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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Mark Wahlberg to help buy the Crew?

Image result for Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was in Columbus, Ohio yesterday visiting his car dealership Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet

And then the Columbus Crew came up and it wasn't really brushed to the side.

A Wahlburgers is about two miles down the road from my current location (right off McKnight Road) in Pittsburgh, PA

If Wahlberg bought the Crew would go there every day. 

If anyone not named Anthony Precourt owned the Crew, whatever they were into, sewing machines even, I would buy.

Would attempt to eat burgers there until I turned into a burger. Doesn't hurt that I already like it.

Also, Wahlberg said Wahlburgers would be coming to Columbus, Ohio shortly.

The whole thing was probably just a nice response and alright.

Anything fun, interesting before this stadium vote (volume two) Wednesday in Austin is okay.

Anything could happen. 

But, I'm not a person that expects the best usually.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Justin Meram returns to the Columbus Crew

Well that took a minute. After a half season away with Orlando City J9 returns to Columbus, Ohio

Justin Meram is the one part that the 2018 Columbus Crew are missing.

The current Crew has defense (a position Columbus has always struggled on with Meram), they have a goalkeeper, they have defensive midfielders, they have attacking midfielders, and a striker.

But, Columbus has been suffering on both wings in midfield after Justin Meram left.

How does Gregg Berhalter resolve this before the transfer deadline? Berhalter decides to solve the loss of Justin Meram, by bringing Justin Meram back. 

Obviously Meram felt the grass wasn't exactly greener on the other side either.

Justin Meram has 37 goals and 33 assists with the Columbus Crew from 2011 to 2017.

Wouldn't bet on it taking long for him to add to that tally. 

Many more memories to come.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Global sports celebrities don the #SaveTheCrew scarf

In one week the following sports celebrities sported a #SaveTheCrew scarf.

Two time UEFA Champions League runner-up and one of the most well-known and respected managers around the world. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

250 appearances for Manchester United, followed up by nearly 250 appearances for Everton, and 59 appearances for England. English women's head coach Phil Neville

Columbus, Ohio native and IndyCar Series race car driver Graham Rahal

Who even made #SaveTheCrew a race sponsor.

#SaveTheCrew sponsorship seems to be a popular choice. 
Image result for #SaveTheCrew Jason Dufner

Imagine what could be done if you would ever consider hiring some of your fans.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Why $3.9 million for Zack Steffen is not enough for the Columbus Crew to say "yes" currently.

The Bristol Post highlighted the rationale here for why the Columbus Crew didn't accept the $3.9 million offer for Zack Steffen yesterday from Bristol City.

They highlight The Massive Report's rationalization: "With the way MLS transfer rules work, Crew SC would only keep 75 percent of the transfer fee for Steffen, or in this case $2.9 million. Of that, head coach and sporting director Gregg Berhalter can use roughly $750,000 as General Allocation Money and the remaining money can be used for investment in the club (towards a Designated Player or to improve training facilities, for example).

"Unless Berhalter and his staff believe Kempin is the present and second-year goalkeeper Logan Ketterer or rookie Ben Lundgaard are the future of the club, that would mean going out and signing another keeper in the near future. It would also mean that the rest of the money for the club would have to actually be reinvested, which — given the current possibility of relocation — seems unlikely."

Therefore, because of Major League Soccer's Godfather system where Major League Soccer/Don Garber (fittingly @thesoccerdon on twitter) gets a little of everything that is one main reason why the Columbus Crew and Sporting Director/Manager Gregg Berhalter couldn't say "yes."

Berhalter tries to do what is best for Crew players, even when it's difficult for Columbus, most of the time (see Justin Meram or Ola Kamara in recent history); yet there is no reason a bidding war for US soccer's next big keeper would be a bad thing for the Columbus Crew and even Zack Steffen. 

If $3.9 million is acceptable, there is no reason why $7.8 million couldn't be more acceptable.

Columbus went back to the drawing board multiple times themselves in their own offers for Milton Valenzuela and for others that didn't occur such as Jhon Murillo, Lucas Gamba.

Bristol City, who currently has Max O'Leary (who was on loan as keeper at Solihull Moors in the English 5th Division last season) and Frank Fielding (currently injured and who isn't likely a number one that can propel them to Premier League level anyways) probably foresaw a first offer being rejected. 

Bristol City also has Niki Maenpaa, but the 33 year old Finnish keeper has only made 11 appearances with the club since 2015.

With two weeks until their English Championship season begins the Robins therefore may have a second offer for Zack Steffen in them.

However, even if Bristol City does gain Steffen's signature eventually, the club may still have to loan Zack to Columbus for the rest of the 2018 season (or loan him somewhere else) until they can gain a work permit for him.

More here on the work permit issues from Vital Football Bristol City.

Nevertheless, I'm guessing the Robins have completed their hedonistic calculus before making any offer to the Crew.

Bristol City likely doesn't figure it will be complicated to eventually win an appeal on a work permit for Steffen as the Crew keeper appears on track to be the sole benefactor, participant in the majority of goalkeeper caps for the United States in the next two years.

I doubt likely works for the English courts though, but who knows.

Regardless of what Bristol City does... I'm beginning to think Berhalter foreseen this in his looking glass in the future.

As was personally a bit perplexed on draft day when Columbus selected Ben Lundgaard as our third goalkeeper behind Zack Steffen.

Was in the building and thought "why? what's the point of that as a number one pick?" as no one is starting over Steffen.

Lundgaard was a nice guy though.

Well now makes a bit more sense.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Patrick Mullins bolsters Columbus Crew forward line.

With Wayne Rooney and Darren Mattocks now in the D.C. United forward line, United had limited appearance time left for Patrick Mullins.

As a result Columbus came in today with $150,000 targeted allocation money to acquire Patrick Mullins to hopefully improve their attacking options. 

In addition, Mullins will notice a few friendly faces in Columbus.

He'll join former Maryland college teammates Zack Steffen and Alex Crognale on the Columbus Crew.

Prior to this latest chapter commencing, Mullins had 13 goals for United in 44 appearances. 

In a heartfelt message, D.C. general manager Dave Kasper commented that trading Mullins "will provide us with assets and flexibility for future moves. We wish Mullins the best in Columbus and thank him for his service to the club."

Columbus has to be a bit more creative compared to about every other team as they're never bringing in a Wayne Rooney.

Therefore, improve where you can improve. 

For one, Mullins is a two time Hermann Trophy winner for best collegiate player. That doesn't just happen for being okay.

For two, Mullins 23 goals in 96 overall MLS appearances is good for about a goal every fourth appearance.

For three, sometimes he could pull off some gaga stuff. 

Whereas, the Crew's current second striker Adam Jahn's 12 in 103 is good for a goal every eighth or ninth appearance.

So a second option that may score in general would be nice. 

Further, for the most part, Gregg Berhalter has luck rehabilitating or putting strikers careers in extra boost mode in Columbus. 

"Patrick is a proven goalscorer who is dangerous inside the box and has a solid track record in MLS in his first five seasons," said Berhalter.

That track record may get even more solid under Berhalter.

Berhalter has three options for Mullins:

1.) Second striker, late substitute for Zardes. Boring

2.) Switch to two strikers to see if it bolsters what has been a weak attack. But we never change how we play even if it means we will never win anything.

3.) If Zardes is okay with it try him back on a wing and put Mullins up top as Mullins and Zardes on the field is better than Zardes with Argudo or Martinez. Could be onto something if Zardes believes he can score on the wing, be as useful there too. Good luck.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Was refereeing substandard and slanted in Columbus loss in LA?

The central referee for the Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Columbus Crew match was supposed to be Hilaro Grajeda. Link.

Image result for Hilario Grajeda

Instead the Columbus Crew on Saturday received 30 year old Joseph Dickerson making his debut at center ref.

Image result for Joseph Dickerson referee

In parts, the debut was a bit of a head scratcher.

Regardless, Columbus should've played better and put the game away well before LA's goal and the VAR overturn.

Columbus needs to pick four every day starters in defense and just go with them. 

Perhaps the same at other positions, as I think the by committee method is perhaps why Berhalter teams haven't broken through.

Should know your best eleven by this point in the MLS season.

But, at the very least Zlatan Ibrahimovic should've received a yellow on his retaliation hit on Lalas Abubukar.

And it just gets more questionable from there.

Easy to blame it all on the referee though. 

Columbus should be at a point in these games where they don't have to depend on referee calls and no calls. 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Who can reach higher heights after their former Major League Soccer career club.

Columbus Crew (8-5-6) - 30 points- Fourth place in the East @ LA Galaxy (6-7-4) - 22 points- Eighth place in the West

For over five years, his entire pro career prior to coming to Columbus, Gyasi Zardes was a LA Galaxy player. For 1,857 days.

Zardes was signed by LA on December 20th, 2012 and left on January 20th, 2018.

In comparison, Ola Kamara's span with Columbus doesn't reach half of that.

Ola was black and gold from February 4th, 2016 to January 20th, 2018 or 716 days.

What I find particularly interesting are both strikers with and without Berhalter.

Related image
Ola Kamara: 34 goals in 59 games 

Image result for berhalter zardes
Gyasi Zardes: 11 goals in 19 games

And without 3G's magic touch...

Ola Kamara: 70 goals in 208 games

Gyasi Zardes: 34 goals in 131 games some at fullback. 

I think both strikers will have something to prove on Saturday.

For Ola, that he can do this at other places than Columbus. 

For Gyasi, that LA made a huge mistake in utilizing him. 

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Just let Federico stay home and rest on Saturday.

Especially if Sosa has a few more goals in him, see where that streak goes.

In general would keep the roster about the same, see if roster familarity for once can get some wins going again.

With Steffen out again lets hope Kempin gets motivated as well against his former team.

Would give Ketterer a chance or two but that's just me.

A win in LA on Saturday would convince me otherwise.

LA Galaxy projected lineup:

Ola Kamara is questionable with a calf injury.. 

Yet feel like Kamara will find a way to get on the field against his former club.

I think LA will shoot for a lineup somewhat like this.

It's funny that LA utilized Gyasi as a fullback and now utilizes Ola as a midfielder.

PREDICTION: 2-1 Columbus. Brace by Zardes, Ibrahimovic on the other end.

Friday, June 22, 2018

In any Columbus Crew locker room, Tyson Wahl's opinion is a very small one.

At the start of the season, former Crew players Alejandro Moreno, Gino Padula, Andy Greunebaum, Steven Lenhart, Jason Garey, Dante Washington, and Andy Iro came back to share pro-SaveTheCrew opinions.

So it was strange when a week ago one former Columbus Crew player went way off the wall. 

As center back Tyson Wahl now lives in Austin, Texas and apparently supports Precourt Sports Ventures moving the Columbus Crew to Austin and McKalla place.

“I have super fond memories of my time in Columbus. I had a great time there and I loved playing for that team. I really enjoyed my four years there. I think the [#SavetheCrew campaign] is the natural thing that a group of fans would do in this scenario. I follow the Crew closely. I support the team and those players…I wish them all good luck, as I do many players across the league.” 

Cool. 🙄
“Obviously, I’ve been following this season. I’ve been following the story the whole time. I know there would be a group of fans that wouldn’t be too happy to see that,” Wahl said, “I just think that Austin is a great city and MLS can do very well in this city. With other clubs around the country right now, like the Atlantas and the Orlandos, doing so well in their cities, the standard has really risen. Austin can have that type of support.”

On a short list of not the best Crew center backs, I guess Wahl wasn't too worried about keeping up his image in Columbus.

Nevertheless, one lackey aside when the #SaveTheCrew Battle For Columbus Documentary came out in Columbus to start the season several former Crew players were there sharing better opinions.
Made a following new video with #SaveTheCrew commentary from Gino Padula and Steven Lenhart.

Nearly all former Crew players thoughts from that night.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Venezuelan Jhon Murillo back in as a Crew target?

Image result for Jhon Murillo

For the second Summer in a row it appears likely that the 22-year-old Venezuelan Jhon Murillo is again a Crew target. A Bola link and ZeroZero.pt link.

The Columbus Crew offered Benfica $2.5 million to $3.1 million for the striker/winger last July. LINK.

The first reports came across on July 5th, 2017 (LINK). Columbus wanted to buy Murillo outright whereas Benfica wanted to just put the talent on loan. 

The two clubs went back and forth most of July 2017 before Benfica loaned Murillo to Turkish Super Lig side Kasimpasa on July 29th, 2017. 

Benfica wanted more for a full on transfer. 

Murillo made 25 appearances and scored 5 goals for Kasimpasa since then but returns to Benfica still not a part of their plans.

Benfica still appears to want more. 

Murillo has a few other current possible suitors in Portuguese clubs Braga and Tondela. Murillo was on loan with Tondela prior to Kasimpasa yet neither Portuguese minnow (in comparison to Benfica) can likely offer the $3 million plus that Benfica requires.

Major League Soccer may step up to the plate this time. 

If Murillo turns out to be even half of what another Venezuelan, one Josef Martinez has been in this league it would be worthwhile.

Berhalter had his hat in the ring last Summer for Murillo and is still looking for the same position again; as despite having more winger options than striker options, Berhalter can never seem to have enough wingers. 

Appears Berhalter believes he needs a winger on the other side of Pedro Santos at either the Jhon Murillo or Przemysław Frankowski level compared to the Hansen, Martinez level.

Cannot hurt. 

Columbus's last game at home against Atlanta shows they are definitely not at the Major League Soccer mountain top yet.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Golden Boot showdown

Number 1 on the goal scoring chart Josef Martinez (13 tallies) goes up against number 2 on that list in Gyasi Zardes (10 tallies) this Wednesday

Atlanta United (9-3-3) - 30 points- First place in the East @ Columbus Crew (7-3-6) - 27 points- Third place in the East

The huge games for the Columbus Crew refuse to slow down as of late.

Columbus faces off against the first place team in the East, the first place team in the entire league in Atlanta United this Wednesday at home.

Columbus has nine games without a defeat but needs to stop another not as glimmering recent trend. 

Ties at home.

The trend started off swell enough as a 3-0 sure defeat turned into a 3-3 tie at home against Toronto FC.

However, the trend has been compacted by a 2-2 tie to Chicago that led to U.S. Open Cup elimination.

Then the trend became a bit tiresome against New York Red Bull.

That competition ended in a 1-1 tie, but was a game where a 3-0 or 4-0 lead for Columbus by the end of the first half would've been more deserving.

If Columbus could've finished some rather typical conversions in that game the Crew would've found themselves with an opportunity to take first place for themselves on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, if you overlook Atlanta's one game in hand, the Crew can still tie for first.

Perhaps more importantly Columbus can put some distance between themselves and the rest of the Eastern Conference.

Always with games in hand.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

What will help turn the tide for Columbus at home is the return of Zack Steffen.

In addition, the return of both Pedro Santos and Wil Trapp (even if Ricardo Clark is about a zero percent drop off in most respects) won't hurt.

Another lineup question to ponder is whether Eduardo Sosa plays a role again at some point?

Other than Crognale's goal, Sosa was the most vital substitute out of the three to turn a sure defeat into a tie against Toronto FC.

He looked good again against New York Red Bull:

Has been a huge bright spot as looks like Berhalter is onto something with Sosa compared to the Steindórsson's and Larsen's of the world. 

Atlanta United projected lineup:

Atlanta United trotted out the following lineup in a 1-1 tie at NYCFC the last game out:

Atlanta was fortunate as Brad Guzan had to make nine saves to give Atlanta United a point.

“Tough and unfair, I think it’s probably the first point we’ve taken without deserving it,” Tata Martino said. “New York was the better team in the second half. Up until Josef’s goal, the game was fairly even. But after that New York was the better team.”

Even without Zack Steffen this past week, overall Columbus has been better in comparison to Atlanta United as of late.

Grabbing twelve out of the last eighteen possible points compared to Atlanta's eight.

If Columbus make it fifteen out of twenty-one possible compared to Atlanta's eight out of twenty-one possible, Columbus puts themselves in a good place to eventually not just tie for first but take it for themselves.

PREDICTION: 2-0 Columbus. Both goals by Zardes.

The defense gets back to shutouts with Zack Steffen and helps get Zardes right behind Josef Martinez in the Golden Boot race.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Columbus needs to get back on track before a new habit begins

Channel the Hejduk. Columbus needs to get back to three points at home against NYRB.

New York Red Bull (7-4-1) - 22 points- Fourth place in the East @ Columbus Crew (7-3-5) - 26 points- Third place in the East

Columbus Crew has a huge game this weekend at home on ESPN.

A win gives Columbus a possible seven point lead over the fourth, fifth, and sixth place teams in the East. 

Some cushion would be a good thing at the moment. 

In addition, Columbus needs to nip in the bud what happened in the last two games at home.

The comeback over Toronto F.C. was fun and entertaining.

Looking at the first 67 minutes could've ended up A LOT worse.

Nevertheless, it's still only a point at home.

Have to get back to winning as quickly as you can because the rest of the East will catch up.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

It's cute that Berhalter, Major League Soccer in general is cool with releasing players to national teams for friendlies.

Since it isn't apparently as serious as all those big European leagues.

Was cool to see our shutout streak go by the wayside in a big way in the 3-3 tie to Toronto FC.

Especially when Steffen didn't even play against Ireland.

Him and Trapp will be gone again this weekend to hopefully see the field in France.

Cristian Martinez is still suspended.

Jonathan Mensah and Pedro Santos are questionable with injuries.

New York Red Bull projected lineup:

New York Red Bulls last game out in Major League Soccer was a 2-1 defeat at New England.

If you wanted to complain about having Zack Steffen and Wil Trapp gone though look at who New York Red Bull has been without because of international friendly duty.

Just about half of their starting lineup. D - Fidel Escobar, D - Michael Murillo, D - Tim Parker, M - Tyler Adams, M - Kaku.  

Despite being a bit shorthanded NYRB had a much better U.S. Open Cup midweek showing then Columbus.

NYRB demolished rivals NYCFC 4-0 resultantly we'll see if that gets them in the mood here in Columbus.

Their expected lineup:
(4-2-3-1, right to left)
GK: Luis Robles — Connor Lade, Aaron Long, Aurelien Collin, Kemar Lawrence — Sean Davis, Marc Rzatkowski — Florian Valot, Vincent Bezecourt, Danny Royer — Bradley Wright-Phillips

PREDICTION: 3-2 Columbus. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Romain Gall receives interest from SC Heerenveen, Reserves to play in U.S. Open Cup, McKalla Place battle begins

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 6/5: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 6/5. 

Romain Gall receives interest from SC Heerenveen

With already one former Columbus Crew player in SC Heerenveen's roster in defender Nicolai Naess, SC Heerenveen could be after another former Crew player. Link.

SC Heerenveen is interested in attacker Romain Gall of the Swedish GIF Sundsvall, reports Fotbollskanalen. In the middle of May SC Heerenveen scouts were at the game between Sundsvall and IF Brommapojkarna to see the 23-year-old right-wing attacker at work.

There haven't been any other reports but SC Heerenveen would likely have to wait until July anyway to put in their transfer offer.

Berhalter will trot out reserves in US Open Cup tomorrow

The three players that turned around last Saturday's game (Crognale, Sosa, and Argudo) will likely be starting the U.S. Open Cup tomorrow.

Which may not be a bad thing as Columbus didn't decide to play until the three came in. Although the change in the result was 50% that and 50% formation change.

And 50% Michael Bradley... 😅

How about you just play in Columbus?

Or uh Sacramento... 😩

Don't give them ideas Twellman that I wouldn't be surprised if they never thought of.

Image of the day:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Frankowski transfer update, Other local clubs/fans pitch in on #SaveTheCrew effort, Precourt being Precourt

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 6/4: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 6/4. 

Frankowski transfer update

A little bit of an update on the Frankowski to Major League Soccer with the Columbus Crew or Chicago Fire news.

Chicago/Columbus/MLS is willing to pay $1.7 million for Frankowski (link in Twitter article below). Jagiellonia Bialystok wants $2.5 million Euros though (nearly $3 million).

There is also interest as well in Turkey from Bursaspor and Galatasaray. Nevertheless, Frankowski will likely stay in Poland according to reports and go to Polish champions Legia Warsaw.

Frankowski was in the thirty-five man Polish preliminary World Cup squad but did not make the cut into the twenty-three man World Cup roster.

Support from other local clubs and their fans

Both FC Cincinnati fans and the Columbus women's soccer team the Columbus Eagles doing real positive things for #SaveTheCrew.

Thank you!

Precourt keeps on Precourting

Get on this Garber and save the league or to appeal to yourself save your own legacy.

It will be dented if this goes through, have no doubt about it.

Image of the day:

Berhalter on MLS Rewind looking as joyous as ever. 

I've watched a few episodes already. Features Alejandro Moreno and Taylor Twellman talking some real soccer.

A recap show like this has been missing for a very long time in MLS. Definitely recommend.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Never Quit

66 minutes pass into a game and your down 3-0 at home. 

There were no quitters on that field last night in yellow. 

Similar to Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League Final,  Columbus made up a 3-0 deficit. 

But even goal number one, two, and three in Liverpool's comeback in 2005 arrived before Columbus's first in the 67th minute last night.

I felt like last night's contest symbolically, from beginning to end, could be linked inextricably to the #SaveTheCrew effort. 

The first 67 minutes are us in a nutshell. 

There is usually little to no hope when a rich owner decides it is time to pack up and leave a town.

Ask the Cleveland Browns, Seattle Supersonics, and Oakland Raiders. 

Similarly, there is little to no hope when your down 3-0 in soccer with 25 minutes left.

But Columbus never quits. 

Fans started #SaveTheCrew.

Those fans have pro golfers wearing #SaveTheCrew hats. 

Those fans invaded the College Gameday crowd.

They'll try anything until the right person notices, listens. 

Apparently Gregg Berhalter will try anything as well.

In the 63rd minute he subbed in Eduardo Sosa for his first MLS regular season minutes, Alex Crognale for his second time for more than a few minutes at the end of a game, and Luis Argudo.

3-0 down turned into a 3-3 final. 

Eduardo Sosa played phenomenally well I thought. His performance was getting the opportunity and capitalizing. 

Alex Crognale additionally says "hey don't forget about me" and grabbed the second goal. 

"It means a ton. I’ve been coming to this stadium for years, and to come and play in front of these fans every weekend is a blessing. All my family was here, so I’m just so proud to put on this jersey. That goal was for my family."

Eduardo Sosa on the three goal comeback:

"No, I’ve never been part of a game like this. It was pretty much a whole lot of offense at the end there and I’ve never been a part of something like that."

Michael Bradley had a two minute diatribe about our atmosphere being way behind everyone else last year. Oddly it was after a sold out game in Columbus during the playoffs against Toronto. 

Not sure why he felt that was necessary? Or how us being so far behind could be considered true if you look around the rest of MLS?

Especially if you checked out a playoff game at Chicago, New York Red Bull, or Houston last year. 

In addition, Revolution, Union, Dynamo, Dallas, Minnesota games couldn't be confused with being at Borussia Dortmund or something? And last time I checked those teams didn't have an owner putting over $2 million dollars into marketing another team that doesn't exist this year.

So yeah were getting closer to being there this 2018 season but hey thanks Michael Bradley for helping peak the atmosphere so far this year.

Bradley was responsible for all three goals last night. 

And the fans were truly right there with the team, willing on the team until the end.

As even a 60% packed Mapfre can bring it if there in it. No atmosphere? Okay, if you say so. 😏 I've seen less passionate crowds at completely sold out MLS games.

After our first goal, we were dominating so thoroughly that I had oddly little doubt we would come back and get something from this game.

Sometimes you just know. We have to feel the same way about our eventual success on keeping our team here.

Friday, June 1, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Despite a very different Columbus starting eleven, Toronto's injuries give Columbus chance to keep shutout streak going

Image result for Frankie Hejduk Trillium Cup
Columbus Crew looks for more fun this weekend at home against Toronto F.C.

Toronto F.C. (3-7-1) - 10 points- Ninth place in the East @ Columbus Crew (7-3-4) - 25 points- Second place in the East

Columbus Crew plays Asshole F.C. again.

"On one hand the national team should forget about you guys and just go with the youth movement. Same on the other hand."

Would be a lot more mature of a team and dare I say better.

Perhaps if they could stop with the snarky commentator-ship on Columbus Crew they could remember how to win some games?

At least their manager Greg Vanney can say something nice.

“This year they've gotten a little more practical,” Vanney said of Columbus. “At times, they'll just play Gyasi over distance, behind. If the opposition is pressing, they'll play direct, which has led to them conceding less chances and goals. They've become a stingier team.”

For Columbus there 495 minute shutout streak reaches a real challenge as Zack Steffen, who has been 50% of it with his saves and friend the goal post voodoo, is on national team duty with the United States at Ireland Saturday.

Captain Wil Trapp is additionally gone with the United States; but when Ricardo Clark plays this year Columbus is 4-0-1 so perhaps we could be alright there?

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

A lot of changes this week for the Columbus Crew. 

If you haven't heard Wil Trapp and Zack Steffen are away on national team duty with the United States at Ireland and France.

So, Ricardo Clark comes in for Wil Trapp and Jon Kempin comes in for Zack Steffen.

Then when someone else in Major League Soccer ref headquarters saw Martinez's clear slap on Sinovic a suspension wasn't far away on the horizon. 

As the refereeing world turns I'm not sure if Federico's red card will get rescinded or should? As should've been a debatable yellow at best but studs up puts yourself in that situation so.

I guess Columbus could give one of their off-season signings, Eduardo Sosa, who disappeared off the map completely a random first start. But, in a move that makes about zero sense since he usually plays right or left back will likely be Hector Jimenez.

I'm also interested to see how Gaston Sauro is included in the next few games; as a three man center back rotation turns into four. 

Toronto F.C. projected lineup:

Their last game,

Neither Altidore or Bradley were included in the United States roster that changed before the Ireland, France games.

However, Altidore is out with a foot problem. Drew Moor is also out of the question. So is new signing Aketxe. Further, Nicolas Hasler and Justin Morrow are questionable. So, Toronto faces a similar unusual starting eleven.

One that even includes Michael Bradley at center back which makes me smile.

Projected starting lineup on MLSsoccer.com

Projected Starting XI
(3-5-2, right to left)
GK: Alex Bono — Greg van der Wiel, Michael Bradley, Nick Hagglund — Auro, Jonathan Osorio, Liam Fraser, Victor Vazquez, Ryan Telfer — Donovan Ricketts, Sebastian Giovinco


Because of that.

PREDICTION: Even without Trapp, Steffen and possibly Higuain. Columbus 3-0. Zardes X 2, Grella.