Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/28/09: USA Game News And Other Miscellaneous

**Maybe Eriksson Was Normal And The Rest Of Us Are Odd. British Guardian talks about the judgment day for Eriksson with Mexico in Columbus.

**The USA vs. Mexico Game sold out in 90 minutes on Wednesday.

**A voodoo campaign against the American National Team. Straight up weird Mexico, not surprised Radioshack backed out of the American hate fest.

**With Donovan and Beckham tearing up the European leagues, there making MLS not look half bad. Of course with Donovan on track to score 40 goals in 45 games for Bayern Munich and Beckham on track to actually do something, the Europeans will need something quick to put MLS back down again with. Doesn't seem like Beckham or Donovan have had major drop off's since joining MLS, quite the opposite.


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