Thursday, January 8, 2009

1/8/09: USA vs. Mexico Supporters Ticket Update

Disregard the 1/6/09 post, if you want to be with the supporters along with American Outlaws and Sam's Army then you have to do the below. Otherwise as a season ticket holder you will get tickets in the stadium wherever they decide to put you.

Ticket Update from Kevin:

US Soccer is working with the Crew SG's to do a group purchase of tickets for US Vs. Mexico. The tickets will be with Sam's Army & American Outlaws in the northend. The tickets will most likely be GA bleachers on the stage with possible overflow into sections 135 and 139 depending on the final numbers for each group.

Blake will be handling the ticket sales and will likely have more information available later today. In the mean time if you are interested in tickets please email him at with your name and phone number.

Blake will be posting information on the ticket sales around 4:30 on here and bigsoccer. The sales will be through paypal and he has a small window. Be sure to send him your email and number if your interested.

If you do not have a ticket buying history or if your not known in the supporters group then you will be limited to 4 tickets. Also other circumspect identities and paying information will be completely denied(these tickets are for Columbus supporters, not Mexican fans or individuals out of the Columbus supporting area except for Columbus Supporters Union DC, Columbus Supporters Union Boston, etc.)


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