Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1/27/09: NCR: Goodbye Becks?

I was just surfing the front page of ESPN.com and came across this article. Seems that Becks mania has taken over AC Milan and they are looking to finalize a 4.5 million pound transfer from the MLS. Although this is not Crew related, it will be interesting how the MLS front office decides to approach this deal. Do they go ahead and agree to the transfer, and risk the loss of marquee sell out matches, casual viewings from the casual american fan, and the loss of a possible increased fan base? Or do they break even with the huge 250 million dollar contract he's signed too, and make a few extra million bucks that they can use to invest in academy programs or other possible free transfers from around the world?

IMO, get rid of him. If you look at the history of soccer in the USA, no major older famous soccer player has ever been able to make an impact here that has solidified a bigger audience for soccer in the long term future. The signing was just for marketability, increasing short term revenue sales and I think very short sided for the league. Take this money and invest in concrete, young, exciting American players that can ply their trade here in a youthful MLS, and then be sold for profit to other european clubs when the time is right, and they need further experience to raise the standard of American soccer in the world. Or at least go after older players that have a name, but at least show some enthusiam for the MLS than what Becks did for us. We need more of the GBS types, that is the money worth spending. I think hopefully someday MLS will realize this, the common fan will never understand MLS in the typical corporate boring american sport fashion. The growth of the MLS depends on the supporter clubs, the real fans, and good youthful players that can put quality on the field.

Also, if you read this article, take a look at ESPN conversations at the bottom. I always use these blogs to guage the common fan attitudes towards MLS. I'm sure some blogger comments will peak your attention.


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