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1/27/09: Crew Salaries For 2008, Expected Salary Cap Space For 2009

If your a Crew fan expecting some big signings like Palermo in the Crew's offseason, I would tell you especially looking at the following salary numbers to caution on the side of reason. Instead, expect the status quo minus a few developmental changes. That status quo equates to MLS Champions so it's nothing to be down about.

2008 Salaries for the Columbus Crew (Traded, waived, or retired in red):

CLB Burns M 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB Elenio M 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB Josten F 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB Junge D 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB Lenhart F 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB NyazambaF 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB PetersonD 12,900.00 12,900.00
CLB Plotkin M 12,900.00 12,900.00

CLB Moffat M 17,700.00 17,700.00
CLB Schoeni GK 17,700.00 17,700.00
CLB Pierre-Louis F 17,700.00 17,700.00
CLB Evans M 33,000.00 33,000.00
CLB GruenebaumGK 33,000.00 33,000.00
CLB Zayner D 36,300.00 43,800.00 (GA-Didn't Count)
CLB Iro D 36,000.00 53,500.00
CLB Garey F 48,125.00 60,625.00
CLB Rogers M 57,500.00 57,500.00
CLB O'Rourke D 59,147.81 69,147.81
CLB Hesmer GK 70,000.00 70,000.00
CLB Hendrickson D 72,000.00 72,000.00
CLB Oughton D 75,600.00 75,600.00
CLB Miglioranzi M 76,200.00 84,200.00
CLB Ekpo M 101,500.00 123,750.00
CLB Carroll M 122,500.00 126,250.00
CLB Moreno F 126,000.00 131,000.00
CLB MarshallD 125,000.00 148,000.00
CLB Gaven M 165,000.00 165,000.00
CLB Hejduk D 150,000.00 175,000.00
CLB Noonan F 175,008.00 175,008.00
CLB SchelottoF 250,000.00 375,000.00

Salaries last year were $2,226,680 out of a possible $2.3 million with another $125,000 possible for additional money for signing bonuses and transfers.

-10 players who have so far left the Crew in 2008 by being waived, traded, or through retirement

So, what do we know? Robbie Rogers, Jed Zayner, Stanley Nyazamba, Adam Moffat, and Cory Elenio were already bumped up to the senior roster, so expect all of them to make more money.

For fun, because nothing is more fun than numbers, let's say Rogers goes from $57,000 to $157,000 which would make the Crew's salary cap:
2,037,580+ Zayner didn't have much of an impact but his salary will still count this year compared to last year when he was a Generation Adidas player, let's say the Crew pays him $33,000+ Nyazamba goes to $33,000 minus the $12,900 salary he is already being paid + Moffat to $33,000 from $17,700(injury hurts what would have been a more deserved raise)=$15,300+ Elenio goes to $33,000 minus the $12900 he already made which equates to $2,126,080.

Then add to that Schelotto's $400,000 towards the salary which is an increase of $50,000 from the $350,000 he pulled in for 2008:
$2,176,080. Then say Marshall gets bumped up around another $50 K for his new salary so Chad wouldn't go to Europe, at $200 K=
$2,226,080. Let's say then they gave O'Rourke another $15 K on his new contract(although it's probably more than that)= $2,241,080.

If my calculations are anything near close that leaves the Crew with only $58,000 dollars before it goes over the cap. The Crew are holding onto allocation money for Seattle's tampering with Sigi but no one has unveiled that number (at most I would say it's 50 to 100 K, depends on the level of proof McCullers had). Let's say it's 50 K, that would leave the Crew with around $108,000 K to work with.

The Crew has one senior roster spot open along with four developmentals.

The Crew has brought into camp the following College players(expected income if signed):
Gerstenberger($33,000 or $17,700)
Grendi($17,700 or $12,900)

I wouldn't be totally shocked if 4 out of 6 make the lineup as developmental players. At the highest it will cost us around $70 K more. $108,000-$70,000= $38,000 left if say we got $50,000 K in allocation money from Seattle (I'm not sure if we have anymore allocation money on top of that).

So, unless we deal away one or two of our bottom senior roster players, I would expect that the Crew will sign 4 out of the 6 possible developmental players and another player for our final senior roster spot at $33,000 as well. So, I wouldn't expect any big signings like Palermo or any substantial changes(or even any mid level changes) unless we make a couple of deals or the MLS increases the cap.

Received this spreadsheet from The Nordecke Luchador. If anyone wants to view a spreadsheet of all the 2008 MLS salaries, send me an email.


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