If Nemeth has strong interest in MLS return, Columbus has strong interest in him.

We currently sit number one in the allocation order, so if we want him can get him.

Crew SC vs. Eintracht Frankfurt Friendly.

In German, but hey may really need something Crew soccer to watch. So here it is.

Welcome to Crewture.

Which stands for Crew and Culture, and follows Crew supporter culture. Created around the Nordecke creation and used to follow the rise of the new supporters section which is now 9 years old.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If Nemeth has strong interest in MLS return, Columbus has strong interest in him.

Columbus Crew are one of the four MLS teams with an interest in Krisztian Nemeth.  Link.

Columbus sit top of the allocation order so for the other teams "that's nice."

Krisztian Nemeth was transferred out of Major League Soccer for more than $500,000 ($3 million to be exact) so was included on the allocation list that we currently sit number one on. Link.

Nemeth was transferred to Al-Gharafa in Qatar.

He went not because it's a better league but likely because they have money (see Martins as well).

Despite a goal every two games, 13 in 26. Apparently that may have got old.

Sporting KC, his former club, are one of four teams that currently have an interest. There more complicated path to him. Link.

Just depends if Crew SC are willing to spend whatever Nemeth will cost?

If you can make your second striker option an already proven goal every 2 games striker in MLS; I'll take it and call it a nice Summer window.

Crewture 90 in 10: Game 21 vs. Philadelphia Union

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rate Player, Team, Coaching Performance for 7/22

Incorporating a rating into my 90 in 10 videos I've been messing with. Will have one up tomorrow.

The Rating is between 5 and 10.

Not trying to ruin anyone's week with a 1.

5 is less than ok performance, 6 is average, 7 is good, 8 or 9 is great, 10 is Man of the Match like performances. 

Just base it on the game performance, not a run of games.

powered by Typeform

powered by Typeform

Friday, July 21, 2017

What Roster Are You Going With Tomorrow?

Now that both Cristian Martinez and Lalas Abubukar can be with the team at same time, at all times, with the gaining of another international spot.

read under HEJDUK..

And Martinez received Man of the Match honors in his friendly appearance.

Perhaps with Higuain out. Maybe now is the time to give Martinez a start?

Got four possible rosters below. 

Would you go with something similar to Monday's friendly?

Or one of these?

My winner.

Vote below. If you go with other share it @CrewtureFanzine.

GSH's for 7/21.. Ghana's Manager Appiah visits

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Appiah visits his most capped MLS players

Harrison Afful has 67 appearances for Ghana and Jonathan Mensah has 58.

The visit ended a trip to check in all around MLS where Ghana players are located. To gain more information after two international friendlies stateside against Mexico and the USA.

The trek perhaps had another benefit to gain more information on former Ghana U20 player Lalas Abubbukar. Link.

Berhalter on Meram snub

Other reason for gaining International Spot

Will allow players like Cristian Martinez and Lalas Abubukar to not always have to be on loan and that may be the extent of it.
Crew SC acquired an international roster slot from D.C. United for $50,000 in general allocation money on Monday, leading many to speculate a signing is imminent for Crew SC.
Asked about the timing of the acquisition Tuesday, Berhalter gave a two-part answer.
“There’s no secret that we’ve talked about if the right player’s there we want to strengthen the group. That’s the first part,” Berhalter said. “The second part of it is now all our players on our roster can be eligible on gameday, and that’s important.” Link.
As at all times either Lalas or Martinez had to be on loan as well.

Poland clubs after MLS players too

Recently former Columbus Crew player Alvaro Rey signed with Arka Gdynia. Link

Now former Columbus Crew employee, now Wisla Krakow Sporting Director Manuel Junco is after Oriol Rosell, who played for Sporting KC. Link.

After the success of Nemanja Nikolic, the interest will likely go both ways this transfer window.

Before coming to the Chicago Fire and scoring 16 goals in 19 games. Nikolic scored 40 in 56 for Legia Warsaw.

Gordon Wild Practices With Columbus

That's a name for a jersey.

I think it's great for college players to get some MLS practice experience.

Yet sort of don't understand the benefit on our end? Anyone got a good take on that.

If it doesn't hurt anything why not? Wouldn't hurt practice as the kid has some skills. 

Steffen and Crognale knew him from University of Maryland.

University of Virginia's Edward Opoku trained with us last week as well.

Not like it helps your draft chances with either but I'm sure a nice introduction that each player will remember.

Opoku below on his visit with our Ghana contingent. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

GSH's 7/20.. All Quiet on The Columbus Front

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Only thing I found were near acquisitions from four years ago.

All Quiet on the Columbus Front

We got a new international spot for $50,000 from DC United. I figured there would be two or three rumors sprouting up by now.

I even hit up Google News Estonia, Google News Hong Kong, Google News Slovenia, and Google News Japan (as the usual ones had nothing) and tried every Columbus Crew search imaginable on Twitter. 

Even looked up Jhon Murillo, Lucas Gamba, and Muhamed Keita on both.

Even tired to add Rico Moreira, Head of Recruitment on Instagram. As he liked my video on IG of Artur from Monday's friendly. 

Tried to follow as he might oddly post photos of new Crew acquisitions on his private IG first, yeah right... πŸ˜… 

But no dice. Understand why it may not be smart to accept a follow from Crewture as the Head of Recruitment. πŸ˜‰ Was worth a shot. 

Here's an article I posted about Moreira during the Brazil trip if you want to know more on him. Link.

Moreira is Brazilian as well. Made that deal happen.

If one good thing was going to come out of this time of the year it would be an attempt to make that Artur loan permanent. 

But overall, this has been the most quiet it's been all year oddly.

Google Netherlands only had a few interesting things

I figured well perhaps we put down all of our cash on Wesley Sneijder. πŸ˜…

Never really check the Netherlands but who knows, found stranger stuff.

Oddly were a couple interesting stories there..

Apparently the Dayton Dutch Lions, Cincinnati Dutch Lions owners (who I know and worked for in 2010) are also co-owners in FC Cincinnati.

The team is majority owned by Carl Lindner but apparently the Dutch Lions are telling people in Netherlands they play a role in this attempt to recruit Dutch players in a tryout.

 Dutch Lions FC is also co-owner of the Cincinnati ambitious FC, which plays in the first division and coached by former international and American soccer legend John Harkes. In the first year FC Cincinnati drew an average of 18,000 spectators at home games. 

The above link also mentions Bas Ent and his trial with Toronto FC to try to entice players to trial. I made the following video for him and then had to make it again without music for teams.

As far as FC Cincinnati, I always felt their logo was a bit Dutch Lion like. Same colors, appears to be a Lion.

Image result

Dayton apparently will play a role in Cincinnati's bid according to this link as well.

Another interesting story from the Netherlands. Apparently we were close to signing a Vincent Weijl, who once was a Liverpool product, in 2013. Link.

"I signed with SC Cambuur. Initially I played quite often, but later I went to the bank. Then I spent a year without a club. I actually went to the US and also have three-month internship at Columbus Crew. I was there sign a contract, at a pretty low salary an adventure in America seemed rather nice it would look good on my resume:... play in the MLS, but there were problems with my visa, so I finally had to leave the country."

Last excuse gone

Berhalter apologists all year have said "well.. Were still a playoff team so." 

Even though other teams behind in the standings always had about two games in hand on us.

Finally those other teams have been able to push ahead despite our winning and losing two or three since we started 4-2-1. 

Now apparently we have to win some games to be in the playoffs now.

Lets see if now with that last "well were still in a good spot" gone. If it amplifies the pressure a bit more.

Because no matter the pressure Crew fans think they've put on the situation... Berhalter's job has never been up for debate all year. 

Berhalter is Precourt's man. 

Could change if we don't start getting some wins now that were out of the playoffs again if they don't come quick and often.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

GSH's for 7/19.. Ghana Manager Appiah to visit Columbus Crew, All Star Choices

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Ghana's manager headed to Columbus to visit Ghanaian contingent (below with Ghanaian UVA striker Opoku included), Berhalter, and co.

An international side that embraces MLS

Ghana's manager Kwesi Appiah stayed on after two friendlies against the USA and Mexico to visit clubs and players in MLS. He's already visited a Ghanaian quartet in DC United. Link

And will wrap that up by visiting another quartet here in Columbus. Link.

For Crew players like Mohammed Abu, joining Columbus was perhaps the best thing to happen internationally.

Before doing so Abu had 5 years since an international appearance. 

In one week he had two, as a substitute in a 1-0 loss to Mexico and a starter in a 2-1 defeat to the US. 

For the Columbus quartet, the re-introduction of Appiah is likely very good.

As I have a hard time visualizing former Chelsea manager Avram Grant likely going on a field trip to DC United and Columbus.


That is what Major League Soccer's snub of Justin Meram, Federico Higuain, and Ola Kamara from the All Star roster is.

Even Commissioner Garber couldn't be bothered to rectify things. 

Instead giving his pick to Dom Dwyer who nearly has more US goals this season, than MLS ones.

2 US ones, 5 MLS ones as a STRIKER. 

Federico Higuain and Justin Meram both have 9 and 8 from MIDFIELD. Along with 5 and 6 assists respectively.

MLS needs to make it some sort of statistically-related, algorithmic choice in the future. 

Get over this "well if Kaka is there! and Dom Dwyer and his fancy accent! and Schweinsteiger! And Michael Bradley (who has an assist all year). People will watch!" They won't.

Perhaps they will if the best MLS players are there and it's a really damn good game.

That might actually get fans of soccer worldwide to watch. I would consider myself one of those and I'll be missing this one.

It's shit.

Even if they were going for bigger names they still can't get it right statistically as Romain Alessandrini's 8 goals and 7 assists would make a ton more sense than Dom Dwyer.

I really wish in general Major League Soccer could get more soccer about it's soccer.. Less concerned about stupid stuff no true fan of soccer really cares about. 

Getting Stuvered

Conscious self-note, if anyone has this happen to them this weekend.
Make a clip of.

I believe 33 likes is my most on Twitter. 

Perhaps I should just change my Twitter to MLS Nut Shots. πŸ˜…

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Columbus Crew SC vs. Eintracht Frankfurt Thoughts

Entire friendly from yesterday is below in German if you live outside of the region like me and wanted to watch. 

I thought Cristian Martinez gave a real A effort. Got a yellow card, almost got injured, got an assist. Was more than a friendly for him.

Wanted to make some sort of an impression and did I think. 

Why not put him at RM for a game? Isn't going to hurt. 

Watched all of his CONCACAF U-20 tournament appearances earlier this year in March, think he's got a good future.

The only other notable thing really was watching Artur juke and duke 5 Eintracht defenders all around the field making them look not very Bundesliga.

And Brad Stuver's giving literally his all (even his nuts) for one save in the 83rd minute. 

Thought Stuver had a solid outing, not bad to get a clean sheet appearance against a Bundesliga side.

They had at least five or six good chances to get a goal.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Freundlich/Friendly Information. Live Stream. GSH's for 7/17..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Out of the four Crew players with German experience, Obinwa was actually with the most well known club in Hannover 96.

Hannover 96 just got promoted back to the Bundesliga after this season from Bundesliga 2.

Raitala played two games for Hoffenheim, who currently finished 4th in the Bundesliga.

Yet when Raitala played there during the 2009-2010 season, Hoffenheim were mid-table and finished 11th. 

Forward Ola Kamara (1860 Munich), left back Jukka Raitala (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, SC Paderborn 07), goalkeeper Zack Steffen (SC Freiburg) and midfielder Abuchi Obinwa (Hannover 96 II) have spent time at various levels of German soccer.
The only Crew player to have any near starter playing experience in Germany was Raitala in Bundesliga 2 in 2010-2011. The defender had 29 appearances for Paderborn who finished 11th that season in Bundesliga 2. 
“It being in the past so long (ago), you maybe think only positive about it,” Raitala said of preseason training in Germany. “But I never thought it was like crazy tough. Comparing it to the preseason we had (with Crew SC in Brazil), I think it’s the same.”
This rates to what Ola Kamara told Norwegian papers a few weeks ago. 
In 2013, Ola Kamara had 10 appearances for 1860 TSV Munich who finished 6th in Bundesliga 2 that season.
"The league here is probably the best I've played in, actually. I think it's better than the level in the 2nd Bundesliga. Or perhaps the top of the 2nd Bundesliga is quite similar to MLS."
Eintracht might try to change those thoughts after getting whipped by San Jose at the end of last week.
In addition, Zack Steffen had 14 appearances for SC Freiburg II during the 2015-2016 season. Abuchi Obinwa had zero for Hannover 96 II while with them for the same season, but could make his first Crew appearance against German competition today. 
German press on Eintracht going into today's game. Link here.

Live Stream

I do not know if there is another live stream option available. But, Eintracht TV is offering a live stream if you do not have Spectrum Sports or are in another state like me.

Don't think there is an online option for Spectrum.

You have to make an account and buy a package for Eintracht TV which was $17.19 for 6 months. I don't think it renews automatically but will cancel after game likely just in case. 

Made payment and everything went fine through my bank account. 

Meaningless friendly but if you got nothing else to do like me (Monday's are oddly my day off) option at least.

Or you can just wait a day. I'll post game (if interesting) or extended highlights here.

San Jose had their whole game against Eintracht live online and perhaps the Crew are doing the same and just didn't notify anyone? 

Knowing Crew SC that may be too many YouTube views for them as they don't usually eclipse 200. Could've missed the notice, but didn't see it anywhere.


These lovely greetings from both sides make Crew SC and Eintracht seem like two long distance lovers skyping.

In small world news, I've actually have strangely met Fredi Bobic before.

The Dayton Dutch Lions played former World Cup stars on a team called Global United to premier their club.

I was the Dutch Lions Media Manager for that 2010 premier season.

So went out twice with Fredi Bobic (former German World Cup player), Sunday Oliseh (Nigerian World Cup player), another staffer, the Dutch owners, and some Dayton Dutch Lion players to try our best to entertain them in Dayton.

Went to Adobe Gilas at the Greene and then this event in Cincinnati at a nightclub. 

US World Cup player Tony Sanneh (not pictured) oddly joined in on the fun by then. Weird.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

GSH's for 7/15..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Crew advertising in Cleveland at Gold Cup doubleheader


I think if Columbus wants to get new fans there going to have to look to Cleveland and Western Pennsylvania.

Trust me no one in Western Pennsylvania cares about the Philadelphia Union. Philadelphia feels like two states away. 

How do I know? I'm from Western Pennsylvania, about a hour South of Erie.

I've been going to Crew games from here since 2005.

Pittsburgh is a perfect partner. Build your brand there. Make it a Columbus Crew Jr organization in a way.

Look at my dab

Says Brian McBride. Had to be an interesting convo as the kid described what a dab is to him.

Was retweeted by Harrison Afful.

Who had this picture earlier in the year.

Has to be the same kid right? 

His thing appears to be to go around and get Crew SC royalty to dab with him. 


Did he reply? πŸ˜…

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Murillo will be part of Benfica squad for preseason matchup vs. Real Betis next Thursday

I wouldn't expect any news of a Murillo transfer shortly. He is expected to be training with Benfica on Monday in Seixal.

Seixal, a resort area, is where Benfica's preseason training takes place. 

The training is to prepare for a preseason matchup with Spanish side Real Betis on Thursday.

From the Record in Portugal:


Venezuelan International with indefinite future
On Monday, when Benfica starts preparing for the game with Betis, Rui Vitoria will be able to count on four more players to play in Seixal. Zivkovic, Samaris, Joao Carvalho, and Jhon Murillo.
The 22-year-old Venezuelan international, after finishing the season in Tondela, also served in the respective national team and was therefore allowed to appear later. Despite returning to Luz, the future of the player is still unknown because there are several possible solutions to be decided in the team office. One of the solutions on the table is another loan of the player who, in the last two seasons, was on loan with Tondela.
Last week the Columbus Crew made an offer for the player, but the figures presented did not convince SAD officials.
Therefore, the decision that Murillo was hoping to be made on his future for Benfica this weekend, either on loan or otherwise, was not made. 
The decision has been made instead to keep him in house currently.

GSH's for 7/14..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

On break midfielder Wil Trapp launches his music career with The Navigators. 

Video? πŸ˜…

Well that resolves the cliffhanger.

Finlay was just getting rid of furniture to make room for new furniture. πŸ˜…

More importantly, who did he give the furniture too

Columbus Dutch Lions

Dutch star Wesley Sneijder is a free agent now if Columbus wants to get interesting.

Precourt must be like on all of these:

I think some MLS team will be on it perhaps. 

Do I think that will be us? Or should be? No.

If it was Van der Vaart, who plays in Denmark now and is 34, I may give it a go as a Spurs fan. πŸ˜‰

But, I rather stay at the 20-25 age range for DPs (like Murillo and Jack) that we look at in future. 

It's smart because even if they have medium success they'll likely be sell-able again. 

We'll stop at 25. 😏 

Don't think anyone is falling over themselves to acquire 27 year old Mensah from us currently.

Plus, if not a backup striker or right midfielder. Don't bother.

Although I mentioned Quintero as well. Hope if we can't find the right guy for one of those two positions we just keep the money in our pocket.

Don't try to put a square peg in a round hole.

Crew look to be on the good side of a preseason result

The Columbus Crew did abhorrid in the preseason in Brazil. Losing 7-0 to Sao Paulo FC and 3-0 to Ituano FC.

Well got a chance now to perhaps look good against an international opponent on Monday.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

GSH's for 7/13..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Schoenfeld scores again in Europa League, gets Maccabi Tel Aviv going today.

Currently Ex-Crew Schoenfeld's Maccabi Tel Aviv in Good Position in Second Round of Europa League

Thanks to him today as Maccabi were down today 1-0 to KR Reykjavik at home.

In the 68th minute, Schoenfeld got on a rebound to make it 1-1.

That got Jordi Cruyff's, Johan Cruyff's son and Maccabi's manager, team going as they won 3-1.

They must play next week in Reykjavik, Iceland and stay ahead on aggregate. 

If they do they'll be on to the 3rd Round for another Home and Away and then another Home and Away in the Playoff Round to get into a Europa League group. Link.

First Kekuta Manneh, now Ethan Finlay.

It's getting wild in Columbus as now if you give away a dresser on NextDoor your definitely out the door. 

IF it was even the same Ethan Finlay.

Check out the Reddit link post.
But considering he was photographed about 30 minutes after the Reddit mention on the CrewSC twitter perhaps it was just that he bought a new dresser. πŸ˜ƒ

It's going to get more wild over the next 3 weeks and 4 days as the second transfer window runs until August 9th.

And Unfollow

Think the only hot tip I got from MLS Transfers is when they mentioned the Ola Kamara to some Mexico team (that wasn't even picked up by Mexican media) crap.

Forgot I even still followed.

Well, this resolves that.
Everyone that is a Columbus Crew fan or doesn't like a pointless rumor Twitter should consider a unfollow. The only thing that keeps my website alive is finding Crew stuff online and today was the first time in about four months I've checked them out.

Won't miss it much.