Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1/13/09: Nordecke USA shaping up to be MASSIVE

Reports from Blake, leader of organizing the drive to include the faithful Nordecke members in Sam's Army for the Feb. 11 USA v. Mexico world cup qualifier at Crew Stadium officially reported the up to date tickets sold today on bigsoccer,

As of 10:30 Monday night, we are just about to 275 total tickets sold, NORDECKE USA will be rocking full of Crew Supporters! Thanks to everyone for working with me this has definitely been quiet an experience!

In my opinion, just the sheer ability to put together about 300 sold tickets in a little over a week is testament to the organizational skills of our supporter groups and the passion of the Nordecke members. It was also stressed, if you haven't paid yet, do so through the paypal link to your personal email as soon as possible to avoid complications with the numbers that will need to be reported to US Soccer by Friday. The deadline, which has been stated a few blogs ago, still stands at Wednesday Jan 14th @ 3:59pm. If you have many Nordecke friends who don't have access to the internet or know of the online Crew scene, get them on board as soon as possible, preferably no later than today. I would love to see the Nordecke crazies come out side by side with Sam's Army 500 strong, singing the whole game, and showing the MLS naysayers about us being the smallest market and not supporting our club appropriately.

Also for all you party folks, you can follow the link HERE. The official USA pregame party before the game will be at the Claddagh pub in the Brewery District. One of the major concerns has been street parking issues in the area, but if you are interested in making the drive, there is very cheap parking in the garages around the area, and rumored at this point to be a 5 dollar shuttle service to the game.

In other news, if many of you don't recognize my name here, this is my first post as a contributor to Crewture. I have been involved in the Nordecke since its inception and have recently wanted to make a more substantive effort to the Crew as an ultra. My main football tastes aside from the MLS are the Coca Cola Championship as a huge Crystal Palace supporter. It was living in South London for a short time, I became addicted to the ultra scene. You can call me Mabe (my last name) and my XBOX gamertag if you play FIFA is tvmabe04. I look forward to posting again.


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