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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

El Mellizo Columbus bound?

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/18/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 10/18/18. 

El Mellizo Columbus bound?

Gregg Berhalter is going to be the next United States National Team coach.

Not even US Soccer is dense enough to go in another direction. Well.... 

Why I think it's guaranteed.

1.) No matter how unsure Taylor Twellman is of Wil Trapp. Trapp, Steffen will be two of the most important players upcoming on this team and what's better than a coach that already has a great relationship with both.

Everyone knows right that it isn't going to be Guzan in 2022. If you don't, god bless you.

2.) Berhalter also is one of like one US coaches that can play from the back and be technically, tactically astute.

Yeah sure Jesse Marsch, Caleb Porter, and etc... 😴

Any Columbus head coaching replacement for Gregg Berhalter might be a bummer for Crew fans...

However I actually would be alright with Josh Wolff. Knows system, 52 US Caps, similar characteristics to Berhalter.

But, I think a lot of Crew fans would definitely be alright with this.

Crew Confidential has a nice ring to it. 

But uh who is paying for it? Precourt? I think it would take a bit to lift GBS from Boca Juniors and Precourt's busy with queso, hating us.

Haslam might be game and that would be one hell of a way to get the fans to love him but not his club yet.

Uh yeah

Crew Academy

Give these mates a contract.

Humor of the day:

Beeler cartoon

Friday, October 12, 2018

Columbus Crew Saved. My Thoughts.

To the far right in 2008.

I thought the above was over in general, a memory.

The above picture was in 2008. When this Columbus Crew addiction really sank it's teeth in for me.

But could stand for any year from 2008-2018 where I stood in several different parts of the section. 

Like a Taylor Swift and many people leaving college for the dreamless real world, I was twenty-two in the above picture. 

I started this website at the beginning of that year and soon after floated the "Nordecke" name on Bigsoccer.

The name took off. Crew fans took to it. 

Even Major League Soccer got involved and trademarked the name a few years later. 😐  Thanks

For someone that has sort of bumbled their way through their 20's  and is currently a waiter in their 30's (after seven fruitful years of college, $120,000 in college loan debt), my one small cliff note in the Columbus Crew story was one thing I had for personal pride. 

But after this one year has waned on and has felt like fifteen years I personally just said this is life at some point. There are no good endings.

Can't take a grandkid to see the Columbus Crew. What's the point of even bringing it up?

I stopped feeling hopeful. 

And then random today happened. I had to stop looking at Twitter midday because I worked at 5 pm and wanted to at least make it there.

The funny thing is I was at the last Cleveland Browns game at nine before they moved to Baltimore.

Image result for cleveland browns last game 1995

It wasn't exactly an atmosphere for a nine year old. 

Cherry bombs, seats being ripped out, someone broke into my dad's car during the game and stole all of his sweaters. Hey my dad had some nice sweaters 😏

But despite my dad being a Steelers fan (my mom's family were all Cleveland fans- definitely a NW Pa thing as it's 50/50, 60/40), I begged him as he had a friend trying to offload tickets

We had no window (because of the break in) so we drove back to Nortwestern Pa in December in twenty degree weather.

Talk about a day but its days like that you'll never forget. Thankful my dad took me to it at nine.

There has been no other teams I have loved other than the Columbus Crew, Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Indians.

For a second time in life another one was moving and this time not likely making a comeback.

I just want to thank all Columbus Crew fans for your effort.

#SaveTheCrew posse.

Rick Thomas, Grant Thurmond, Michael Blankley, Sameh Fahmi, Morgan Hughes, Graham Randall, Jon Shecket, Blake Compton, J.D. Smith, Jeromi Rogers, Tony Galiffo, Efrain Reynaga, Kristina Belavska, Matt Paschke, James Cochran, Steve Abreu, which if you merged all those personalities together encapsulates the heart and soul of what a Crew fan is. 

I'm missing some but names that hit me at the moment.

Overall, Crew fans really care. If you are one thank you.

And thank you Jimmy Haslam and whoever else is involved. You won't regret it.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Austin FC/Precourt sends Austin Anthem celebration email to Crew fans

I was surprised when last week I received this email about a celebration of Austin FC's new supporters group, lamely named the Austin Anthem.

I would like to say I performed a Jason Bourne and slyly signed up for the MLS2ATX email list but.... 

I didn't. I'm not that cunning.

Yet a lot of Crew fans in the Nordecke said they received this email and never signed up for the list.

Keep it classy Precourt. Grow the legend.

Join Austin FC Supporters Tomorrow


Austin FC news@mls2atx.com via mail85.atl91.mcsv.net 

Sep 28, 2018, 4:36 PM (3 days ago)
to me

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Join the Austin Anthem tomorrow as they host a special supporter celebration where they will unveil their new brand and plans to support 
our future club. We'll be there with giveaways and prizes, so don't miss it!
Saturday, September 29 @ 4 p.m.
Jack & Gingers

We hope to see you as we continue to #GrowTheLegend!
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Austin, TX 78759
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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

CREWTURE GAME PREVIEW vs. Portland Timbers: Equivalent Paths

Image result for Portland Timbers Columbus Crew beer

Columbus Crew (12-8-8) - 44 points- Fourth place in the East @ Portland Timbers (12-8-8) - 44 points- Sixth place in the West

The Columbus Crew and Portland Timbers come into their 29th contest of the 2018 season with the exact same record.

The two clubs even somehow have identical home and away records.

Their equivalent paths do not end there.

Portland nevertheless is in more of a must win scenario Wednesday.

Vancouver is only four points back of grabbing sixth place from the Timbers.

Interestingly enough the fight for the final two spots in the West could be a Cascadia battle between Portland (44 points), Seattle (44 points), and Vancouver (40 points).

In contrast, Columbus finds themselves nine points ahead of seventh place DC United.

However, with a Wayne Rooney led DC United 5-2-2 in their last nine contests and undefeated so far in September Columbus may not want to catch NYCFC's third place position. 

The third place finisher in the East will likely play DC.

I say bring it on. You have to try to finish as high up as you can.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Columbus (4-1-2) in their last seven contests finds themselves improving when they need to improve. Berhalter can get a team trucking at the end of a season when there's a reason to.

Other than giving US National Team captain Wil Trapp a 73 minute breather, Columbus has started this lineup the last two games.

Portland Timbers projected lineup:

There hasn't been a ton of fluctuation in the Timbers starting lineup at this part of the season. 

But, I'm guessing Portland will likely go for the lineup that led to a 2-0 win over Colorado on 9/8, compared to the one that led to a 4-1 shellacking at the hands of Houston on 9/15.

Basically Polo back in for Paredes. 

PREDICTION: 2-1 Columbus. Columbus has the better team, if they go at it correctly see a surprise on the road to begin a diverging path. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

What if? Something all MLS fans should consider.

This team has been my heart, passion, and soul since 2006. At the age of twenty.

The only thing that kept me going after my dad passed away in July 2008 was the 2008 MLS Cup run.

I can count a few times in the Nordecke as my happiest times. 

Hell even came up with the Nordecke name; that MLS was so beyond kind to trademark.

Since January 2008, I've probably spent countless hours writing on here and making videos.

Therefore, as I'm sure it has been for all Crew fans, this last year has been personally grating torture.

It can just as easily be any MLS fans.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/24/18

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/24/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 8/24/18. 

Well Columbus can't sustain things? Have you looked elsewhere Don Garber?

Houston, Chicago (example below from tonight and well every night), New England, New York Red Bull, Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas, D.C. United have similar or worse attendance if Crew fans are not put through the melee they have been put through this year. 

What are your solutions there Don Garber?

Or as long as it's not Columbus, Ohio doesn't matter?

For Don somehow these other teams are more viable in some twenty year plan although they have been worse attendance wise a good time or two (or five). 

Or they just have a NFL owner that he really wants since MLS is NFL Jr. (New England's only reason they are still in this league).

But I haven't seen a Crew game this year even this badly attended.

Sure it still counted as 15,000 somehow.

Nice one Sebas

If I go in a time machine was a freshman midfielder at Westminster College in Western Pennsylvania in 2004 and Sebastian Salazar, now a soccer analyst on television, was a senior and one of the star players in midfield.

He hits this on the head.

Under the scenes with everything else occurring

I bet the Crognale disappearance this season would be more of an issue if the above wasn't occurring. 

Just a question... How many goals does Alex Crognale have to score from defense with Orange County this year to get a long term call up back with the Crew?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/23/18

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/23: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 8/23. 

Grow a legend.. LET'S PLAY.. How disrespectful can you get?

Columbus fans put up a tree tifo saying to "Respect your roots" last playoffs when this to Austin turd was fresh off the presses. Austin makes a logo a year later with a tree and says "Grow the legend."

Let me just puke in my mouth. 

Did Columbus and its fans do something to you Precourt that you haven't deserved? 

Real meanings if you care.

Because MLS sure as fuck couldn't.

Broccoli boys unite

Image of the day:

All you can do is pray or start crying every time Weezer's Africa is on the radio or Can't Help Falling In Love is in the one wedding scene of Crazy Rich Asians. Hey got dragged to it. 😂

Nevertheless get emotional every time I randomly hear either song and hear them all the time now.

Image result for crew cat

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/22/18

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 8/22: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 8/22. 

Alejandro Moreno talks, listen

Alejandro Moreno hits it on the head on the Columbus vs. Austin story, it was never parallel paths but parallel realities. 

Yet regardless of how bad or worse things can always seem...

Our fans sometimes startle me with the optimism 

Regardless Crew fans can't help to pluck some optimism out of a black hole of shit.

As this post led to the most optimistic replies EVER.

Or I would just take that meeting as an effort not to freak out current employees for the time being.

But hey those ideas seem more fun so with you all on that.

But.. but still nothing can go right in Precourt world regardless

Image of the day:
#SaveTheCrew scarf shows up everywhere. Someone should do a map of everywhere that the scarf has shown up at.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mark Wahlberg to help buy the Crew?

Image result for Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was in Columbus, Ohio yesterday visiting his car dealership Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

And then the Columbus Crew came up and it wasn't really brushed to the side.

A Wahlburgers is about two miles down the road from my current location (right off McKnight Road) in Pittsburgh, PA

If Wahlberg bought the Crew would go there every day. 

If anyone not named Anthony Precourt owned the Crew, whatever they were into, sewing machines even, I would buy.

Would attempt to eat burgers there until I turned into a burger. Doesn't hurt that I already like it.

Also, Wahlberg said Wahlburgers would be coming to Columbus, Ohio shortly.

The whole thing was probably just a nice response and alright.

Anything fun, interesting before this stadium vote (volume two) Wednesday in Austin is okay.

Anything could happen. 

But, I'm not a person that expects the best usually.