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1/8/09: Crew Lose Out on Talented Venuzelan Youth Player?

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I saw this link on a Venuzelan website(translation below). I thought the Crew could just bump up anyone from their youth academy(and I'm pretty sure they can without the draft, I believe that are the rules of the American academies now)? Is Visnu Maharaj just a young player that the Crew didn't want to spend a roster spot on, so they allowed him to move to the Colorado Rapids for a three month preseason trial? Makes sense since the kid is only 17! And, it's a lot harder to break the 24 man roster of the Crew now then the Rapids. Visnu was a PSA player(Brad Friedel's academy), PSA players apparently play under the Crew, but do the Crew have any rights to them? Kind of odd if these kids wear the kit but the Crew have no rights to the players. Anyways, seems like Freidel is running a tight ship out there and has some talents as fellow Venuzelan and Crew/PSA player Ebby Perez is headed to Cercle Brugge in Belgium(First Division). So all I got to say, is "oh, please heavenly spirits let these players come right up to our squad in the future." It could be Friedel's biggest contribution to his former team and it would make the Crew a power for years to come.

Not sure what to make out of all of this, but would like the Crew to have first dibs on any talented kids like this. I also have a feeling that being connected this close to Friedel's academy and having these players wearing the black and gold is going to help us out in the future. It just makes sense geographically and by the fact these kids are playing in our kits and have to be somewhat connected to the Crew in the future, although it is primarily former Crew player Brad Friedel's ship and it seems that PSA made the preseason trial deal directly with the Rapids per the article below. However, hopefully when MLS makes the full shift to academies, a movement that is advancing rapidly, you have to figure these players will become more connected to the Crew. And, I have to think the Crew already has first shot and obviously knows of Maharaj's talent first, and decided not to offer him a trial now, like the Rapids are. Here is the translation:
The Venezuelan player sub-17, Visnu Maharaj will prove luck during 3 months with the Colorado Rapids of the Major League Soccer of the United States, after which the Premier Soccer Academies managed to make the contact with enemy with the directive of the picture of the Conference of the West, that him shipment the invitation to be present in its preseason. After his excellent action with the Columbus Crew in the smaller categories, he received several supplies of Mexican soccer, although now the one of Colorado Rapids it would be most important. Visnu Sunil Maharaj Petit was born the 31 from January of 1992, formed in the smaller categories of Guayana FC, evolving in the central defensive position, showed that it goes to look for to gain a position in the first equipment, where “is a very good opportunity since the Colorado Rapids is an equipment of first division, where there is too much rubbing and in spite of my short age I will be trying with them, in addition to obtain what it is wanted is necessary to be humble and constant” it indicated. Ex- Guayana FC has disputed to several parties with the national selections sub-15 and sub-17, also was teammate with Ebby Perez in the PSA (or Columbus Crew), we remember that Ebby is a talented steering wheel that soon will close its crossing with the Cercle Bruges of the Jupiler League of Belgium. The defender of 16 years, measures 1,88 mts, characterizes itself by his speed, you pass precise lengths and of very good aerial game. In another order of ideas, as of this season, they will be the four Venezuelan soccer players who will play in the first division of American soccer. One is Brown Alexander (Columbus Crew), Red Jorge (NY Red Bull), Henry Baustista (L.A. Galaxy) and Juan War that particip√° in the Super Draft of the MLS.


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