Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14/09: Warzycha is Mr. Popular at the Draft, More News

According to Mitchell, Warzycha had 63 text messages today from team's about the draft and trades. But, his phone is conveniently broken. :-)

According to Mitchell, the Crew has two of eight international spots open, will not be signing back Kenny Scheoni, and will have one senior roster spot open along with two developmental spots. Lenhart, Rogers, Moffat, and Nyazamba will join the senior roster, with 1 more senior roster spot open along with 2 developmental spots.

In Draft news, it seems alot of teams are attempting to make trades for Ekpo or Iro, but the Crew has said hands off. The Crew are not likely to trade any players for draft picks according to Mitchell.

Also, Argentinian and former Crew player Iribarren is expected to be announced soon as the new Crew assistant.


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