Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Devil's Advocate On Sigi

I know it's pretty much a sin to say anything negative about Sigi. But, this piece had me thinking, especially about the fan's playing a role in the decision, so I'm going to play a little devil's advocate on Sigi.

Sigi in his own words:
"The fans -- that's one of the hardest things for me to leave and one of the hardest things in my decision-making process. There was a bond. The scarf I wore was very special to me because it represented for me the bond to the fans and the bond to Lamar (Hunt). That's something that will always be very special to me."

On Sigi, yes it is sad to see him go. But, if he felt so strongly about that bond he had with the fans than he would not of left Columbus, especially when he DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A DEAL YET WITH ANOTHER TEAM!

I would find it amusing if Seattle hires someone else. Look, if it's for your family that is fine and that's all you have to say. But, this tear jerking side story about the fans does not really count, because it was his decision to leave, nobody pushed him out of the door.

The guy is still a legend. But, if he had not won us a Cup(and even in most parts of the world if he did), then everyone would be like can you believe this guy? We give him two exceedingly patient years to run a team, we love the guy, and he just runs out on us?

I sincerely doubt, no matter how heart felt everyone thinks it is, that the fans had any role in Sigi's decision. Sigi had no interest in staying in Columbus anymore.

Throw some ritz and glam in his face with the Seattle Sounders with a little money, Freddie Ljuengberg, and Drew Carey and he is off within a flash. Does not matter that the Sounders will completely suck compared to a team that will be able to compete in this side of the Atlantic's version of the Champions League.

And, I really doubt that Seattle is going to allow Sigi to take flights to LA every week during the season. It will be no different than Columbus unless his family is moving up there.

Imagine this, a new coach joins Sunderland and leads them to be EPL Champions and has them set for a magical run the next season deep in Champions League play and says you know what I'm going to Real Madrid. You think all the Sunderland fans would be kissing his butt?

I love Sigi, I wish him luck, but he abandoned the fans and I kind of laugh at people who believe that the fans weighed into his decision. All you have to say is family concerns. But, I totally totally doubt that Sigi will get anymore time to see his family in Seattle during the season than in Columbus. In the offseason you can go wherever the heck you want, but with those 18,000 tickets sold I doubt Seattle is going to care too much about Sigi's feelings about being close to his family.

Geez, if you make $500,000 or even $200,000, if the family really wants to be close all they have to do is have the other spouse stop working. I know the wife probably will be like what about my career? But, still I mean $200,000 a year around here can support a family and then some. If my wife someday is pulling in $200 k a year and says, "you know what hunny, why don't you just sit around and blog all day, I'm down."

Listen, don't get me wrong, he is a legend for leading us to our first cup. But, just because we won MLS Cup does not mean that the CHALLENGE is over. We can't be like okay now it is time TO STOP. There are more seasons. And, we still have a CHALLENGE of selling out our stadium and becoming a dynasty. A CHALLENGE that Sigi wholeheartedly abandoned out of his own decision. I'm just glad to be done with that offseason drama and have it moved to the side.

Robert is less drama and I welcome that. Also thankfully his family isn't spread across the four corners of the Earth, well unless Robert wants to take trips to Poland to eat pierogies with the grandpap during the season.


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