Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome Robert

Serdecznie witamy! Got to feel good with three Crew alumni's in position(Warzycha at head, Lapper, and Bliss.)

Got faith in Robert.

(Image via:The Ultra)

Warzycha back in his playing days for Polska(little rifle shot assist on the first goal):

Warzycha has been around the block. He has played for a national team, has played in the EPL with Everton, has played for the Crew, and has been a Crew coach for years. When probably left with the worse talent ever in Crew history after Andrulis was sacked, he led them to a winning record during his duration in 05'. And, he has been under Sigi for three years. There is no one else more competent to run this team. Good luck to Robert.


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