Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merz Article On Sigi and The Replacement Coach Stituation

Article Here.

Schmid looks forward to returning to Crew Stadium someday and visiting the Nordecke supporters section that he played such an integral part in developing this season.

"I expect when I come back to Columbus with whatever team I'm with that the fans will respect what I was able to do here but I know they're going to be out to win the game and support the Crew once the game begins," he said. "Fans are supposed to support the home team so I'd be disappointed if the fans here in Columbus didn't support the Columbus team to its full extent.

"The fans -- that's one of the hardest things for me to leave and one of the hardest things in my decision-making process. There was a bond. The scarf I wore was very special to me because it represented for me the bond to the fans and the bond to Lamar (Hunt). That's something that will always be very special to me."


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