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Friday, June 23, 2017

GSH's for 6/23.. Why not bring Emilio back? Carlos Tevez? 😏

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

What's Emilio been up to?

Back in Venezuela

Since leaving the Columbus Crew in 2012 Emilio has played for Defensor Sporting in Uruguay, Carabobo in Venezuela, Caracas in Venezuela, San Marcos in Chile, Nubelense in Chile, Monagas and Metropolitanos back once again in Venezuela. 

This article from today made me take a look.

With San Marcos in Chile two years back.

Since his departure from Columbus in 2012 he has 18 goals in 109 appearances.

With Columbus from 2009 to 2012 he had 16 goals in 69 appearances. So might be something he could get behind too.

I'm just saying if your looking for that 2nd striker to fulfill a role off the bench and provide some leadership (now 32) I could see that from Renteria. Always liked him.

Jahn is on target for 15 goals in 72 so not much of a difference.

Schelotto and Boca to celebrate at home on Sunday in their last game of the season

Guillermo Barros Schelotto: "El equipo apareció cuando tenía que aparecer"

Boca has already won the Argentine Primera but in their final game on Sunday against previous Crew target Lucas Gamba and Union de Santa Fe they'll get the chance to celebrate at home.

Article link:
After several frustrations between 2014 and 2016, Boca returned to consecrate themselves in the Argentinean tournament, without Carlos Tevez , who left the club in the middle of the tournament after accepting a multimillion-dollar offer from Chinese football. 

Although Tevez is already planning to leave China already😅 and has already stated he could end up back at Boca although he does not yet know "what he will do?" 

I bet some MLS team could see that as a way to sell some shirts and bet Tevez could do some damage here.  

How about Schelotto just brings him to Columbus with him?

That would be a nice boost. 😉

In 2007, with almost 34 years and few chances to continue as a starter in Boca, the 'Mellizo' emigrated to the Columbus Crew, Major League Soccer United States, where he played until the end of 2010, and concluded his career as a footballer in the United States. 

First half of 2011, back in his beloved Gimnasia La Plata, although he could not help avoid the decline. The collective performance of the cast of the Mellizo did not convince in some sections of the championship, but was sustained thanks to the performances of Ricardo Centurión , Fernando Gago, Pablo Perez, Wilmar Barrios, and company.

Goal.com article 

Nobody hates us and we don't care
I think if FC Cincinnati comes to MLS they will fulfill that role for us quite sufficiently. 

And two 30,000 plus US OPEN CUP matches in a row after they play Chicago on June 28th, this 2nd one will be broadcast even on ESPN 2; which we can't even achieve as an organization should get them in Major League Soccer very quick.

Gladly for us it's unlikely that MLS will look to repeat a San Jose Earthquakes 2. But, I hope the Crew take that Open Cup as a swift we need to do something.

GSH's for 6/22.. FYI Look in Poland, Volkan and Fenerbahce Updates

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

I could've been a nice Higuain understudy?

Another Nemanja Nikolic?

The San Jose Earthquakes have acquired their own Legia Warsaw attacker. Apparently learning from the Chicago Fire with their acquisition at the start of the season for Nemanja Nikolic.

Only problem is Nikolic had 40 goals in 56 games for Legia Warsaw. San Jose's acquisition had just 1 goal in 12 games. 

But the 24 year old attacking midfielder had over 100 appearances for Vitesse so far! Was on loan at Legia Warsaw.

To Berhalter this summer transfer window, 

If you want to search for talent I would redirect your search from Scandanavia to Poland (ranked 10th in FIFA).

13 goals in 16 games is just ridiculous so far from Nikolic. Polish players are going everywhere, apparently other internationals in that league are not bad either. I would take a look there.

Goalkeeper be like.
I ain't got time for this. 😅

Volkan says "no." Or does he?

The experienced goalkeeper Volkan gave the answer that he was not interested in the Columbus Crew. Link.

Volkan Demirel'e Amerika'dan talip

But it appears that Fenerbahce are keeping tabs on Schmeichel and David Ospina. Link

And Malaga's goalkeeper even more recently could be acquired now by Fenerbahce. Link.

So, Volkan might be on the way out after 356 appearances for Fenerbahce since 2002. Negotiations are still ongoing for Volkan's contract extension. 

Just me... But I would prefer making our DP acquisitions a bit farther up the field.

Perhaps resolving right midfield for once compared to a DP center back and now goalie when our current GK is fine.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

GSH's for 6/21.. Meram 3rd in Audi Index, Pipo now at Bologna, GBS wins Argentine Primera

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Meram 3rd in Audi Index

A Luxembourg paper used the Audi Index to rate Luxembourg defender Maxime Chanot's play this year.

In this ranking, Chanot (New York City FC) is currently number four in the league (533 points), ahead of stars such as Clint Dempsey (Seattle Sounders / 484), the long-standing captain of the US national team. At the top of the index are Chanot's teammate David Villa (614), then Justin Meram (Columbus Crew / 561) and Osvaldo Alonso (Seattle / 538). 

Meram dropped down to 3rd this week after Romain Alessandrini's 1 goal and 1 assist vs. Houston led to a 1046 performance (that could change tonight as LA is playing Colorado currently). 

No other Crew players are in the top 20.

Pipo stays in Serie A, now at Bologna

Former Columbus Crew player Giancarlo Gonzalez moved from us in 2014 to Serie A side Palermo.

Palermo were relegated this year.

Therefore, Giancarlo Gonzalez upgraded today from 19th place Palermo to 15th place side Bologna to stay in the Serie A.

GBS wins Argentine Primera

As manager of Boca Juniors. Congrats!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Goalkeepers, Finlay, and Clean sheets. GSH's for 6/19..

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

We need another goalkeeper?

Why? As saw this rumor on Reddit today and Steffen I think is not the problem and has been very good overall. 

But this article does a bit of research to be entirely untrue stating that the Crew's Director of Soccer Operations Asher Mendelsohn contacted Fenerbahce about Volkan.


The guy has 356 Fenerbahce caps and 63 Turkish appearances so could do worse. But is well 35.

And think Steffen has been sort of great. Nowhere close to the top of my issue list.

Maybe they're signing Volkan to play center back? 😅 Hey who knows we signed Mensah as our DP. 

If were done making sense guess we could sign another DM and another Finlay replacement while were at it. 

Speaking of

I believe Ethan has the talent still deep down but instead of always hiring replacements but not being able to pull the trigger and go with one. Mabwati last year and Manneh this year. 

How about hiring a good sports psychologist instead!

He missed two and on another one-on-one chance let Higuain have the ball in a worse position to avoid shooting again. 

Dreaming of clean sheets

Writing is Now on the Wall for me

He's not a terrible coach with no ideas. They just need to be ironed out with a few more experiences. Just time for a new adventure for both.

Personally try not to jump to conclusions like past Crewture me. 😄😅 

We started the year off at 4-2-1 and I truly thought okay 2016 was just other teams improving and us staying about as the same as a team can get. 

Other than Emil Larsen which um yeah...
Image result for Emil Larsen

And Ola Kamara which YEAH! 
Image result for Ola Kamara Justin Meram

Those two offseason acquisitions between 2015 and 2016 describes Berhalter for me completely. 

Either fantastic, terrible, or fantastically confusing.

Either gloriously fantastic (Ola, Naess, Artur, Steffen) or gloriously terrible (Larsen, Kristin Steindorsson, Abu) or gloriously confusing (Mabwati, Pogatetz, Manneh, Mensah as a DP, Duka again).

And just not very consistent. Like some of the year it would be okay to just be okay. 😅

REALLY. Major League Soccer is about the only league where you can be just okay most of the year and win the league trophy. Seattle Sounders for most of last year anyone. Us in 2015.

2015 us were nowhere close to the 2008 us so lets get that straight and let that Berhalter magic go some please.

And it's understandable why we didn't roster update as much as most in MLS last year, could you blame Berhalter as we were a game away from 2008-like glory even if we didn't have the same level of greatness on our team.

And I was still holding out hope when we were still a playoff team this year.

But with another loss against Atlanta United in two weeks probably can FINALLY RID OURSELVES OF THAT EXCUSE TOO not to make a change.

Watching the game after work on Saturday I'm like were down 1-0. 

But turned on my phone for a sec beforehand and saw a lot of like notifications on Twitter before watching the game and was like that seems positive.

And we were killing it with wide open chance after wide open chance so literally thought there is no way we don't win this.

Ethan Finlay has wide open chance one. Miss. Wide open chance two. Miss. A couple other wide open misses by others including a header miss by Mensah.


YOU ARE PAID TO CONVERT A ONE ON ONE CHANCE AGAINST THE GOALIE. If I'm mistaken on that how about at least 50% of the time? 40% of the time? Hell even 30% would've been good enough for a win.

As far as Ethan Finlay either decide he is the man and hire him like a master self-help coach/motivator and stop signing possible replacements. Or go with a possible replacement Manneh, Mabwati before. JUST F'ING PICK ONE. 

Or just mess with Finlay's head and everyone else that may replace him. That's worked well.

Posted on Bigsoccer.com by Hardhead, Crew defender Emmanuel Pogatetz a few years back.

"Now I watch the games and I’m convinced it’s not about personnel. That doesn’t matter. I think it’s the system we play. Sometimes we get exposed, and that’s what happened in the last game. I feel in the last game especially it didn’t matter who played on the field. We could’ve brought in some of the best defenders and I think we would still concede five goals because it’s about spacing, it’s about team defending and so that’s what I learned, that I shouldn’t take it personally and that it’s sometimes difficult with the style we play.

Sometimes you get exposed. Yes I did make mistakes like the other defenders did, but show me one defender in the league that doesn’t. It’s not all about individuals, and that’s something I learned that’s also helped me to progress and go forward."

"2-1 down. We bring on Jahn and Abu and take off Higuain and Artur. That's just surrendering right there. Utterly horrible."
-Placid Casual

The fantastic on Berhalter is just not consistent enough and lately is a flash in the pan.

We started off the year at 4-2-1, since then were 3-8 in all competitions.

The year before we were 8-14-12 (add to that another Open Cup loss and 8-15-12). So over the last two years if you take out the 4-2-1, were 11-23-12. 

We were 15-11-8 in 2015 thanks to the last few months of the season. We were 17-7-6 in 2008 and won the East by 11 points.

That start this year was Berhalter's chance to capitalize and turn things around and it's now not going to happen. 

That recent 3-8 streak even includes probably a rather more important loss than it seems.. 

A loss to who will be our main future soccer fan competitor in Ohio, FC Cincinnati in front of 30,000 people.

I'm sure my face said it at times 2nd half as I traveled all the way from Western PA to see this first matchup and it was great overall. But, I saw the looks by other fans at times late in the game, um why can't we have this?!

We love our team. 

Columbus Til' I Die.

But that 2nd half in Cincinnati could also be paralleled to Berhalter's reign.. Either fantastic or fantastically bad, not much in between. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

From Wednesday's First Hell Is Real

Image may contain: crowd, stadium and outdoor

Asked FC Cincinnati for a media pass so I could film with my professional camera as got a Canon XHA1. Was denied. 😭

Asked the Crew twice before.

Not sure what these teams think I'm going to do down there? 😅

So settled for the cell phone again. Here's my footage from the section.

Yours truly at the beginning being filmed by a family member that thought such actions would be beyond amusing.

Entire game if you want to rewatch at some point for the atmosphere.

Got a cool clip from either side from Wednesday? Send to @CrewtureFanzine will add onto this link. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

GSH's for 6/14. Projected lineup tonight, tonight's attendance, Steve Clark released by AC Horsens.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Crewture projected lineup for this evening. What is yours?

Crewture projected lineup

Tough call on whether Berhalter will go top heavy on the replacements or lean more towards starters. 

I'm guessing somewhere in the middle.

Raitala, Mensah, and Afful won't play with international duty on Sunday for Finland and Ghana.

So, sometime starters Waylon Francis and Alex Crognale will. For most it's a situation of thanks Ghana for needing Mensah for your bench.

Hollingsworth is one player loaned that I believe deserves a start. 

And Martinez is getting one because 2017 has kind of sucked for him with Columbus. He is due for one.

Since no one else can make that right midfield spot theirs he may be next.

I think if Maloney or Abubukar get a start on that right side will need Trapp in front of them. Also, don't think we have anyone else that can play that position. Artur won't play in this game.

Otherwise it's a shot in the dark for me.

Attendance gods and overlords, THANK YOU 😄 ...

But to be specific 25,000 plus would be the largest crowd FC Cincinnati has played in front of all year as well.


So, your welcome too. 

MLS tried to manufacture rivalries for Columbus with Toronto; therefore, their boners for real MLS rivalries will help the FC Cincinnati to MLS cause as well.

And if tonight's game is over the mentioned at TFC attendance won't be first for long.
And looks like a little over 21,000.
Regardless will be enough for a US Open Cup attendance record. There has only been 10,000 US Open Cup games since 1914 or something so phenomenal enough.

Steve Clark released by AC Horsens
After leaving Crew SC, Clark signed a 6th month deal with AC Horsens of the Danish Superliga in January 2017.

That deal has not been renewed or lengthened.

AC Horsens struggled this year and barely stayed in the Superliga but have done so. Link.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

FULL 90 Highlights of International Play by Jukka Raitala and Harrison Afful

Jukka Raitala looked very sharp over 90 minutes against Ukraine on Sunday.

Goals weren't on him, connected every one of his passes except for one. 

Harrison Afful had good moments for his 90 minutes against Ethopia. Was against Ethopia though so nearly everyone on the Black Stars field had a good moment. 😄

Afful also had two errant passes early on but once again was Ethopia so they didn't take advantage. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

GSH's for 6/10.. Playing a lot of loanees I imagine. Who would you play and not? Waylon at Cavs win.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

May not see much of Pipa and the usual co. on Wednesday. Which may be good in a way. Maybe we can find someone else in Martinez or Hollingsworth to help jump start the second half.

Every Crew player on loan pretty much called in for US Open Cup match vs. FC Cincinnati

Cristian Martinez has been called in to main group after loan with FC Cincinnati. Link to story from Erickson.
U.S. Open Cup games often mean opportunities for reserve MLS players. Wednesday in Cincinnati could be Martinez’s first chance to play for Crew SC this season in a live game setting.
If he earns an appearance, some familiarity with the opponent could be to his benefit.
“Last year I got a little bit more playing time. This year I haven’t gotten as much. I’d like to work on that to get more playing time,” Martinez said. “I just have to keep working hard, twice as hard, work very hard and show them that once I get the opportunity I can take advantage of it.”
Other loanees called in include Connor Maloney, Abuchi Obinwa, and I assume Marshall Hollingsworth. 
As Hollingsworth is about the only loanee, through performance alone, that probably deserves a start.
Crew fans don't approve.

Imagine that. 😄

One thing I give Gregg credit for is he does whatever the hell he wants regardless.

I think it's the perfect game to start for Martinez and Hollingsworth.

We don't have to go crazy with the loanee starters yet think at least Martinez and Hollingsworth could be beneficial with not much of a drop off. 

Especially since I'm thinking Martinez is the next one to get a go at right midfield since it's been rather eh.. regardless of who's been at that position so far in 2017.

Francis at Cavs game last night

Must be a good luck charm as the Cleveland Cavs finally got it sorted and won a Finals game 137-116. 

Hopefully he had someone to celebrate with.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

GSH's for 6/8.. Giancarlo Gonzalez moving Italian clubs, Bostrom credits Crew SC, DCFC vs. CCSCCP

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today.

Giancarlo Gonzalez moving Italian clubs

The Costa Rican has been with Palermo since moving from Crew SC in 2014. But, Palermo has been relegated and it appears that Pipo will be moving.

He'll be moving from relegated Palermo to 15th place Bologna according to this link.
Story in full:
For Giancarlo Gonzalez and Palermo: a goodbye has already been written.

The sale of the Pipo was defined a year ago, when Zamparini (chairman of Palermo) himself tried to find Gonzalez another club. 
However, the only team that was willing to settle for Gonzalez at the economic level was Spartak Moscow, a destination not particularly appealing to the Costa Rican who eventually remained in the shadow of Mount Pellegrino .
He hoped to play a different season from the second (2015-16) and similar to the first in pink (2014-15), but this was not the case: the Pipo still disappointed, as did almost all of Palermo's soccer players headed to Serie B.
Now is the time to schedule the future, future that for Gonzalez will no longer be in Sicily: contract expiring in 2018 and no hint of renewal. In order not to lose the former Columbus Crew, the company (new or old) has to hurry to close its divestment by the end of the market window that is about to begin. And the entourage of the player in this sense seems to have gone on with the work. According to what is filtered by Bologna, a total agreement would have been reached between Gonzalez's agent Tullio Tinti and the leadership of the top-level club.
The Pipo - writes Corriere di Bologna - is looking forward to closing with Bologna , so it is true that he has already reached an agreement on the duration of the contract and on the wager. The problem is that the rossoblu technical area manager does not yet know who to talk between Zamparini and Baccaglini (club president), considering that the player has a contract expiring in 2018. Once the Palermo- related scenario becomes clearer, then  Bologna and Gonzalez can embrace each other.

Center back trade Gonzalez for Mensah? 😉 Get the paper work started.

Sixten Bostrom credits Crew SC for his statistical, video analysis. 

Bostrom was a Crew SC assistant for two seasons. Now he's manager of SJK of Finland.

Says his time with the Crew is the reason he's so thorough until 9 or 10 at night studying film, statistics. Link

Boström analyzes his own team and future opponents carefully, often until nine or ten in the evening. He became acquainted with the profound video analysis, especially during his years as assistant coach with the MLS team, Columbus Crew.
"We all watched the match and the opponents. Then we split the data. We were able to go to even an individual level."
"Lets say I cut clips that only had to do with our line of defense, or at times just the midfield or the like. We went even further into details. It's a bit of thinking I've tried to download here too, to have staff so we could go even deeper into detail."
Sixten even hired a football analyst to look for certain stats and perimeters of the opponent. 

SJK's staff is one of the biggest among football clubs in Finland, but quite small compared to MLS life, not to mention the big clubs around Europe. Boström immediately noticed that he lacked some kind of knowledge within the club when he arrived in February.
"I said directly when I arrived I would like to find a person who has a certain understanding of football but who is very much in the computer world and perhaps in statistics."

Currently SJK is 8th out of 12 teams, losing most recently 3-0 to Inter Turku. 

Berhalter has been to Sweden.. 

Image result for Berhalter

Next stop Finland on the 3G Scandinavian tour? 😄 Jk
Bad news guys

For the first time in three years Detroit City FC were able to beat Columbus Crew College Program (whatever that is) 3-2. Link.

In 2015 Columbus Crew College Program beat them 3-1 and in 2016 1-0. Apparently it's the only game on CCSCCP's schedule as I never heard of them playing anyone else.
Good lord if I ever need to celebrate something not very spectacular, I'll go to Detroit.

Good on them. Seriously though, 4,010 attendance.