Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4/09: Two Sticks Offseason

Thoma has made a lot of two sticks in the offseason. I'm attempting to pitch in and make some as well. Made one tonight and have enough fabric to make 10 on this first go around of this size. My first attempt tonight was a little rusty:

But, the point with these two sticks are to cover the entire Nordecke section and make a nice display when the team walks out. Trying to make upwards of a 100 total in the offseason between all of us. Maybe more if it takes off.

Here are some of Thoma's (Thoma has made a ton, it's like Santa's workshop over there), wish I had a projector but hopefully my artwork will get a little better:

I'm nowhere near his professional operation.

But, doesn't matter if your a master or a novice. If you want to join up and make some for next season, here is a demonstration on how to make two sticks.


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