Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sigi Likely To Seattle, Robert Preferred Player Replacement

Article here.

Warzycha, general manager Mark McCullers and technical director Brian Bliss have handled the Crew's competition-related business since the MLS Cup game, after which Schmid remained in California.

"The dynamic is different in that I'm dealing with Robert and Mark instead of Sigi but all soccer people talk the same language," Bliss said. "Now it's going to be Mark, Robert and (assistant Mike) Lapper. There's no more Sigi to bounce things off of."

Moreno said its no secret some Crew players had contentious relationships with Schmid but that all of them realized their coach played a significant role in their success. He also hinted that Warzycha was the players' preferred replacement.

"The hope is that there is some continuity in what comes next and in who would take over," he said. "Certainly we would hope it's somebody already within the organization."

Goff says that Schmid is headed to Seattle as expected. In the Crew's contract with Schmid for the last three years there was a non-competition clause for Schmid in 09', so we will see how that works out.


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