Thursday, January 8, 2009

1/8/09: NORDECKE USA: Ticket Information

US Soccer confirmed today that all Nordecke faithful will have early access to tickets.

We will have our own section behind the stage next to Sam’s Army and American Outlaws. If we fill our section the overspill will be in 135 or 139.
This will be as raucous as the Nordecke is during Crew Games, be ready to stand and chant for 90+ minutes!

Ticket Prices: $57.99 flat rate (includes paypal charge and Shipping and Handling)
All tickets for Nordecke USA will be General Admission.

How to Order: Send your Full Name, E-mail, Phone Number and Amount of Tickets you want to We will also take orders via Big Soccer Private Messages or Facebook Private Messages.

Please keep in mind that tickets in Nordecke USA will not be available for individuals to purchase through and only through direct contact with us.

How you pay:
After an order has been placed and confirmed, will send a paypal invoice to the e-mail we have on file.
Paypal is the only way we will accept payment unless prior arrangements are made. (Paying another way will be decided on a case by case basis)
Tickets will be sent via USPS, between the week of January 19th and 23rd, depending on when we receive the tickets from US Soccer.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, January 14th 2009, by 3:59 pm ET
Payment must be received by this time in order to fill orders and relay them back to our US Soccer contact.

To keep ‘Nordecke USA’ full of Crew Supporters we have chosen to cap ticket sales at four (4) for non members of Crew Supporters Groups. If you are a Crew Supporter and need more then four (4) tickets we will decide on a case by case basis if that is permissible.


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