Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11/09: Podcast and PSA Updates

**The podcast crew drove to Dayton today and finished a hour podcast. Topics that were discussed including the draft, Ezra, Miglioranzi, what moves will the Crew make, and etc. Jericho, the producer, got tied up with a hockey game after the podcast, so expect the podcast to be up sometime tomorrow.

**On the story I published a few days ago about the Venezuelan youth player from Brad Friedel's Premier Soccer Academy, there have been some interesting PSA developments recently that I was totally oblivious to. Apparently, the PSA will be focusing exclusively on Ohio area kids from now on.

I don't personally see this switch as a bad thing as local kids are more likely to be loyal to Ohio and Columbus. The PSA it seems will continue their partnership with the Crew. LINK HERE, (via danndamanny on bigsoccer).


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