Sunday, December 21, 2008

12/22/08: Two Stick Thoma Tutorial

Thoma has been making alot of two sticks in the offseason. I asked Thoma how he goes about mass producing these and he provided a nice tutorial here. Enjoy and please share your artwork here. I'm going to try to make at least 10-15 myself, hopefully we have over 100 for opening day to hold up as a demonstration on opening day in the Nordecke.

1. Piece of Fabric
Two stick Flags can be any size (as seen with the Wanted McBride one). So far, I've preferred to make them 4ft 9 inches once complete. The cloth seen here starts out at 4ft10 tall x 3ft8in wide.

* Notice the creases on the edges as this is key.

2. Make Creases
I like to get my folds in place before I start the sewing process. First, I will fold and iron creases to keep those in place (top and bottom about one inch, and the sides 2 inches).

3. First Fold Over
Self explained in the photo. The first folds are the longer sides.

4. Top/Bottom Folds
Fold the top and bottom of the flag over the side folds

5. Pre-Pole Cuts
As seen in the photos cut a little off on all four corners (futher away from the edge)

6. The Overlap

Cut this!

Overlap pole ends with top and bottom ends

The penciled part shows how much the pole ends have overlapped the top/bottom ends

7. Sew the Ends

Notice the overlapped top/bottom ends will be sewn over. I've done this asin attempts to keep that top and bottom end strong enough.

This photo shows the top end. Arrows show how the patterns are sewn. Obviously the top edge is sewn.

Um, please don't sew the bottom edge corners! The poles are slotted in here. This has happened to me once, rookie mistake. Please not that the bottom fold IS sewn like the top fold. When sewing, pay attention.

Finished sewing and ready to get busy!

Be creative, do your best, it doesn't have to be perfect, remember it's all about your show of support for Columbus.

Mistakes + Practice = Learning


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