Sunday, January 4, 2009

1/4/09: This Is Still Around? Really?

The robotic logo idea from hell that just won't go away:

Robo version 2.0 does look way better than the first ridicoulous attempt, I'll give them that, but don't these guys get it? From the vibes of Crew nation I would say about 98% percent of Crew fans like our current logo and it is so popular abroad that our logo has been used by Dynamo Zagreb fans and other fans around the world (below). No other MLS side can claim or boast anything like that. Almost every Crew poster (except like two) on bigsoccer said no to any logo change. Doesn't matter if that next logo suggestion is better than all the paintings in the Lourve combined. So, can't these guys just take the hint and put the idea on the back burner for a while?

When your brand is recognized around the world like this, you simply don't change it.

Also, I never thought an actual Crew fan would push for a logo change of our logo, especially to this extreme (it's getting excruciatingly annoying). No is no. And, just so you understand what sort of fanboys the Astro Header lot are they think Marshall staying in Columbus is a bad move.

Columbus Til' I Die right there. Chiding one of our players for choosing us over a medium level German side for two more years. If Marshall gets the exact same offers from Columbus and Mainz and he is more happy in Columbus, then what's wrong with that? I would rather give Marshall a big hug then shake my head at him. It's not like Mainz is Chelsea. When the Crew can match a offer from Europe, it's not exactly the pinnacle offer a young Crew player with Marshall's ability is looking for. Quality operation.

Look, enthuisasm and any Crew blog is great, but geez.

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  1. Pa-leeze. A brand recognized around the world... lay off the kool-aid. So two other teams are lazier than we are? WTF? The only thing that proves is the logo can get even uglieer, which I though was impossible. The Crew logo is horrid, has been, will continue to be until it is replaced (soon). Go read some design books.