Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12/24/08: Marshall Is Staying!

Magical header man Chad Marshall will be back in 2009.

Marshall was given an offer by Mainz but chose Columbus.

Marshall seems to like Columbus better than Mainz. Not totally surprising as there is a good morale and repore in the locker room between the players and in Columbus there really isn't a weak player at any position on the field. The players seem to geniunely love playing for Columbus. Also although some may think that MLS is a complete drop off, I don't think Columbus with the team it has now would do that bad in Bundesliga 2 as well.

Most of the other teams in MLS would get spanked but the top 15 or 16 players on Columbus are just unmatched in the rest of the league, that's why they made it look easy the second half of last year and will do so again this year.

Glad Marshall is back. Basically the Crew has 10 out of it's 11 back, only missing Brad Evans, which is fine because I rate Moffat and Ekpo and Noonan just as high, if not higher. And, with the losing of the reserve league along with Evans 50 K the Crew should be able to sign one or two more players whenever they wish in the offseason window.

I also think Marshall is looking for a better deal then Mainz, Marshall is only 23. Another good year or two in MLS and he should be able to get a better deal with a better English, Spanish, Italian, or German team. Not sure struggling in a relegation battling team next year with Mainz will really help him.

Anyways glad Marshall chose Columbus. It's refreshing and a good sign when guys like Marshall and Guillermo are choosing Columbus over German or Argentinian options.


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