Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/15/09: Crew Pick University of Tulsa's Chris Clements at #60

With the final pick of the 2009 draft, the Crew have selected defender Chris Clements out of the University of Tulsa. The 6'2 187 pound Clements is quick footed for a defender and was the highest rated by Buzz Carrick out of all of the Crew's picks. Carrick said that if Clements wasn't injured for the combine then Chris would have been farther up the list. Hopefully, Carrick isn't just high on Clements because Clements is from Dallas. But, a 6'2 187 pound quick footed defender sounds pretty good for pick #60.

Buzz Carrick on Chris Clements:
A big strong defender who was clearly playing hurt at the combine. College career says he might have something, but we can’t tell this week.

A sub-par year for Clements due to an early injury has him a little bit further down this list that he might have been with a clean bill in 2008. His return from injury coincided with Tulsa revival in the latter half of the year. An aggressive game reader with a big pro size body, Clements also has terrific feet for a large player. Clements is a three time All-Conference USA player and was a Third Team All-American in 2007. Out of the storied Dallas Texans club, Clements is also a former US U20.

2008: Conference USA Second Team

2007: All-American Third Team, Conference USA First Team.

2006: Conference USA Third Team


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