Friday, January 2, 2009

1/2/09: Halftime In Front of The Nordecke?

I saw this video on bigsoccer and it was too good not to re-post. Hull City were down 4-0 on Boxing Day(matches in England that take place the day after Christmas) at Manchester City and were playing straight up atrocious. So, their manager, Phil Brown went over to apoligize to the away Hull fans that paid their good money to come up to Manchester and then Brown had the half time talk right in front of them on the pitch:

Anyone remember the 2-0 loss to San Jose back in June of this year at home. Well, if that ever occurs in 2009 maybe Warzycha can take a page out of Phil Brown's book.

I'm sure we could motivate the guys with some words during a half time talk in front of the Nordecke. :-)


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