Tuesday, December 23, 2008

12/23/08: Crewture Currently Under Construction

As you might have seen Crewture has changed it's look recently. There has been overwhelming opinions that four columns are a bit too much. Because of this I will be adding a video and an audio page here soon and changing the website to three columns. I have been working on codes to find a flash button format that I like and I'm experimenting with a couple of different looks. The face lift should be done in a day or two after New Year's at the latest. Probably sooner but not promising as I have been a little under the weather along with the holidays.

Anyways, Happy Holidays from all of us at Crewture. Again, the new look should be done a day or two after New Years and hopefully will satisfy the majority of readers. Thanks for staying with me during this time and thanks for your comments.


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