Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/12/09: Ezra Hendrickson Headed To Seattle As Assistant Coach? Warzycha-Szetela. Could The Crew Please Cap Away Tickets For The Opener?

Ezra must have caught the first plane to Seattle to join Sigi. According to, Ezra Hendrickson was spotted around the stadium at the combines in Florida wearing a Seattle Sounders FC top. Seattle is rumored to be in the market for one more assistant coach and E-Z wouldn't be a bad choice to fill that role.

My thoughts: Those two are attached to the hip.

** Former Crew player Szetela getting settled into Brescia.

Former Polish international and Everton winger Robert Warzycha, who bonded with Szetela when he played for Columbus, backed him to do whatever it takes to become a mainstay in the lineup. Szetela lived with Warzycha and his family for a year in the infancy of his Major League Soccer career.

"I liked his work rate and dedication,'' said Warzycha, who was promoted from Crew assistant to head coach in December. "He's a box-to-box player, not afraid on a 50-50 ball, and has good endurance. When you put him on the field, you know what you're going to get.''

My thoughts: Not sure if that was the case during a struggling Columbus Crew career? Maybe Szetela is finding his feet in Brescia. Not sure what to think about Warzycha knowing what he is getting from Szetela, but questioning Sigi on GBS in the beginning of the Argentinian's stay in Columbus.

No doubt Szetela is a talent, maybe he was just disinterested in Columbus?

**And, along less serious lines, Toronto fans point out their least fashionable exploits at Crew Stadium from last year in prep for their 2009 trip,

If anyone needs a place to take a wizz is Columbus - I know a good spot.

If you're having a hard time recollecting:

My thoughts: The Crew FO needs to cap their away tickets at around 250 or 300. And, you know give a better effort at trying to sale those tickets to Columbus fans. I'm all for a little rivalry. But, if TFC brings a similiar crowd in 2009, all it is, is downright embarrassing. With a reigning championship team and with over four months of offseason, you would figure the Crew could drum up a little more home crowd sales not to rely on 2,000 TFC fans again.

Look, we had to deal with their obsessive gloating for a full year about it. None of us want to see a sea of red on March 28th again and deal with the obsessive gloating for another full season. Stop making it a habit, put a cap on their tickets.

US Soccer is keeping the Mexican fans out of USA vs. Mexico. Make some leaps and bounds from the successes in the stands and on the field from last year, and do the same.

I have no problem with a reasonable group of their most dedicated enjoying a game. But, 2,000 is just ridicoulous. First time around it was cute. Second time around it just becomes downright annoying.


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