lads who seemed down for the season opener. I figure you get guys that love soccer to one game and they are Crew fans for life, that's how it worked for me. Anyways, they bought me an Irish Car Bomb. After that and about 30 wings in my stomach from earlier in the night I wasn't feeling so hot but I soldiered on.

I then met my one writer ShadyMilkMan for the first time and talked to him a little about my doctrine of posting anything in the freedom of Crewture-dom. That goes for anyone who wants to post on here. Then I met a dude who flew from San Diego by himself, that's kind of wild. In the bathroom, some guy bitched about the girls in Columbus lacking in quality to the girls in Arizona. I told him that Claddagh's isn't exactly the hot chick spot and to check out Brothers or something like that tomorrow night. Then I waited in line for the urinal and talked to some other guys about them using the stall because I couldn't wait to piss on TFC, but the TFC placards stuck to the urinals were no longer there, I was sad and was wondering why I was getting weird looks from the guy using the urinal. I joined in another rendition of chanting and then left the bar at 1:30 a.m.

Today, I just got up at 9 a.m. class from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. kill me now. So, I won't get to Ruby's until a little after 3 p.m. Save a beer for me, I know I will be craving one as I think of soccer in torts class. Hopefully I don't get called on.

Anyways, GO USA and see you all at Ruby Tuesday's tonight.


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