Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Look

I hope it makes you as excited as these dudes:

Or these dudes:

Way to go Crewfighter, you did it.

Anyways there are more changes to come. I might add a small bar underneath the new main logo with different pages to access, have not decided whether I'll see how this format goes for a while or do that right away.

Also Blake told me that he may have a studio for us lined up in Columbus where the group at Massive Radio can do podcasts from Columbus and also can do like a news show and broadcast that, sort of like Extra Time but way cooler. We would do highlights and probably round table discussions and who knows maybe some guests from the Crew.

I have become pretty good at editing videos quickly and will be getting my own handheld for Christmas and will be making day game videos next year and etc.

We will have our next podcast January 10th probably.

I will be working on adapting more ideas to the website over my break until Jan. 10th, this is just from night one so keep looking out.

I also have heard of some ideas of a non-profit and possible charities between the groups. If I were ever able to get some ad revenue on this website from interested companies I would like to donate at least half of it, if not more to charity. I would also like to maybe try to jumpstart some of that within the group, with how many people cheer in the Nordecke, if all were able to donate a dollar to some cause it could go a long way to helping people in Columbus or elsewhere.

Tell me what you think of the new format. Also tell me what you would like to see next year from us here at Crewture.

Okay it's 5 a.m. and I'm exhausted, time for bed. Peace.


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