Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1/21/09: American Baseball, Football, and Basketball Violence Worse Than European Hooliganism?

Time to beat a dead horse. British writer Steven Wells in his link below discusses a lot of examples of American fan violence in the past few years, with about 95% percent of them being the Yankees vs. Red Sox's or from a Basketball or Football rivalry. The Yankees vs. Red Sox's incidents that Wells refers to make the West Ham incident at Crew Stadium from this Summer look even more like the small scale kerfuffle/purse fighting tiff that it was. But, of course the West Ham vs. Crew game happens to be included in the examples mentioned by Wells. Even though the West Ham friendly was an exaggerated incident which only involved about 10-15 people yelling at each other with no actual violence. However, media reports commented that 130 fans were involved, anyone who has seen the video realizes that it was grossly exaggerated. But, it seems like other American sports have a much bigger problem as I never knew the ammount of problems in baseball and other American sports until I read this. They make our fans look like bicycle racing fans(oh no wait I take that back, you'll know what I mean when you read the article):

Steven Wells Discusses The Topic for The UK Guardian With Alot of Examples and Youtube Videos.

Dashiell Bennent With An American Retort to Steven Wells Article.


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