Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/15/09: Crew Pick LB Paul Gerstenberger from Boston College at #30

DC and New England had 4 picks before the Crew made their first selection at number 30.

The Crew pick Paul Gerstenberger with it's 30th pick. Gerstenberger's Boston College Bio. Gerstenberger has good size. 6'0 180, seems to be able to go offensive with the goals and assists Paul has racked up at BC, meaning he should have better than average speed(which is good as Hejduk and Marshall as well can be scoring threats).

Myself and Ives were a little off on the attacking pick although Pamboe was snatched up by Colorado at #28. Makes sense though that the Crew went with a left back, if Padula has injury problems again they will need support there, especially with Miglioranzi plying his trade in Los Angeles now. Also Padula is about 32, possibly Gerstenberger can learn from Padula and be his replacement in about three years time.

Carrick's Review of Gerstenberger:
A left back that tried to play hurt at the combine. Impossible to get a review of him. But he was average here even hurt and he’s a left back so that’s worth something. A left back, Gerstenberger played 66 games in his BC career and scored 18 points. Primarily a starter only in his last two seasons, Gerstenberger earned All-Tourney honors at the 07 Atlantic Coast Conference Tourney with one goal and one assist.

Good luck to Gerstenberger and welcome to the Crew.


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