Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/24/08: Scorned Sigi To Take Players With Him?

My name is Sigi and I'm a big cry baby. (Photo: AP)

Good article here from Nordecke Luchador that talks about Sigi's plans to try to nab some Crew players, especially Moreno.

I'm pretty sure that Sigi should just keep his damn hands to himself. Instead of acting like a baby and trying to steal Crew players, nice disrespect there for the organization that revived him and stayed with him after two tough seasons.

Sigi quotes from Fox Football Fone In:
“It just got dragged on. And it’s just like if you’re negotiating a contract, you expect something to happen like within a week or two weeks, and it didn’t happen in that time frame. And by the time an offer came in that we felt was compatible and was close to what we were hoping for, it was at the end of the season and I said, 'That’s it I’m this close to the end, I want to see what’s out there.”

I’m going to miss my staff because I thought we had one of the best staffs in the league and it was great cooperation, but it’s not important whether my feelings were hurt, it’s just important that I’m on to the next adventure.”

Why don't you cry about it?

Does Sigi have regrets that he will not be able to lead the Crew in the coming CONCACAF Champions League campaign?
“Definitely, I mean anyone that knows me knows that I am a very competitive person … but I have to weigh everything, and it didn’t carry enough weight at the end of the day.”

Does Sigi plan to pillage players from the Crew and take them with him to Seattle?
“Unfortunately, the way the rules are you can’t really grab all your old players. But as players become available, just like I brought Alejandro Moreno to Columbus and he was very helpful to me, if people become available and I think there’s somebody who can help the team, I will do it.”

What about the Columbus coaching staff? Will he take some of them with him? The rules are more lax there.
“All my (assistant) coaches (in Columbus) are under contract … It’s not like in Europe a lot of times where the assistant coach goes with the head coach … That’s just not something that happens in the MLS. You’ve got to build all over again.”

I'm confident that the Crew organization waited so long because we had two horrible seasons and Sigi basically needed to take us to the Cup or pretty damn close to it to retain his job. I believe that factor should even be obvious to Sigi and I don't get how he feels so disrespected.

My thoughts are bon voyage Sigi and I don't think he should count his chickens before they hatch on the Crew players. I heard that the players liked Warzycha more anyways and Moreno has said a lot about his preference for Warzycha as the new head coach. Hopefully Columbus means a little more to the players then it did to Sigi.


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