Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/6/09: Everyone Plays For The Crew. And, Rock Out To Some MLS Music in 2009

Last week I came across an English story claiming that Brad Guzan played for the Crew before signing with Aston Villa. Now Venezuela is claiming that Jorge Rojas plays with Alejandro Moreno on the Columbus Crew. As most of you know Guzan played for Chivas before joining up with Aston Villa and Jorge Rojas currently plays for Red Bull New York.

I guess to the foreign press there is only one important team in the league, and all other teams, your players play for us. :-)

Although I don't think any of us want to claim Jorge Rojas.

In other news, you can now download any of four version's of the MLS anthem. I may sync it up for when I whake up with my alarm so I can leave my apartment in the morning with a conquering spirit.

And, in further news, can mid-January come along so we can get some real news to talk about. :-)


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