Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/09: Crew Add Three College Trialists

Looks like Iro(Peters), Ekpo(Shipalane), and Lenhart(Heinemann) 2.0

According to the 3rd Degree, each MLS team got to “claim” two players on top of their SuperDraft picks because MLS did away with the Supplemental Draft. These are in effect two extra discovery signing filings for each team. A 11th and 12th on top of the 10 “real” discoveries a team can file.

According to Shawn Mitchell, the two discovery trialists invited include non-roster trialists Ty Shipalane and Tom Heinemann. Both trialists are in Columbus and will go to Florida with the team on Feb. 5. Superdraft picks Alex Grendi and Chris Clements are also with the team in Columbus right now with Shipalane and Heinemann. Second-round pick Paul Gerstenberger will join the team in Florida, as will trialist Anthony Peters.

Shipalane is a South African midfielder, formerly of the Michigan Bucks and Lindsey Wilson College. Heinemann is a 6-4 forward from St. Louis who played at Rockhurst University. Peters is a 6-5 defender from Baton Rouge, La., who played at the University of Kentucky and West Virginia Wesleyan.

Information on Anthony Peters.

Shipalane dribbling:


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