Monday, January 26, 2009

1/26/09: Not "On Air" If It's The Dispatch?

With USA vs. Mexico two weeks away and three Crew players playing in the USA vs. Sweden game, the USA vs. Sweden game wasn't even in the "On Air" sports section of the Dispatch on Saturday. Robbie Rogers was about to make his senior international debut, but if anyone not glued to the forums wanted to watch the game the Dispatch wasn't going to tell you about it.

A Golf Open in Dubai was "On Air" for Saturday but three Crew players playing for the U.S. National Team not soo much. Despite the lack of a mention, a packed crowd of passionate fans watched the action at Claddagh's with Frankie Hejduk.

I was aware of the lack of coverage, which at least deserves an "On Air" mention, but because The Dispatch was above average and made strides during the season I decided to pass. I figured we filled the weekly quota with the Robert Warzycha Q & A on Sunday. But, because of the lack of a mention of the USA vs. Sweden game Crew blogwriter Nordecke Luchador writes a scathing piece entitled, "The Dispatch's Soccer Coverage Sucks," that I can't really disagree with under these circumstances (other circumstances like Mitchell's blog and the 2008 season coverage I strongly disagree with Luchador's opinion). But, the Sweden game deserved at least a mention with USA vs. Mexico two weeks away, three Crew players competing for their country, and one of the most talented Crew players in Rogers receiving his first international cap. Yes, as far as soccer coverage goes that is a borderline sports journalism crime. However, maybe our masked Crew writing amigo lost track of the fact that we still live in an American sports world. A world where ESPN is a soccer coverage crime of epic proportions. Even with that, I have to agree that the game deserved at least a mention.

That lack of a mention, Nordecke Luchador attributes to the Dispatch's love fetish for Ohio State news and no other local sports news by saying, "Just look at their Web site: They have a listing for “OSU Sports” and a separate listing for “More Sports.”" Even though I have slowly adapted to my move to Columbus and have started to get used to the god that is OSU I still find that a tad bit funny, it's almost like putting a category of "Really Awesome Sports News" and "Second Rate Sports Teams That Won A Championship Sports News." Sadly for us "Other Sports News" fanboys, I don't think there will be many changes if the overwhelming majority of Columbus are anything like this blogger below who critiques any mention of the Crew in the Dispatch as the worse thing to ever happen to sports journalism. (Luckily, I think I'm the only one that has posted a comment on that blog for ages so I'm pretty confident that he doesn't speak for all of Columbus but rather just himself, Perez Columbus):

"Tim May led sports with a solid endeavor on Donald Washington’s decision to skip his senior season… However, his skilled work was offset by Jim Massie and Shaun Mitchell’s sleep inducing reads about Ohio State women’s basketball and the Columbus Crew’s draft selections… Guys, the OSU Women and the Crew are two subjects no one cares about… If you want us to care, you need to give us a reason…"

Well, I'm on the other side of the fence because I have no clue who the heck Donald Washington is. I couldn't care at all about OSU football. But, I realize both have their importance to the city along with the Blue Jackets. My only caveat is that when you have 3 Crew players playing for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is playing their biggest game in COLUMBUS in TWO WEEKS you would think you could at least give the game a dang "ON AIR" mention.

But, when Crew fans are getting in a tivy over this little misstep it only means that Crew fans are getting so used to the Dispatch's improved coverage. So, it could really be as much of a positive sign as a negative.


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