Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9/09: A Last Place LA Competes For Pan Pacific Championship, Kind of Qualified Assistant Managers, Other Crew Updates

**The Columbus Crew will not be participating in the Pan Pacific Championship this Febuary, instead it will be a Beckham-less and Donovan-less L.A. Galaxy competing at the Home Depot Center. The other teams will include Oita Trinita of Japan, Suwon Bluewings of South Korea, and Shandong Luneng Taishan of China. LINK HERE.

So, when the LA Galaxy loses every game 5-0 expect most of Asia to laugh at the MLS. Also, expect me and about 3/4's of MLS fans sick of pathetic LA not to watch. Wouldn't you rather have the champions of MLS (a team that could actually compete with these teams) competing against the Asian squads on ESPN compared to the last place team?

Hello, MLS, if not the Crew there are 14 other teams with more skill then the LA Galaxy, dur. No Beckham or Donovan, dur. Mise well not even televise this one.


It should of been the Crew, dumbasses.

**According to Goff, the front runner for the Crew's Assistant Coaching position is the Argentinian, Ricardo Iribarren who formerly played for the Crew as a defender(40 caps from 1996-1997) as it appears half of our club will soon be Argentinian.

Ricardo Iribarren has an interesting(albeit sort of weak) resume and would be making quite a jump from Mexican high school soccer to a MLS assistant coach. Yes, Mexican high school soccer! Ricardo currently coaches high school soccer at the American School Foundation in Mexico City. Ricardo has led the Bad News Bears of high school Mexican soccer to two undefeated seasons. Ricardo led the Mexican high school soccer team to two varsity soccer finals in the local league, a first and third place in the ASOMEX tournament, and the Junior Varsity team to a forth place in the local league (obviously the next Jose Mourinho). Before Ricardo arrived to this team, the ASF Bears were the worst high school team with defeats like 8-0. He has also coached various teams in the United States. Okay to be fair he did coach for the USL-2 Riverhounds for a couple of years.

At least he will be cheap.

Another former Crew Argentinian player, Marcelo Carrera is the other finalist. Marcelo has 70 caps but an equally weak coaching career. He was an assistant coach for the Crew in 2000, since then Marcelo has coached high school soccer for Hoban High School in Akron. Marcelo has become a local lad settling in Northeast Ohio since his playing days with the Crew. Marcelo also was named head coach of the Canton Crusaders of the American Indoor Soccer League, who folded before getting off the ground and never played a game.

With these decisions the Crew must believe an Argentinian assitant coach translating Warzycha's directions will lead to Guillermo getting 50 assists next year and be the triple MVP?

Why couldn't the Crew get any coaches with at least college experience? Btw, what happened to Mike Lapper? Figured he would slot in. Is he still on the squad or are him and Warzycha tiffing? Who knows.

Well, at least these guys are former Crew players and Argentinians, which hopefully will attract like Palermo and some others.


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