Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12/30/08: What Does The Deuce Have In Store For Us In February

When it comes to U.S. National Team players, Dempsey has always been a personal favorite of mine because of his skill and attitude. I wish more Americans would have his in your face type style.

This past weekend Dempsey's stock rose even a little more overseas as he scored twice in a 2-2 tie with Chelsea. Here are the 10 minute highlights from the game:

With the above skill, the Nordecke has to be looking forward to see what Dempsey has in store for us against Mexico on February 11th (hopefully a jump into the Nordecke). So, I'm looking forward to see Dempsey. What player are you most interested in seeing on February 11th? Feel free to vote in the poll in the column on the right or leave a comment.


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