Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/6/09: USA vs. Mexico Tickets Update

The announcement that Sam's Army are selling their tickets for USA vs. Mexico already led to a mini panic for Columbus Crew fans on Bigsoccer. *DON'T FRET*

A source alot closer to what is going on with the Columbus supporters tickets told me that information for season tickets(18 games) and half season ticket holders(9 games) will be out soon (maybe tonight, if not early tomorrow). You will only be able to buy as many tickets as seats you hold in your season ticket account. Also I was told to relay, not to buy Sam's Army or other USA Supporters tickets unless your a Crew fan who doesn't hold half or full season tickets. Additionally if you don't have season tickets but are a member of HSH, CSU, or La Turbina each may have additional tickets.

Blake from HSH told me that all HSH members are covered with tickets.

Additionally from what I have tentatively heard the Nordecke will be much like any other games with probably just tougher general admission policies, although there are usually ways to sneak in especially since it's standing.

In 2005 for USA vs. Mexico I had midfield seats but snuck in to the standing section with Sam's Army along with others. The aisle's were packed in the North End for that game and I'm pretty sure U.S. Soccer doesn't sale tickets for aisle's. So, if your used to standing in the Nordecke and get left out, don't fret, you may be able to work your way in.

Anyways, for my money the best places to be on Febuary 11th are either in the Nordecke or Sam's Army for atmosphere. I'm still not sure yet if Sam's Army will occupy a different section on the stage or elsewhere, or will be seated in a section in the Nordecke. When I hear, I'll let you know.


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