Friday, January 30, 2009

1/30/09: Mexican Wizardry

No me empuje por favor.

If you have been under a rock, Mexico's newspapers were running a campaign about black magic and voodoo in prep for the US vs. Mexico game in Columbus, Ohio. I guess the Mexicans are lacking the talent on the pitch so Mexico has to resort to wizardry to try to gain an advantage against the USA. Lame-o.

And, if Mexico's 1-0 defeat to Sweden's B squad constitutes a measuring stick then they might need some voo doo. This is the same Swedish squad that Sacha Klejistan, not yet an American first teamer, destroyed single handedily with a hat trick:

But, Mexico couldn't get one goal past a Swedish defense that the Americans had looking pourous:

Sadly Mexico can't even get their tacky ad sponsorship down, here is the "Voodoo" ad that Radioshack decided not to print in Mexico:


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