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Thursday, April 19, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Instead of losing again the same way, some changes this week would be welcome.

New England Revolution (3-2-1) - 10 points- Third place in the East @ Columbus Crew (3-3-1) - 10 points- Tied for Fourth place in the East

New England has three losses in their last three attempts in Columbus.

Overall by a 6-1 scoreline. 

Good thing Columbus couldn't score if the goal was like this currently.

Columbus has been nowhere near good enough these last three outings.

Three losses and two of those came against teams that were in last place before the game started.

It's getting to the point where Berhalter needs to find someone to do the job. 

Either the current starters will pick it up now or find one or two other players in your 28 man roster that will.

Columbus is still (somehow) in a decent position in the Major League Soccer standings but one or two more losses and they won't be.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

I think it's rather a bad sign when your down 1-0 and sub Federico Higuain out second half not with the Federico understudy Eduardo Sosa but with wing back Hector Jimenez?

I wouldn't be much against throwing in a Eduardo Sosa or a Edward Opoku to see what they could do.

Berhalter is always talking about giving 19 year olds breaks this season for I don't know what apparent reason. Ever needed a break at nineteen? Apparently Milton Valenzuela does. What about giving the 33 year old Federico a rest then?

Not that Federico has been bad and needs to sit, he's been the most consistent and number two on the Crew's goal scoring chart. Nevertheless, when as a team you have scored a lone goal the last three games you have to shake something up. Awaken things up a bit in front of goal somehow.

Either some new guys do great or we have a fourth loss. 

But, if we keep things stagnant they'll remain as they are anyways. Another loss. 

Opoku from what I saw I think could add something. He was instrumental in an assist and setting up the play and Afful's assist for a 2-1 win against the Charleston Battery in preseason and then fell off the map.

Or hell debut one of the two at striker for Zardes, who has been bad the last few games.

Or make one of the two a substitute for Zardes instead of Jahn.

As Jahn has come onto the field about twenty times in a row and hasn't scored from anywhere but a penalty area.

Or make both striker. Trying anything else at this point would likely be more positive.

I would also go back to Abubukar at center back as Josh Williams looked slow, out of sorts, and perhaps like he hasn't played all season.

How about starting him out with 20 minutes at the end of a game compared to 90 the first week he is available?

And Ricardo Clark scored a goal in his one appearance this year, so likely Artur and Trapp need a one game rest as well. 😅 They'll both play. Yet the only thing that would work to get me to two strikers except three in the back.

New England's projected lineup:

New England lost last week by a 1-0 scoreline as well to F.C. Dallas. The loss put a halt to a Revolution four game unbeaten streak. This is the lineup New England trotted out for that loss:

Antonio Delamea could take back the center back spot from Jalil Anibaba.

Anibaba won the spot for last week's game but was less than inspiring in a 1-0 loss to F.C. Dallas.

Krisztian Nemeth should return to Caicedo's position in midfield this week and Caicedo will likely return to central midfield for Scott Caldwell.

Whereas the lone striker up top for the Revolution could be Teal Bunbury or Juan Agudelo may get a second opportunity this week.

PREDICTION: Nothing this crazy different will happen. The Crew will just attempt to attack the problem the same way until it doesn't work for another three games.

New England 2-0. Goals by Bunbury, Nemeth.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Columbus one of five MLS teams that want Chicharito

If you have seen what one Mexican star has done in Major League Soccer lately..

Four goals in five games and in my opinion the best performance in the big MLS talking point, the Ibrahimovic first game, as his first half did more to turn my eyes. 

Then it comes as not a surprise there is a waiting list for another.

From FutbolTotal.com.mx:

The Mexican striker, Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández , current player of West Ham United in the Premier League, has become a real obsession for Major League Soccer United States and is the main objective at this time for the DC United team  They want to make a strong staff that dazzle again, so they are looking for stars to help them in sports and media, according to the Washington Post.

However, the main obstacle that has been found to achieve signing is that the Mexican has a very strong popularity internationally and is the object of desire of several teams of the MLS, where he has already been linked with several American teams, the list at the moment it is 5 teams that intend to get their services; Los Angeles FC ,  Colorado Rapids ,  Real Salt Lake  and  Columbus Crew,  addition to the aforementioned DC United.

The story is also here. And here.

I would put us at the least likely one to get him. I see it as a housewarming gift for Audi Field as MLS is cute like that.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

GAME PREVIEW: Result needed.

Berhalter dropping some hints Josh Williams will get his first start this year.

Columbus Crew (3-2-1) - 10 points- Fourth place in the East @ D.C. United (0-3-2) - 2 points- Last place in the East

This weeks contest is Columbus Crew's second week in a row facing off against the last place team in the Eastern Conference.

In addition, Columbus and D.C. already met this year. 

That 3-1 win on March 24th for Columbus was in my opinion Columbus's most comfortable win. The most optimistic point, in a soccer sense, for me so far this season.

Because of international duty with the United States, Columbus were without their captain (Wil Trapp) and goalkeeper (Zack Steffen) in that contest. Yet the Crew still cruised.

Even though last week against Chicago and this week against D.C. are on the road, if Columbus were to gain just a point or even worse a goose egg against two struggling opponents then it's time to set the alarm bell.

The Crew were on a tear to begin the year gaining 10 out of the first 12 points.

They are now in danger of grabbing 0 or 1 points out of their next 9 available.

Rather typical Crew consistency.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

This news story volunteered by Gregg Berhalter now isn't likely on accident and because of what Jonathan Mensah costs in reality it's one center back spot up currently between two players. 

Not two spots up between three players. It's cute to think but Mensah really has to mess up.

“We’re continuing to work with Jonathan on things to improve, but by and large he has been solid,” Berhalter said.

Therefore, I see Josh Williams getting the nod over Lalas Abubukar this week.

Abubukar has been as solid but they pay him less.

D.C. United projected lineup:

In a 1-0 loss, this is what D.C. United trotted out their last time on the field two weeks back on March 31st at Sporting KC:

D.C. will likely do similar in defense and up top. 

However, could be a lineup spot or two different in midfield.

Crew will more than likely see Zoltan Stieber this time. 

In the Crew's last win over D.C. the Hungarian was on international duty. 

Yet Stieber didn't play in losses against Kazakhstan and Scotland. Puskas and the other magnificent Magyars are probably rolling around in their graves with those sort of results. 

He returned from international duty in the March 31st game, but only received 13 minutes likely because of travel. 

Patrick Mullins or even Ian Harkes could get a shout from Ben Olsen as well.

PREDICTION: Crew have to do what worked in the last D.C. game on March 24th, but do it just a bit better.

They must get three points this week.

Crew win 2-1. Goals by Zardes, Higuain. Mattocks for D.C.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Schweinsteiger will play on Chicago's back line this Saturday, Paunovic puts pressure on his Fire, #MLS2ATX GEAR!

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 4/5: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 4/5. 

Schweinsteiger will play on Chicago's back line this Saturday

That is what occurred last week with the Chicago Fire down at home to the Portland Timbers. 

The move led to two assists by Schweinsteiger from the back line and a come back for Chicago to gain the tie and the one point.

“I think we didn’t start well and we struggled with the defensive line,” said Paunovic after the last game. 

“After we switched to the different formation with Basti dropped in the line of three at the back, he did a fantastic job in organizing and giving proper instructions to our boys.”

Schweinsteiger started the game at midfield. But, with Chicago down again early on at home against the Timbers, Paunovic adjusted. Link.

Expect similar but this time from the beginning.  

“In the past, we’ve shown that playing Bastian in that role has worked very well. Right now, we need him in that role until our defense regains the confidence, the order and fluidity we’re missing,” said Paunovic.

Paunovic puts pressure on his Fire

“We are not a charity. This is professional soccer, and whoever doesn’t understand that, doesn’t have a spot. You have to come here with a desire to learn, and that’s the environment we’ve created because the coaching staff doesn’t sleep until we have everything prepared for our guys. We give everything we have, I don’t say much, but it is everything we have, and we want answers. When I say difficult decisions, it’s very clear to me. Either you perform and give it your all, or you’re out of here.”

Chicago's coach has put it out there that they need better results from players this week or could get a bit ugly. Link.


Not with these well defined thoughts.
But, Greeley's army? It's basically those three guys and they won't even wear #MLS2ATX gear.

And astroturf tifo that they hand to Austinites walking around the Texas capital.

But hey perhaps they can hire some actors.

Precourt and his entourage would do anything before ever admitting they ever made a wrong move.

If you want to know where our marketing has gone this season. Link.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Former Crew player Thomas Dooley gets Philippines in Asian Federation Cup

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 4/4: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 4/4. 

Former Crew player Thomas Dooley has Philippines in Asian Federation Cup

Image result for Thomas Dooley Azkals

Phillipines beat Tajikistan 2-1 on March 27th to qualify for the first time for the Asian Federation Cup. Their manager since 2014 has been former Crew player Thomas Dooley.

The Azkals’ led by head coach Thomas Dooley, finished Group F winners with 12 points from an undefeated three wins and three draws. Dooley said that this squad is the best ever that the country has had in their history.
“These are the guys who made history tonight, those are the best players we have at the moment in the Philippines. I am really really proud of these guys,” Dooley said.
On paper, Dooley had many accomplishments with the Azkals, including leading the team to a historic Asian Cup berth. However, his contract ended on March 31st and he will be evaluated by the PFF through the players' insights on how capable the American-German will be in Asian Cup level.
"There are a lot of reasons why he should be extended. We've had our best performance under his tenure. However, what are the conditions and we will be talking to players as well and how the players [will] respond to him at the level of Asian Cup," said team manager Dan Palami.
Why its perfect to stay in Columbus

Corn hole tournaments?

I do not care

And I'm sure no one does for any fan of any team when it comes to this ESports, ECup crap.

I'm here only to watch soccer and by that I mean real life soccer.

The Crew have marketed this more than the Crew.

GAME PREVIEW: Crew need to get back to what they've done well so far against under performing, injured Chicago

Columbus Crew (3-1-1) - 10 points- Second place in the East @ Chicago Fire (0-2-1) - 1 point- Last place in the East

The Columbus Crew has lost just once in their last 12 games against their Eastern Conference rivals the Chicago Fire (6W-5D).

In addition, 
in the points welcoming category Toyota Park has always been a relatively decent visit for the Crew.

Columbus can likely expect a similar showing of fans as well.

Chicago has had a very bad start to the year.

But, expect them to claw their way back up in general and in the standings whenever the following list starts to get healthy again.

OUT: M - Djordje Mihailovic (right ACL surgery), F - Michael de Leeuw (left ACL surgery), D - Jonathan Campbell (facial fracture), D - Jorge Corrales (infection), D - Matt Polster (MCL sprain), F - Luis Solignac (left quad); QUESTIONABLE: M - Daniel Johnson (lower back spasm)

Yet, Chicago still currently have Bastian Schweinsteiger, Dax McCarty, Nemanja Nikolic, and Tony Tchani.

They still have quality to be expecting a bit more.

“I want to win. I think we should win these kind of games, but we’re not there to win these kind of games and that’s why we have a lot of work to do," commented Schweinsteiger.

In addition, Tony Tchani continues the Columbus Crew 2015 tour back into time.

Stop it 😂
But, at least Tchani can get on with life as a professional instead of obsessing over two seasons ago.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Fiddling with the defensive lineup led to the Crew's first loss of the season last week.

Hector Jimenez played a role in the first goal occurring for the Whitecaps, but so did Valenzuela in the second.

I'm not saying the loss was Jimenez per say, I'm just saying you don't mess with defensive chemistry unless there is none to be had.

The switch worries me because I could see Berhalter doing a similar switch for Lalas Abubukar in the next week or two.

And then soon you get in a situation where we have four different backs every week as we did for most of the 2017 season.

The move is not necessary unless the results mean you need to. But, Berhalter likes to keep everyone happy.

Yet please go back to this.

With how lackluster Chicago has been so far this lineup gives you the best opportunity to get back to winning.

Chicago projected lineup:

Chicago gained a 2-2 draw at home last week against the identically positioned 11th place team in the West, the Portland Timbers.

Because the one point was Chicago's first somewhat positive result of the season. They'll likely try to build on that with a similar formation and lineup.

PREDICTION: Something was stale and lackluster about the Columbus Crew all game last week.

I think that will be enough to force Berhalter to go back to the starting eleven that has him at 10 points already. 

If you want to include Jimenez, Williams, and others currently make a 60th minute, 70th minute substitution if it makes sense when the game and result is already relatively secure.

Crew win 2-1. Goals by Zardes, Higuain. Nikolic for Chicago.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Uruguayan forward Gonzalo Carneiro was Crew target last October

Scored 15 goals in 21 games last season for Defensor Sporting Club.

Uruguayan forward Gonzalo Carneiro of Defensor Sporting Club
 was a Columbus Crew target last October.

But because of injury at the time was bypassed. 

Artur went from Sao Paulo FC to Columbus Crew SC.

Carneiro went from Columbus Crew target to Sao Paulo FC target and was signed by SPFC today. Link

Sunday, April 1, 2018

GAME REVIEW: Well glad that's over for this year.

One of the positives about Kei Kamara being traded to the Western Conference. Picture: Dispatch/ Brooke LaValley

Lets start out by saying if you would've told me we would be 3-1-1, five games into the 2018 season after losing Ola Kamara and Justin Meram, I would've told you in January or February you were crazy. 

So a first defeat at the moment isn't much of a crisis as long as the Crew and Berhalter learn some lessons from it. 

However doesn't mean there isn't some things from yesterday that I don't understand.

Like why does our 19 year old, young designated player Milton Valenzuela need a break? The guy is 19!

If anyone needs a break is it him? 

Did you ever need a break from anything at 19?

Hector Jimenez is a solid, useful part of the team. On his own he is eventually going to find time on the field due to injury and suspensions.

Yet do we need to start him for none of those reasons over our young designated player?

Jimenez wasn't a drop off defensively. But, think Milton Valenzuela provides some danger from the left back position which we had zero of in 2017.

Jukka Raitala didn't really put much fear into defenses.

Before the game I said that I hope Berhalter doesn't find it necessary to mess with the back line by substituting in Josh Williams who is finally healthy for Lalas Abubukar.

On the ways Berhalter could possibly fiddle with the starting eleven today or the back line, Hector Jimenez starting over Milton Valenzuela I didn't really even foresee.

Berhalter even outlined it as an issue in this game, "we weren't getting our fullbacks high enough."

Well, the only left back that can get anywhere near as high up the field as Harrison Afful (since 2015) is probably Milton Valenzuela so that one is on you bud. 

But regardless wasn't why the Crew lost. 

Berhalter also mentioned above that the Crew can't play at a 60% level and expect to win. They looked listless, flat.

Vancouver looked more likely to score and well did.

Kei Kamara of course, with the VAR sign on the celebration which was a culmination of his ridiculousness the last twenty minutes of the game.

Ball deflects off of him and goes out of bounds, Crew throw in, hims and haws, Vancouver throw in. 

That's a new one.

Then your 6'3 and anytime the 5'8 Wil Trapp or 5'7 Milton Valenzuela get a foot on the ball your on the ground?

Can't really complain about the head ref for correctly disallowing the Davies goal, but a lot of very soft fouls on Felipe, Kamara, and etc. to waste time at the end of that game.

Overall a game to quickly forget, glad the Kamara to Columbus thing is over for 2018 as no one cares anymore.

Except for Kei Kamara. 

No longer a story unless he wants to keep making it one.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Our Pipa, Tomane scores today, Greeley

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 3/30: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 3/30. 

Our Pipa

Federico Higuain's 50 goals and 50 assists in MLS has made the headlines around the world. Link.

Tomane scores today

This past Summer the Columbus Crew made an offer to Portugal club CD Tondela for their player Jhon Murillo (on loan from Benfica). 

That did not happen as Murillo instead went to Turkish club Kasimpasa.

A couple days ago it was mentioned that an offer was made for a CD Tondela player again by a MLS club. 

This time for their forward Tomane.

I would not be surprised if it was us to bolster an area of weakness, a second forward after Zardes. 

Here's what Tomane was up to today:
Tomane scored the game winner against Boavista as well but seconds later was ruled offsides by the VAR.


He is about this hilarious

Well done.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Major League Soccer adds no value to the University of Texas, Business allies, On Chelsea FC's website today

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 3/29: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 3/29. 

Major League Soccer adds no value to the University of Texas

University of Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte said Thursday that the school has not been approached by either Precourt Sports Ventures or Major League Soccer about the Crew playing at either venue.

And further Major League Soccer adds no value to the University of Texas, just wear and tear as well as confusion as too much goes on at Myers already currently.

Does PSV, MLS know they have to do some things a little in advance right?

However, if the Austin Crew plays at University of Texas's Myers Stadium (and they would have to for a couple years as there is nowhere else to play)...

I can't imagine it being much better then what DaMarcus Beasley encountered when his team played DC United at the Maryland SoccerPlex.

But that isn't one game... 

Instead it would be at least two seasons of that, 34 games. 

So everyone in MLS gets to join in on that fun.

Business allies

Great and all.

But I want to see business allies (and this is just in general, not AEP or anyone in particular) do something that helps now.

Give away tickets. Market. Tweet a ton. Do anything helpful.

Or how about not adorning them as such?

#SaveTheCrew should make it a bit tougher to become a business ally. You have to hit certain goals to become one otherwise.

On Chelsea FC's website today

Hey not too shabby

GAME PREVIEW: Crew, Zardes needs to make it their show on Saturday

Zardes needs to make it his show on Saturday.

Vancouver Whitecaps (2-1-1) - 7 points- Tied for first place in West At Columbus Crew (3-0-1) - 10 points- 1st place in the East

“Columbus attack. They’re a good attacking team. But sometimes your strength can be your weakness as well,” said Vancouver manager Carl Robinson.

This seems to be a running theme of emphasis for Crew opponents lately. Opponents want to use the Crew's strengths against them. 

Before the Union vs. Crew game two weeks ago, Philadelphia mentioned gaining opportunities offensively from the Crew's expansive play and if they high pressed as a result. The Union's result? 0 goals.

On the Columbus end they have their full starting lineup this week to choose from for this game. The one used thus far for the majority of 2018.

Zack Steffen and Wil Trapp, goalkeeper and captain are 100% back in after United States national team duty. It's hard to find two players more important to the current starting eleven. Nevertheless, Berhalter and co. coped extremely well with them gone in a 3-1 relatively stress free win over D.C. United.

I expected the win but the relative ease surprised me a little. Should be seen as an extreme positive. 

Center back Josh Williams, who has been out thus far in 2018, is healthy and available this week as well. 

I've seen some mentions of possibly giving Williams a start for Lalas Abubukar. Yet why?

Lalas Abubukar has the best passing accuracy rate on the entire Columbus Crew, even better than Wil Trapp's. 

In addition, he's second best in passing accuracy in the whole league at center back after former Crew back Michael Parkhurst.

I feel that manager Gregg Berhalter has to resist the urge to fiddle with a lineup that is working extremely well. One of the biggest problems with the 2017 season was, in my opinion, the constant switching of defensive backs.

Because of that switching Columbus were unable to gain any defensive rhythm. 

Abubukar had 6 starts, Crognale had 12 starts, Williams had 19 starts, Mensah had 25 starts in 2017 at center back. 

I would like to see two get 30 starts in 2018 and everyone else at 4 to 5 with some substitution appearances.

Will see how that goes especially when Gaston Sauro returns.

Yet, at the current time with how Lalas Abubukar is playing and with us in first at the moment don't change what isn't broke.

If we have a dip in form somewhere that's when and only when to fiddle. 

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

More of the same.

Whitecaps projected lineup:

In a 0-0 draw at home against the LA Galaxy last week, this was the Whitecaps lineup with Kendall Waston on national team duty with Costa Rica. 

If the Whitecaps go with a similar formation, Waston will just replace Aja at center back more than likely as Maund has had more starts.

Yet the Whitecaps have been all over the place with their formations including the Crew's famous 2017 formation of three in the back in Atlanta, which didn't work out too well with a 4-1 loss.

I see Vancouver going back to the formation and setup in their last win, two weeks ago against Houston.

The most important thing to watch (and I'm sure he'll like hearing that) is Kei Kamara.

Seriously for once. As I think Kamara may be getting back into some form.

Kei was out for one game this year because of a groin strain. But, has 2 goals so far in his three appearances. 

And was just inches from 3 in 3 against LA. If Kamara would've found net on that would've likely been a goal of the year nominee.

PREDICTION: Vancouver is one of the more legit tests for Columbus in recent weeks. But, Columbus has been pretty solidified with their eleven, formation, and how they're playing.

If you seen Vancouver's lineup the last three weeks in the lineup prediction above they have been a bit all over the place.

I think that and being at home gives Columbus the edge.

I would like to see Gyasi have a really huge game and get back on the scoresheet.

Crew win 3-1. Two goals by Gyasi, one by Martinez. Kei Kamara gets one as well for Vancouver.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Crew at USA Game, Joaquin Torres update, Whitecaps want to use Crew strengths against them as well

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 3/28: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 3/28. 

Crew at the USA Game

#SaveTheCrew made an appearance:

Zack Steffen played his first full 90 for the national team. Steffen has 135 minutes of shutout soccer so far for the United States. 

Wil Trapp also had another strong game in midfield and was mentioned as Man of the Match by Soccer by Ives.

Ives also recommended Trapp in the Bosnia game. 

Not a bad media guy to have in your corner yet Ives isn't anywhere near alone in the praise.

Joaquin Torres keeps the scoring coming

A couple weeks prior, Hernan Cabrera who broke the Milton Valenzuela news mentioned Columbus were asking questions about another Newell's Old Boys player.

Joaquin Torres.

Yet the price may have been too high.

Or Berhalter could have decided with Cristian Martinez's recent play that he doesn't have to go in for another international, starting right midfielder.

Nevertheless, I'm sure it's tempting as Torres continues to do interesting things as he scored a hat trick in a friendly last week.

I think voids that need filled have been switched.
I remember A Bola for both the Pedro Santos rumors and another CD Tondela player Jhon Murillo to Columbus rumors so I think Berhalter has gone on to find a second striker after Zardes instead.

Fulfilling any voids to make his current team even stronger.

Whitecaps looking to use Crew strengths against them as well

I've heard this before with Philadelphia and D.C. United the prior two games.

I'm amused at least that Vancouver hasn't mentioned high pressing.

If it works out to wins at home and ties on the road all season, all good.