Sunday, February 27, 2022

2022 Game 1: Crew Successfully Hit Reset Button to Start 2022


Picture: Sam Fahmi, Massive Report

Columbus Crew's 2020 was MLS Cup winning.

Columbus Crew's 2021 was quite the opposite.


Reset button
Dee hitting the reset button

But it wasn't an extreme reset, for one a few black and yellow guys just needed to become more healthy. Aidan Morris, Artur. 

Sprinkle in a few plausible World Cup in Qatar additions for Australia and Ghana. 

Improve the wingbacks, with a more comfortable Moreira and a newly positioned Santos who looked more than comfortable at left back last season.

In conclusion, a 4-0 domination at home offensively and defensively. Not a bad start up that mountain top. 💯



Derrick Etienne had 1 Columbus Crew goal in 2021 and already has one to start 2022. 


Whitecaps Red Card



Nice moment seeing both back 🖤💛


In Game 1 of 2022, Derrick Etienne matched his goal total for 2021. Add another one of those to the list in Luis Diaz. 

Big if can get both or even one going goal wise.


Then if you can you always want to get the Crew's #1 offensive danger started. Quite a positive way to end the 90 minutes of play.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Most Crew fans approve of Keita trade


Overall, my thoughts on all center back pairings in the 2021 season was that no one paired with Jonathan Mensah was quite Mensah level.

Josh Williams is a Columbus Crew paragon with 160 overall appearances. But is getting into his mid-30's.

Vito Wormgoor wasn't the same Vito after injury and is likewise near the end of career.

Aboubacar Keita as of late wasn't eye turning and the last few eye turns haven't been really the great kind.

Overall in his 38 Crew appearances Keita hasn't been bad, but not great, adequate to good?

Yet the kid is only 21 with nearly 40 Crew appearances. So, understand those that wanted to see more.

The problem at some Major League Soccer clubs is that if you're not ready to start full time and you don't have a 2nd team (Columbus Crew still) not many other options.

So, the Columbus Crew 2021 conclusion is that everything needs a bit of a retooling, recrewing? Keita fell into that mix as was unlikely to be a starting eleven selection of Porter's.

Yet Crew Twitter after the Keita trade appeared to be just one of four things "we only have three defenders!" "What are they doing!?" "Why are the Crew just trying to always improve the Rapids defense!" "Don't accept the rebrand!" lol.

I'm like is this everyone but me? 

Well, the first three. The last one, liked the old logo 1000 times more, but it's like "some are still on this?" It's done. 

On the other hand, Columbus SC and I would've been completely done. Lost me blogging for half a season still, so that's a double improvement for most 😅.

Back to the point.

Just to check. Did polls on all of my social media's just to see if Keita or $450,000 to help perhaps find someone today to pair with Mensah would be preferred:

So out of 86 Crew fans that voted on my Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook 57 of them or 66% approve of the Keita trade.

The other 34% I get too. 

But, unfortunately not much of another option if you can't solidify a starting eleven spot or have another option in house (Columbus Crew II) for reps. 

So what could be a foreseeable plan?

Williams can be your third CB, you can use your first draft pick on your 4th CB. Won't be as good as Keita, but you don't really need your 4th CB to be. Then can go out and get someone better to pair with Mensah now.

2021 wasn't working so why not try something else?

Especially if Bezbatchenko can find a Yeboah-like quality at CB somewhere.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Columbus Crew after Wisla Krakow's Ghana wonderkid Yaw Yeboah

The 24 year old Ghanaian right winger (can play on left as well) Yaw Yeboah has been in the sights of Mexican team San Luis and D.C. United. 

Now you can add the Ghanaian loving Columbus Crew to that North American list.

He's featured in some decent European teams already on occasion such as Lille and Twente. Currently at Wisla Krakow he has a goal every four or five games (9 in 47 appearances) including this dime.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Leg 2 Preview: Columbus Crew at Monterrey


Columbus Crew were a minute and ten seconds away from going to Monterrey up 2-1. 

But I just imagine someone from New Jersey saying "thaaaat's a CONCACAF Champions League." 

Just one of those things in the history of this tournament. The Mexican team always finds the luck even if they don't play that good. 

Think if Columbus did win would like their chances. 

Think Columbus still have to like their chances in comparison at least to Toronto FC who last night went to Estadio Azteca already down 3-1. 

But, it's about time that the Columbus Crew start showing up in this 2021 season. 

They have been pathetic in Major League Soccer so far. Not so much defensively, but offensively. 

In addition, Columbus could and should have won actually 3 or 4-1 last week at home against Monterrey. 

But, instead highlight above.

Well hey we did beat Real Esteli by a lot once! 

Columbus Crew have to start manning up this season and getting some results or it may never happen. 

Time to get it together here. 

Oddly, I'm saying we win 3-1. Two goals by Alex Matan. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Preview: Monterrey at Columbus Crew

Monterrey (7-4-5) comes into this game against the Columbus Crew currently placed in 4th in the Liga MX table. 

Monterrey are already 5 wins (15 points) behind Cruz Azul for the number one spot.

So for Columbus they are lucky not to draw Cruz Azul (on 40 points) or Club America (on 35 points) like Toronto and Portland did respectively. 

Yet, can promise the black and gold will have their hands quite full enough. Monterrey are about 40 times the team compared to Real Esteli. 

The Argentine Rogelio Funes Mori is Monterrey's (on 25 points) big dangerman at striker. But, Rogelio hasn't scored in four games since against San Luis at the beginning of April. 

In 33 appearances during the current Clasura and Apetura, Rogelio has 15 goals. But, has yet to start a CONCACAF Champions League game as he came off the bench in the 2nd leg against Atletico Pantoja. 

Vincent Janssen, Dorlan Pabon, and Jose Perez played up top. 

An interesting aspect should be what sort of formation Monterrey employs at Columbus. If it's three up top they may not respect Columbus's danger. If it's one up top like Monterrey usually does in the Liga MX than they are more worried about the danger that Columbus presents. 

Another key indicator is who they start. As they sat their starting goalkeeper, nearly their entire starting backline, and striker Funes Mori against Atletico Pantoja.

On the Columbus side of things, let's hope that nine days after a 0-0 tie at home against the Philadelphia Union (Inter Miami dispatched the Union at home this weekend with relative ease) that some lessons have been learned. 

Columbus needs to come out more aggressive and go for it. If the Crew gain another tie at home or anything else other than a win... Then let's hope it will not be a see you in ten more years CONCACAF Champions League.

My lineup:



Santos-----------------------------------------------------------Diaz (although already wish it was Matan)




Prediction: I'll say 2-1 Columbus. But it depends how focused they are and if they want to finish their chances. A bit too carefree at home in both aspects against Philadelphia. 

Monday, April 19, 2021

Crew starts 2021 sprint off with 0-0 tie


That was one of the better 0-0 ties I've seen in a while. 

Great 0-0 ties bring about the same joy as a viewable romantic movie to me. Not much. 

Would a win have been much more gratifying? Yes. Am I terribly upset? I don't think. 

It's too early to read much into. 

If you did have much of a reaction to yesterday may I remind you that both Columbus and Philadelphia grabbed the biggest trophies in 2020, so we weren't playing Austin or Cincinnati at home. 

In addition, both teams have two wins in the CONCACAF Champions League so far going in. So, the Union are not wondering into their first game of the year. 

They also don't have as much depth so have played the same roster for all three games. So as an eleven they may be more on one page currently. 

Yet, that starting eleven is probably one of the top four opponents Columbus could face in week one. 

Columbus should have figured them out better offensively. But they will. 

So a draw is okay. It's not a loss at home to Montreal. We did that last year and won MLS Cup. 

If is a choice, between figuring it out against the Union at home or a Massive figure it out at home against Monterrey in nine days. I'll take the latter. 

Further, believe that was much closer to the best that Philadelphia had than the best Columbus had. The Columbus Crew were somewhere between 1st gear and looking for a parking spot speed. 

Not that they weren't trying. Just not clicking on many cylinders yet. 

Some questions will take a few weeks.

How are new puzzle pieces like Perry Kitchen (who did well), Bradley Wright-Phillips, and Alexandru Matan going to get in the flow?

Will Luis Diaz begin to bring more goals and assists if he starts until Molino is back? 

The guy has great moments but doesn't seem to finish chances.

Will the injury bug that has begun with a fury get some Raid or continue? 

We will see depending on the severity of Pedro Santos's substitution injury yesterday.

We may have to start praying to Jobu.
We may have to start praying to Jobu.

Columbus Crew isn't the finished product yet. I just hope the yellow polygons can sustain their depth to get the chance to get there.

Aidan Morris is gone already for 2021 with an ACL injury. Molino is still about 5 to 7 weeks away.

The one thing that wouldn't surprise me is if we see much more of Alexandru Matan over the coming weeks on that left wing. Perhaps faster than expected.

The one thing I thought was missing in the 1st half was passing connectivity in midfield. 

Luis Diaz is on his island. Pedro Santos is on his island. Lucas Zelarayan is on his. 

None did bad on their islands... But I wouldn't mind seeing someone who could connect with Zelarayan more in midfield, build more possession in that part of the field compared to just a quick one touch. 

Regardless, my thoughts are a tie against a good team home or away isn't a disaster. That was the main goal, not to begin the season in a Steve Clark inception format.

Looking on, Major League Soccer really helped us (don't say that much) by giving Columbus Crew a bye for Week 2.

As for example, Philadelphia has to play Inter Miami late at night this upcoming Saturday and then Atlanta United three days later in the CONCACAF Champions League next Tuesday. 

Columbus has nothing else to focus on until Monterrey at home in nine days on April 28th. 

And that should be the main focus currently. Getting to the next CONCACAF round in August. 

After those games we have about 3 and a 1/2 months just to focus on Major League Soccer. We will be fine there too.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Crew interested in "The Sprinter" Balic


#Crew96 according to Kristian Dyer are one of five MLS teams interested in the 25 year old Austrian Husein Balic. The LASK Linz player is known as one of the fastest players in soccer (LINK). He can play left, right wings, and attacking midfield.

However, I wonder if the Crew's interest was before the Crew officially signed Matan? As Columbus already has Zelarayan, Molino, Santos, Etienne, Diaz, and Matan to keep happy in attacking midfield positions.

I'm assuming a guy that is a starter in Austria and in the Europa League won't find a ton of joy with a game in every three in Major League Soccer.

Interesting enough in the above clip you may recognize someone on the sideline though. Former Columbus Crew player Emanuel Pogatetz is Balic's assistant coach currently at LASK Linz.

Balic has 29 appearances, 9 goals, 3 assists this season. The above are two goals in the Europa League.

Monday, March 8, 2021

CAREER BREAKDOWN: Matan officially signs with #Crew96


The 21 year old Alexandru Matan became the first Romanian player in Columbus Crew history yesterday. 

The Columbus Crew acquired Matan for $1.8 million from Viitorul FC. Viitorul means "future" in Romanian. That's no mistake, the club's goal is to promote as many players as possible from their academy. The club was founded in 2009 and is owned by Romanian soccer legend, Georghe Hagi. Hagi has played for Real Madrid, Barcelona and is as a result known as "The Maradona of The Carpathians."

Matan, as one of "Hagi's kids" graduated from the academy making his first team debut on May 6th, 2016. Overall, Matan made 66 appearances for Viitorui. In addition, Alex made 26 appearances on loan in the middle of that spell for opposing Romanian Liga 1 side Voluntari. 

Therefore, at 21 years of age Matan already has 92 appearances in a solid European league. In Viitorui's currently ongoing 20/21 season Matan had 22 appearances, 20 starts, a goal, and six assists. 

Some of Matan's best club goals:

At the international level Matan has actually been more prolific in front of goal. He's scored 10 goals in 17 appearances for the Romanian U-17, U-18, U-19, and U-21's combined. In comparison he has 5 in club play. But perhaps could be how Viitorui plays?

The U-19's were a real wild time with Matan scoring 8 goals in 6 games. I would perhaps hire that coach as an assistant. 😅

Some of his international goals:

U-19 numbers were boosted by four goals against minnows Gibraltar here. As Matan had goals 1,2,3, and 6 in this game:
But Alex also scored against Russia & Sweden and Serbia twice at the U-19 level.

Despite paying Viitorui $1.8 million for Alex Matan which was actually the 3rd highest Columbus Crew transfer fee...

The highest being for Lucas Zelarayan last year for $7 million. These Haslam's are okay. 😅

And likely paying Matan somewhere in the $400,000-$600,000 K per year range on a multi-year contract... Matan will still only count as $200,000 on the Columbus Crew salary cap.  

From Jacob Myers story yesterday on Matan's acquisition (LINK)

Therefore, if Columbus actually needs more players they could possibly go after two more Matan's if they so desire. 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Crewture Weekly For 2/21 to 2/28


Just a countdown of the top things that occurred over the last week. 

Costa Rican U-23's played in two friendlies against Honduras U-23's last week to prepare for Olympic qualifiers. A 0-0 tie that Diaz and the other two MLS players featured in, but all three had to come back for MLS preseason and missed the 2nd friendly. LINK.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Diaz prepares for Olympic Qualifiers


22 year old Columbus Crew winger Luis Diaz is currently preparing for Costa Rica's Olympic qualifiers in March.

The Costa Rican U-23's have the following games in Guadalajara, Mexico next month:

  • March 18: USA vs. Costa Rica – Jalisco Stadium
  • March 21: Costa Rica vs. Mexico – Akron Stadium
  • March 24: Costa Rica vs. Dominican Republic – Jalisco Stadium

Luis Diaz will start off the tournament on March 18th against 20 year old Columbus Crew teammate Aboubacar Keita. 

Here is footage from yesterday's training:

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

VIDEO: One team. Un equipo. Eine mannschaft.


Attempting some new video editors to make my videos quicker, a bit more impactful. I think this was a decent attempt.

One team. Un equipo. Eine mannschaft.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Getting to know Real Esteli


The Columbus Crew ended their ten year hiatus from the CONCACAF Champions League spotlight with tonight's draw.

They didn't have to wait too long to find their opponent. The first team selected from Pot B (a nice way to say the pot with the not as strong teams) was placed with Columbus.

Real Esteli of Nicaragua.

In fifty competitions throughout the different versions of CONCACAF tournaments, Real Esteli has won just three games.

However, two of those wins came in the 2019 and 2020 CONCACAF League's. 

The CONCACAF League is for Central American, Carribbean clubs to qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League. 

Their 2020 win and tie in that competition was just enough to qualify for the 2021 CONCACAF Champions League. 

The results from that 2020 Concacaf League back in November and December:

Qualification to CONCACAF Champions League[edit]

The top six teams qualified for the 2021 CONCACAF Champions League, i.e., champions, runners-up, both losing semi-finalists, and the two winners of the play-in round contested by the four losing quarter-finalists.[4]

1Costa Rica Alajuelense431063+310Champions; 2021 CONCACAF Champions League
2Costa Rica Saprissa4301134+99Runners-up; 2021 CONCACAF Champions League
3Honduras Olimpia321080+87Semi-finalists; 2021 CONCACAF Champions League
4Haiti Arcahaie311147−34
5Nicaragua Real Estelí31114404Play-in round winners; 2021 CONCACAF Champions League
6Honduras Marathón311123−14
7Canada Forge FC31113304Play-in round losers
8Honduras Motagua302135−22
9Guatemala Antigua GFC10101101Round of 16 losers
10El Salvador Alianza10101101
11Panama Tauro100112−10
12Costa Rica Herediano100101−10
13Panama San Francisco100101−10
14Jamaica Waterhouse100113−20
15Guatemala Municipal100114−30
16Nicaragua Managua100106−60

In addition, El Tren Del Norte (The Train of the North) has won both Nicaragua's Clausura and Apertura in both 2019 and 2020. 

Their top players currently are Nicaraguan international Juan Barrera. The 31 year old attacking midfielder has scored 14 goals in 22 appearances in 2020/2021.

Barrera also has 56 international appearances for Nicaragua with eighteen goals. 

The 26 year old Nicaraguan Brandon Ayerdis is a younger Barrera in training. 

Ayerdis has 17 goals over the last two seasons from midfield including a goal last night against the oddly named Walter Ferreti.

Josue Quijano and Manuel Rosas are the 🚆 train's top defenders. To look over more team stats: view here.

The last time The Train From The North faced a Major League Soccer team was in the 2016-2017 Concacaf Champions League when there was still group play. 

In that group, they tied FC Dallas 1-1 at home (which I guess was a bragworthy event 🠇) and lost to FC Dallas 2-1 on the road.

Still wasn't easy for Dallas. Real Esteli has a lot more experience regardless compared to us as was Guillermo Barros Schelotto days last here. 

Therefore for Columbus to begin to make an international statement, getting out to a good start on the road will be mucho importante.