Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12/30/08: Likelihood High- Palermo and The Crew In Contact, Could Be Perfect Timing for Palermo

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This little gem from Sports Illustrated is likely to make Crew fans do a little dance:
Palermo, who for several years played alongside Barros Schelotto in Boca's intimidating attack, has said he would like to join Guille in Columbus, and apparently there has been contact between both clubs. Now is the perfect time for such a move. El Loco is coming off a serious knee injury and may not be guaranteed a first-team place at Boca next season thanks to the emergence of several young new stars. Columbus would be the ideal setting for Palermo, as he'd be able to relive his once amazing partnership with Guillermo.

Likelihood: High

If McCullers, HSG, and Warzycha were to persuade Palermo in January then all Crew fans would probably go into raptures(may even have to put up a Clark Hunt or McCullers poster in my apartment next to the words "genius" with an arrow pointing towards them). On the other hand if Palermo comes, the rest of MLS may just want to cancel the season and give us the Cup right now.

Let me get this straight, the 2009 Crew, the most domestic players in the U.S. camp, Guillermo, and now Palermo as a replacement to Brad Evans. Well, geez I might not be able to control my excitement for March 21st. If you thought the Nordecke was a cheerful place after goals, just wait until we are peppering the opposition 4-0 nightly.

So, here's my Dream Lineup(this might be okay with the more offensively minded Warzycha, as he may bump up another player and play with two forwards, since he is more attack minded then Sigi):
------Guillermo Barros Schelotto-----

First off the bench: Ekpo, Moffat, Noonan, Lenhart, Iro,

So, dear Lord make this happen, from Crew fans. If this were to happen, we would not only have another great chance at more domestic trophies but also a shot at a CONCACAF Champions League title.


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