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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Columbus Crew could be shopping around in Brazil again.

Robinho (BRA)

This time for a striker, secondary forward at right winger in Ceara's Robinho. Full name Francisco Wellington Barbosa de Lisboa.

The 23 year old is contracted to Brazilian Serie B side Ceara, but this season has been loaned out to Brazilian Serie C side Santa Cruz.

At Santa Cruz this season Robinho has compiled 8 goals in 38 appearances.

He's also shown some scintillating skills with Ceara from 2014 onward, as every season he bounces between their A squad and on loan. Best statistical website with information: link.

A Ceara popular fan instagram (Cearamigos) posted the following yesterday:

Nice find by Patrick:

And found in another Brazilian article here by Nick:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bruce Arena as Crew GM?

Image result for Bruce Arena

Apparently Bruce Arena could be the General Manager for the Columbus Crew next season. 

Pipe in the Columbus Crew fan reaction to 80% of things:
Image result for shock face
And then a tertiary reaction of "I'm not even sure why my face is like this and why I'm so mad?"

For the last five years General Manager was a position held by Gregg Berhalter in duality with him being Columbus's Head Coach.

Not sure what calling him a General Manager as well did.

A LOT of Crew fans hear the name Bruce Arena or Caleb Porter and they are just like no automatically. 

Some may get in a camper and leave town to "save the children!"

I don't understand the above at all really. Is it because he coached DC United 15 years ago? Someone enlighten me?

For one there has been much, much less quality MLS GM's, for two some teams may still not have a GM.

I'm unaware of Columbus having one before they made Berhalter both Head Coach and GM. Not sure I remember Sigi Schmid's General Manager? Clark Hunt? 😅

So, the biggest thing I'm down with is Haslam/Edwards are actually willing to have both a General Manager and a Head Coach. Second if they're considering Bruce Arena shows that the ownership duo are not being super cheap about the process. 

If Wolff becomes Crew manager could definitely use someone like Arena to talk things over with. 

Porter may find it helpful as well but then again that might be too many Type A personalities.

Wolff was Arena's striker before at the USMNT level so may be a hint where Crew HQ is headed; as Columbus may want to keep Berhalter's play and methods a bit if they can.

Nevertheless, no matter how much you dislike Arena or Porter, I'm pretty sure the two together wouldn't allow Columbus to fail, come up short. A good amount of ego there, which most people would tell you is bad but I take it as otherwise because it drives people. 

That's a two time USMNT coach and that would be two MLS Cup winners, which um Berhalter is not. Well he's not the second one lol.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

And Your 2019 Starting Goalkeeper Is...

With Zack Steffen likely gone in January to Manchester City for $7.8 million, and then gone again straight away on loan to La Liga side Girona

A Girona that wouldn't be a bad place to secure some minutes; as they are placed 7th in La Liga and only six back from the top spot.

Yet regardless of where Zack Steffen ends up on loan for Pep Guardiola, his departure means Columbus no matter what have some very large shoes to fill.


Jon Kempin

1. Jon Kempin (25 years old, 6'1, 175 pounds)

Odds of starting in 2019 opener: 50%

Kempin has been alright, but alright is the best anyone can really say on it I think. In Kempin's five games started for Columbus he has a winning record (2-1-2) but barely and has allowed 8 goals in those 5 appearances. For the LA Galaxy the previous year, he was 1-4-1.

Kempin hasn't looked shabby when he has been out there but hasn't looked remarkable either. 

2. Logan Ketterer (25 years old, 6'3, 180 pounds)-

Odds of starting in 2019 opener: 0%

Selected in the 2017 draft by the Columbus Crew and spent the last two seasons as a backup behind Steffen and in 2018 Kempin too.

Steffen and his 63 starts goes away... So would likely be the time to see what Ketterer has and has learned from the last two years with the Columbus Crew.

But Columbus don't pick up Ketterer's option so he goes away too.

Image result for ben lundgaard

3. Ben Lundgaard (23 years old, 6'5, 205 pounds)-

Odds of starting in 2019 opener: 15%

Appears to be Kempin's only other competitor for the starting spot unless whoever the new manager ends up being goes out and gets someone else. 

Personally was at the 2018 SuperDraft and was surprised when the Crew selected another goalkeeper in the first round since no one would be playing over Steffen; as at the time that made four goalkeepers.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Ryan Kozlowski, people smiling, people standing

Also was the shortest I ever felt at 5'11.

But, Berhalter and etc. must of known that it was just a matter of time before Steffen was headed back to Europe.

Lundgaard spent the 2018 season on loan with Indy Eleven, where he made zero appearances. So, Kempin's five for the Columbus Crew makes him the most likely on opening day in 2019.

4. Unknown mystery man

Odds of starting in 2019 opener: 35%

I'm guessing whoever the new manager in 2019 happens to be, whether Wolff, Onstad (content with being an assistant, goalkeeper coach it seems but who I don't think would be a bad manager), or someone else, that person will likely acquire his own goalkeeper that he trusts to do the job.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Crew offseason news #1 (11/26/18): Steffen to Manchester City, options declined, resigning Valenzuela

The Columbus Crew are not too far into their offseason plans currently but it appears to be a headline grabbing offseason as well. As Zack Steffen is apparently headed to Manchester City. In addition, we discuss some options declined and the resigning of Milton Valenzuela for the long term.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CREWTURE GAME PREVIEW vs. NYRB: A good week at the office

Columbus Crew (16-11-9 overall) - 57 points @ New York Red Bulls (22-8-5) - 71 points 

The Columbus Crew in a week won two playoff games and had two players win significant Major League Soccer awards.

Zack Steffen won Goalkeeper of the Year and Gyasi Zardes won Comeback Player of the Year.

Other players have stepped up as well. 

Federico Higuain (two goals and an assist this postseason) has been a designated player and then some for Columbus having a part to play in all three of the Crew's postseason goals.

While Jonathan Mensah has turned into the defender that Gregg Berhalter has always hoped for. 

The plays above that really jump out (to me) for their tenacity and doing anything to win are at 1:15 for Federico and 1:29 for Mensah.

In Federico's play he gets knocked down and somehow gets a hold of the ball on the ground and pushes it to another Crew attacker.

In Mensah's he kicks a ball straight up, perhaps his only mishap, but then corrects that by out jumping the defender and heads the ball 20 yards forward.

Then of course Zack Steffen. Steffen not only denied Rooney's and Acosta's penalty kicks the week before but also did his best Neuer impression (that somehow worked out) at home against NYRB.

Good luck having Guzan pull that off.

Steffen then followed that up with this to end the game.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Columbus needs a few other players to get to the Higuain, Steffen, and Mensah lights out level. 

If that happens then 2018 could end up a lot better then expected in several ways for Columbus.

For one 2018 Justin Meram hasn't been 2017 Justin Meram.

The confidence isn't there. But the ability we know is.

What Justin Meram needs is a play of good fate in the next 90 minutes where he finds himself in the right spot for a tap in. You could argue that was Federico's first goal in DC last Thursday.

Regardless, Federico could use another Federico in that attacking midfield right now.

If it isn't Meram.

I don't think it's Pedro Santos who had some good moments but then had that unnecessary rabona shot. What is it preseason? 

May not be Niko Hansen who could be injured still.

And because usually there isn't much game changer-ness coming from that right side; I would be fine with Luis Argudo getting another go as he gave a good, much needed 67 minutes.

Harrison Afful, Milton Valenzuela, and that whole defense in general has been good as well and maybe that's all Columbus will need in New York.

Lights out from the defense.

NYRB projected lineup:

I figure New York's lineup will be relatively the same.

A 1-0 away loss in a home and away is recoverable.

Last Sunday at Columbus

Etienne came in in the 62nd minute for Royer. I thought his 28 minutes were a lot more productive than Royer's 62 minutes.

Mensah shut down Etienne but that was an effort. Therefore, would think about getting Etienne in from the start somehow.

PREDICTION: 0-0 tie. Defense is better in 2018 then it ever has been under Gregg Berhalter. Time to prove it to advance.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

CREWTURE GAME PREVIEW vs. NYRB: Plenty of directions the Crew could go on Sunday

New York Red Bulls (22-7-5) - 71 points @ Columbus Crew (15-11-9 overall) - 54 points

“We’ve had a lot of adversity to deal with, and I think we’ve shown that we’re strong, mentally and physically,” Zack Steffen said. “This is the best time of year, and we all love it.”

If you go by record (which you should as it's a factual statistic) New York Red Bulls are the best team in Major League Soccer history.

However, Columbus should be currently on quite a confidence high after defeating DC United on the road. DC United were undefeated in the previous seven games and only 17% of fans on mlssoccer.com expected Columbus to win Thursday.

But they did. Columbus additionally should feel very confident at home, in the last five home playoff appearances the Crew are 3-1-1.

Last year in the same series Columbus got up by three goals at home against NYCFC and held on. Similarly, Columbus needs to win by 2 or 3 goals tomorrow to give themselves a chance in the overall series.

A tie or loss won't cut it.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Columbus are likely without Pedro Santos as he was stamped on pretty hard at DCU and left the game early.

Niko Hansen won't be much of a let off and actually most Crew fans, that haven't been overwhelmed with Santos, will likely be fine with the switch.

For Columbus, a field player needs to step up to the plate like Federico Higuain did on Thursday.

NYRB projected lineup:

Bradley Wright-Phillips added another 20 goals to his New York Red Bull total tally this year.

Along with that the Red Bulls has the best defense in Major League Soccer this year allowing only 33 goals. 

Last game out against Orlando on 10/28

Columbus will need to find a way to stop Wright-Phillips like they did on Thursday for Rooney and Acosta. 

They'll also have to find a way past a tougher defense.

PREDICTION: 4-0 Columbus. Because they'll need to really win this one as it will be tougher on the road in NYRB this year then it was against NYCFC last year.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

CREWTURE GAME PREVIEW vs. DC United: Two MLS originals meet up in the knockout round

Columbus Crew (14-11-9) - 51 points- Fifth place in the East @ DC United (14-11-9) - 51 points- Fourth place in the East

At the finish of the 2018 season, the Columbus Crew and DC United finished with the exact same 51 points.

Nevertheless, DC United finished the year gaining 17 out of a possible 21 points (5-0-2), while the Columbus Crew got to their 51 points in a less aggressive fashion by gaining 8 out of their last possible 21 points (2-3-2). 

But Major League Soccer can be a league of what have you done for me lately or really lately. Last week Columbus won 3-2, DC United had a 0-0 bore tie against a 2018 haphazard Chicago.

Regardless of form the two clubs are set to meet at Audi Field on Thursday for the first time in the playoffs since 1999. Since their last playoff meeting, Columbus has made ten playoff appearances and DC United has made nine but the two clubs haven't crossed paths. Link

The last time the two clubs met in the playoffs Justin Meram said he "was dominating recess at the time."

But in a way it's the best opponent at this time in the playoffs. When the focus has been more on the Atlanta United's and LAFC's in Major League Soccer, two MLS originals battling is refreshing. 

One original that has been recently saved in Columbus and another in DC United that has been saved in their own way in a new stadium and both with A LOT of history.

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Columbus got back on the winning track last week. So other than some central back modifications, I would keep everything else the same.

DC United projected lineup:

This might be more of a game where the Columbus defense has to be looked at to shine.

The Columbus Crew has to watch out for Wayne Rooney and Luciano Acosta. If their defense can stop the two, the Columbus Crew will win. If not they likely will not.

Luciano Acosta has a crazy 9 goals and 10 assists in the past 20 matches that DC United has been Rooney led.

While Wayne Rooney has 12 goals and 7 assists in those same 20 matches. Link.

Wayne Rooney

Columbus has to figure out a way to stop both. 

DC United will go with the same lineup that has them undefeated in their last seven games. 
Last game out

PREDICTION: 1-0 Columbus. Goal by Gyasi Zardes. 83% percent of fans think DC United wins. Link. But Columbus has been better defensively in 2018 and when they focus they're a club that can get things done. Zardes builds off of his hat trick the last game with a late game winner.  

Saturday, October 27, 2018

CREWTURE GAME PREVIEW vs. Minnesota United: All comes down to this

Minnesota United (11-19-3) - 36 points- Ninth place in the West @ Columbus Crew (13-11-9) - 48 points- Sixth place in the East

The Columbus Crew have stumbled their way into a crucial decision day match-up against Minnesota United on Sunday. Over the last six games (a total of 18 points available) the Crew have gained a total of five points. As a result, if Sunday doesn't go as planned they deserve their spot. 

If Columbus can put it together for a game, the Crew won't likely be a preferred or enjoyable sixth seed for NYCFC (or anyone else) when the playoffs commence.

Berhalter said to his players recently that Sunday "is a game you guys will remember for your whole careers."

If the Crew record goes to five points out of twenty-one possible to end the season and Berhalter's club exits what was a surefire playoff spot weeks ago as a result, I'm guessing it will be ingrained in Berhalter's head as well. 

If the Crew were to finish the season limping out of the playoffs one would think that would take the luster away from a expected USMNT hiring as well for Berhalter.

How couldn't it?

Crewture's projected Crew lineup:

Luckily there is no clause (gentleman's agreement) for Justin Meram to sit out this week. To be fair when the opponent has zero chance to make the playoffs that sort of agreement should go out the window since that game didn't matter at all for Orlando SC.

But, Columbus and Berhalter are true to their word which will do wonders if they exit the playoffs.

This Sunday's projected

Minnesota United projected lineup:

After Lampson, Quintero, Ibarra, I don't recognize most of the names on the Minnesota United roster just being honest.

I need to learn more about what may be the best name in soccer. Fernando Bob.

Last game out

PREDICTION: 2-0 Columbus. After the recent joyous #SavedTheCrew news combined with what should be a decent crowd, if the Crew somehow muddle this up more Berhalter's words will ring true as then Sunday's game will be a game the 2018 Crew "will definitely remember for their  whole careers."

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Future super bright for Columbus Crew?

Along with the Edwards family, Alejandro Moreno and Taylor Twellman talk Columbus Crew's future with a NFL owner in Jimmy Haslam. Akin to Atlanta, could be much more money injected into a new Columbus Crew.
I imagine going into a downtown Columbus Crew stadium down the road and talking about the old days and everyone around me being like "is this guy crazy?"

Sounds amazing.

#SaveTheCrew becomes #SavedTheCrew.

"Our hope is that we can be the best stewards for this team going forward in perpetuity," Pete Edwards. Grateful for Crew fans, , and company for getting out the message daily. Along with , Pete Edwards, Jimmy Haslam that heard us.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Edwards to speak today

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/21/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 10/21/18. 

Someone tape this

This guy has been the long-time Crew team physician and now he's one of the owners of the Columbus Crew so I'm sure the guy has a rather strong passion for this club. 

Wouldn't be surprised if something inspiring comes out. Bet he has a story.

I'm sure someone won't let me down. 😅

Did anyone seriously achieve this?

Congrats to you if so.

Would've loved to take that year off. 

Gyasi Zardes son makes a bunch of young boys quit soccer

That's what I imagine after this.

Humor of the day:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

El Mellizo Columbus bound?

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/18/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 10/18/18. 

El Mellizo Columbus bound?

Gregg Berhalter is going to be the next United States National Team coach.

Not even US Soccer is dense enough to go in another direction. Well.... 

Why I think it's guaranteed.

1.) No matter how unsure Taylor Twellman is of Wil Trapp. Trapp, Steffen will be two of the most important players upcoming on this team and what's better than a coach that already has a great relationship with both.

Everyone knows right that it isn't going to be Guzan in 2022. If you don't, god bless you.

2.) Berhalter also is one of like one US coaches that can play from the back and be technically, tactically astute.

Yeah sure Jesse Marsch, Caleb Porter, and etc... 😴

Any Columbus head coaching replacement for Gregg Berhalter might be a bummer for Crew fans...

However I actually would be alright with Josh Wolff. Knows system, 52 US Caps, similar characteristics to Berhalter.

But, I think a lot of Crew fans would definitely be alright with this.

Crew Confidential has a nice ring to it. 

But uh who is paying for it? Precourt? I think it would take a bit to lift GBS from Boca Juniors and Precourt's busy with queso, hating us.

Haslam might be game and that would be one hell of a way to get the fans to love him but not his club yet.

Uh yeah

Crew Academy

Give these mates a contract.

Humor of the day:

Beeler cartoon

Friday, October 12, 2018

Columbus Crew Saved. My Thoughts.

To the far right in 2008.

I thought the above was over in general, a memory.

The above picture was in 2008. When this Columbus Crew addiction really sank it's teeth in for me.

But could stand for any year from 2008-2018 where I stood in several different parts of the section. 

Like a Taylor Swift and many people leaving college for the dreamless real world, I was twenty-two in the above picture. 

I started this website at the beginning of that year and soon after floated the "Nordecke" name on Bigsoccer.

The name took off. Crew fans took to it. 

Even Major League Soccer got involved and trademarked the name a few years later. 😐  Thanks

For someone that has sort of bumbled their way through their 20's  and is currently a waiter in their 30's (after seven fruitful years of college, $120,000 in college loan debt), my one small cliff note in the Columbus Crew story was one thing I had for personal pride. 

But after this one year has waned on and has felt like fifteen years I personally just said this is life at some point. There are no good endings.

Can't take a grandkid to see the Columbus Crew. What's the point of even bringing it up?

I stopped feeling hopeful. 

And then random today happened. I had to stop looking at Twitter midday because I worked at 5 pm and wanted to at least make it there.

The funny thing is I was at the last Cleveland Browns game at nine before they moved to Baltimore.

Image result for cleveland browns last game 1995

It wasn't exactly an atmosphere for a nine year old. 

Cherry bombs, seats being ripped out, someone broke into my dad's car during the game and stole all of his sweaters. Hey my dad had some nice sweaters 😏

But despite my dad being a Steelers fan (my mom's family were all Cleveland fans- definitely a NW Pa thing as it's 50/50, 60/40), I begged him as he had a friend trying to offload tickets

We had no window (because of the break in) so we drove back to Nortwestern Pa in December in twenty degree weather.

Talk about a day but its days like that you'll never forget. Thankful my dad took me to it at nine.

There has been no other teams I have loved other than the Columbus Crew, Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Indians.

For a second time in life another one was moving and this time not likely making a comeback.

I just want to thank all Columbus Crew fans for your effort.

#SaveTheCrew posse.

Rick Thomas, Grant Thurmond, Michael Blankley, Sameh Fahmi, Morgan Hughes, Graham Randall, Jon Shecket, Blake Compton, J.D. Smith, Jeromi Rogers, Tony Galiffo, Efrain Reynaga, Kristina Belavska, Matt Paschke, James Cochran, Steve Abreu, which if you merged all those personalities together encapsulates the heart and soul of what a Crew fan is. 

I'm missing some but names that hit me at the moment.

Overall, Crew fans really care. If you are one thank you.

And thank you Jimmy Haslam and whoever else is involved. You won't regret it.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Austin FC/Precourt sends Austin Anthem celebration email to Crew fans

I was surprised when last week I received this email about a celebration of Austin FC's new supporters group, lamely named the Austin Anthem.

I would like to say I performed a Jason Bourne and slyly signed up for the MLS2ATX email list but.... 

I didn't. I'm not that cunning.

Yet a lot of Crew fans in the Nordecke said they received this email and never signed up for the list.

Keep it classy Precourt. Grow the legend.

Join Austin FC Supporters Tomorrow


Austin FC news@mls2atx.com via mail85.atl91.mcsv.net 

Sep 28, 2018, 4:36 PM (3 days ago)
to me

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Join the Austin Anthem tomorrow as they host a special supporter celebration where they will unveil their new brand and plans to support 
our future club. We'll be there with giveaways and prizes, so don't miss it!
Saturday, September 29 @ 4 p.m.
Jack & Gingers

We hope to see you as we continue to #GrowTheLegend!
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