Saturday, January 10, 2009

1/10/09: Chad Marshall Forced To Withdrawal From National Team Camp Because of Injury

Chad Marshall can't seem to catch a break with the U.S. National team squad even when he has an amazing season, as Marshall was forced to withdrawal today from the US Mens Camp because of an injured right knee. The withdrawal from the team has to be depressing for Marshall especially since I and alot of others would have billed Chad with an outside chance to make the USA vs. Mexico squad with a good camp. Making the USA vs. Mexico squad now seems unlikely for Marshall as he loses the chance to show his skills to Bob Bradley this go around because of the injury.

However, Marshall will bounce back, Crew fans have to be confident that Marshall will receive another chance. Marshall is the best central defender in MLS and one of the best central defenders the United States has, Bob Bradley would be nuts not to give Chad another opportunity to prove his worth for 2010.


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