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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Curious Case of Casper Sloth

The Columbus Crew had an unexpected trialist on the first day of preseason camp this morning.

A Casper Sloth.

Sloth is a 26 year old creative central midfielder, left midfielder who has eight international appearances with Denmark.

Sloth had an excellent start in his career at Danish Superliga side Aarhus.

That start led to some quality international appearances against Turkey and England.

Which eventually led to Bundesliga interest from Wolfsburg and Hannover 96. However, English Championship side Leeds United won out.

Sloth never really received a chance in his two years at Leeds, gaining fourteen first-team appearances and spending most of the time scoring goals on LUFC's U-21 side.

So eventually Casper ended up back in Denmark with Aalborg, didn't connect there either, and is currently with Silkeborg who were relegated at the end of his first season.

Sounds like a guy who could use some new surroundings.

The Danes career in tweets:

Related imageImage result for casper sloth

Seems worth a try if a decent price. 

Don't know many 26 year olds in Major League Soccer that have played at Wembley and have had decent Bundesliga interest. 

At worst may at least bring out the lady fans, up that since fellow Scandinavian Nicolai Naess left.

Or even better get a hair deal. 😅

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Keita signing sign of Homegrown things to come?

Aboubacar Keita is a 6'2, 180 pound central defender from Columbus, Ohio who developed in the Crew Academy.

In the Fall of 2018, in his Freshman year with the University of Virginia, Keita started all 17 games for the Cavaliers and earned All-Atlantic Coast Conference All-Freshman Team honors.

The video below has highlights from the 19 year old Keita's time at Virginia as well as Crew President Tim Bezbatchenko's thoughts, reasoning on the Keita signing.

Appears Columbus wants to develop their Academy even more so and have more Academy, Homegrown players eventually into the first team.

Hopefully that leads to a Columbus Crew II down the road for these players to develop at.

Columbus has other recent academy players who have had top Freshman seasons as well in Zawadzki and Biros.

Would be nice if in a season or two those two or another academy product joins Keita.

Appears more of a possibility, priority with Bezbatchenko pulling those strings. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Crew on the radio waves today.

The Crew are on the radio waves quite a bit today and that should be a pressing goal. Likely already beat the amount of times the Crew were on the radio under Anthony Precourt. good luck Austin! The radio is the biggest call-to-action in my opinion and the Crew should attempt to be on the local waves way more often.
Today Dr. Pete Edwards was on 105.7 The Zone and 92.3 WCOL (both interviews are below). As the season draws closer, put Frankie Hejduk on the radio, put Wil Trapp on a few, put a South American player on a Spanish station.
Even if one person drives to work each time and says "you know what I'm taking my family to games," calls in and gets season tickets. Worth that hour.
Personally didn't realize the radio call-to-action until a recent move. Moved to Pittsburgh last year and was stuck in traffic likely double the amount of time as the rest of my life. One thing about the tedium of going nowhere is that I interacted with radio stations way, way more often.
I called into 100.7 (The Bubba Show) for their 15 seconds of free advertising on Thursday's to try to pimp my side business (Around House Entertainment). Basically you call in and get a free 15 seconds for anything on the radio. Then I called in for a few cash contests on there and 102.5 because I like cash.
But Pittsburgh wasn't my place, why I recently moved back home to rural Pennsylvania.  In 2008-2009, lived in Downtown Columbus and Columbus is blessed with it's flatness and grid in comparison among other things. 
Why that will be my next move. 👍

Grant Wahl's interview with The Ringer's Mark Titus about #SaveTheCrew

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Nordecke Overall Groups

Picture via David Yoder/@Goldeneagle1987

Since 2006, even before there was a Nordecke (pronouncation: Nor-deck-ah) there has always been the groups that began things and cultivated the Columbus supporters sections: Crew Supporters Union (5,435 Twitter Followers), Hudson Street Hooligans (4,199 Twitter Followers), La Turbina Amarilla.

Then several other Columbus-based groups gained a foot hold as well: Murderers' Row (1,369 Twitter Followers), GCGBAG (1,043 Followers), Yellow Nation Army (2,463 Followers), Gate 5 (493 Followers).

Which was later followed by the success of groups outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Such as Chicago's 3*1*Crew (374 Followers) and Cleveland's Crewland (585 Followers) which has started others up in creating chapters from Denver, to Nebraska, to Wisconsin, to Maryland, and much closer locales. 

3*1*Crew event in Chicago for the 2019 SuperDraft:
Crewland fans watching games in Cleveland, Ohio:

Gem City Massive (194 Twitter Followers):

Here's a full interactive list. If you click on any groups image below that will take you to their Twitter page: 

If more groups are added can add to the list.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

RUMOR: English teams are keen for Crew lead striker Gyasi Zardes.

Image result for Gyasi Zardes

According to TeamTalk, Gyasi Zardes has Premier League and Championship interest from Crystal Palace, Huddersfield, Fulham, Middlesbrough, Leeds United, and Norwich.

After the Wil Trapp Celtic rumor was apparently fabricated Crew fans have considered this as well to be possible horseplay.

But one of those not so Real Madrid teams should have considerable interest in a 6'2 striker that scored 20 goals in 36 games last season. 

Major League Soccer compared to back in the day is a more respected or somewhat more respected league currently. So, 20 goals in a season will peak some interest regardless.

The real dilemma for these not so Manchester United clubs is Zardes could be the Crew player less for sale. 

Even compared to Wil Trapp because we have Artur and have usually excelled at picking up credible defensive midfielders.

But Columbus has rarely excelled at picking up strikers. We have Zardes, Mullins who has a goal in 10 appearances in 2018, and then recently drafted rookie JJ Williams. 

So basically we have Zardes.

As a result, if Columbus and Porter were to say "okay" it has to be a really good deal.

The story has already made quite the rounds. 

Nearly already posted as much as the Wil Trapp to Celtic rumor ever was.




But cool with it being another false rumor.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Large group of Crew fans go to SuperDraft 2019 in Chicago

Guy right behind Bezbatchenko and Porter in a tie. Classy like that.

Was my second draft in two years.

Went to Philadelphia the prior year for Teamwork Online's SMMW conferences surrounding the draft. Eric Wynalda spoke, USL League One's Senior Vice President Steven Short did, Charles Boehm, Tommy Smyth, and others.

Was a top experience. 

So when I saw the incredible-ness of a free bus from #NorOnTour for this year's draft in Chicago figured make it two out of two. 

Wasn't alone on that.

Wasn't starting my new job...

Well old job back home as a waiter (crushing it) until Monday so was destiny or something. 🙏

I just have one strong recommendation for Major League Soccer for future drafts, only allow the player selection speeches to be thirty seconds to a minute at most. 

Yesterday, so many draft picks went on for five minutes thanking everyone they have met in their life. 

Sounded like my resume in my mid-20's, included everything in that. Just thank the four or five most important people and move it along. 

By the end of round one all the spectators are nearly asleep listening to 19 to 21 year old, not great speakers, thank people for over two hours. 

By the end of the first round nearly all of the spectators were gone. 

There were a couple of decent speeches, JJ Williams was actually probably the best one I think.

JJ seemed to be one of the only draft picks that had a real enthusiasm and a personality. Crew made a top selection in that regard.

And otherwise his 6'4 size is something else for a forward.

Jahn had size but not this sort of mobility. Think he could be a terror eventually, especially on set pieces. 

Williams was the final Generation Adidas player selected because of a not so hot combine apparently? 

Who knows I wasn't watching. 

But not sure why a weekend of play in the offseason would be that important. Some must tend to agree. 

This interview reaffirms Tim knows what he is doing big time, huge that Columbus got him too.

On top of a good selection would've paid $100 bucks for a bus ticket to see Guillermo again, shake his hand...

Had an inkling this may happen.

Guy with the Peaky Blinders haircut 😅

Although I for sure put the phone down by the time he got to me, you don't stick a phone in Guillermo's face when your shaking his hand. 😅

Then on top of that, Major League Soccer makes the coach of the year award The Sigi Schmid Coach of the Year Award, which is a good call.

Sigi Schmid MLS Coach of the Year - generic image

Overall a really good day.

If Major League Soccer wants to go by business metrics think the next draft should be in Columbus. Crew fans largely outnumbered any other fan group at the draft including FC Cincinnati fans in their first year and the hometown team.

There were about ten Chicago fans there and Chicago ended up trading all their picks. What? 

If the draft was in Columbus would probably be 10,000 Crew fans there. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Robinho headed to United States. To the Columbus Crew?

Robinho who was rumored to have secured a deal with the Columbus Crew in mid-December posted this at 8 am today on his Instagram: @robshow7

In parlance with that, Robinho a hour prior to that official IG goodbye posted an Instagram story at 7 am with his passport and a flight to Orlando.

I thought nothing good of that, figured the delay since mid-December was that he ended up with Orlando City SC instead. 

Didn't realize that the MLS Combine was in Orlando.

As I rather watch paint dry then pay much attention to the MLS Combine.

But some good points made here:

A nice find on Twitter by Crew fan Lucas King-Cochran (@SaveTheCrew37). I personally added Robinho's IG in early December when the news was hot but stopped checking his stuff weeks ago as the news withered away.

Trapp headed to Celtic?

Trapp in US National Team January camp training
According to the Daily Record Sport, there seems to be some legitimacy to Celtic's interest in Columbus's Wil Trapp.
The Columbus homegrown has been with the club since the age of 20 and will begin his sixth season with Columbus if he stays put.

But Trapp may instead follow fellow US international George Weah to Celtic.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The new logo if there is ever one.

It's going to blow your mind.

We've achieved a good portion of the most dire and still have a few (or twenty) more issues to get to first. I understand that.

But, I must say since day one I've hated, hated, hated the "SC" addition.

FANTASTIC LOGO but have always wondered why do you have to take away from a great logo with the "hey were a SOCCER CLUB!" ending.

Same with FC, Sporting, Real, United, etc. No addition would be good. We've always been and always will be the Columbus Crew.

Columbus Crew SC is too much going on. 

A mouthful. 

Doesn't roll off the tongue in any language. 

Sounds sort of like a computer program.

In addition, we have twenty years of history before that as the Columbus Crew. 

Everyone in America calls us the Columbus Crew unless they're doing a Major League Soccer broadcast. 

At least that will go away.

In addition, no one around the world ever followed or caught on to the Precourt media message. 

Everyone around the world calls our team the Columbus Crew when there is a transfer rumor on Google News. I look every other day.

Further, any Columbus Crew fan is going to a Columbus Crew game.

The unveil was having a Picasso created by commissioned Columbus artists, the "SC" was that extra cut and paste added by Precourt, Loughnane, and other out of town Gordon Gekko's.


The "SC" would be fine if we were a new club but we are not. 

We are the Columbus Crew. We've been that since 1996.

There's Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Columbus Crew. 

I rather be in that category compared to Orlando City SC, Minnesota United FC, Real Salt Lake, Atlanta United FC, etc.

You don't want to be Atlanta United FC?! 

Nope. I like history. I like our normal name. Not much of a fan of "hey were the new team that's been here for a year or two."

Secondly, everyone knows WE ARE A SOCCER CLUB. We don't have to distinguish ourselves from Columbus Crew American Football Club?

In addition, we are a American soccer club so enough of the "hey I'm trying to be European." Don't need a SC, FC, AFC, KFC. 

Mise well call us...

The Longest Place Names In the World

I love the logo because it was made by people from Columbus and is awesome. 

We needed a new logo.

We didn't need a new name.

If you're wondering where the diatribe is coming from got on the subject today on Twitter. Felt this way for a good while, figured get it in writing. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year All. Some less crucial 2019 wishes.

The above image is the only enjoyable and useful Precourt Twitter-related view ever.

The best image for your eyes as a Columbus Crew fan.

I stopped following Anthony Precourt before his October 2017 news because his tweets were always a bit all over the place, a bit bipolar. 

Much like having a Twitter all in yellow and black one day and then in it's current green and gray form the next day. 


I met or rather saw Precourt at a Nordecke tailgate one pregame back in 2014, 2015. Not like shook hands, met, met more like watched him stand there awkwardly. So thought then something is "a bit off" /sucks about this guy. 

Precourt didn't say anything other than "hi" a few times when bothered by more interested Crew fans. Followed by a few head nods when someone attempted to engage in a conversation with him. 

He didn't look like he was having fun. Just stood there like a guy a bit confused and at his first Columbus Crew game.

Like someone's cousin Anthony who just moved to Columbus, who just acquired a new tech job in town, and didn't realllly like soccer but had a crazy cousin that sat in the Nordecke which is the only person he knew in town.

I remember thinking this is our new owner? 

In comparison, our new ownership now is everything you could wish for as a Columbus Crew fan at the end of 2018.

Here are a few less crucial wishes in 2019.

Why Crewfighter? We already won.

Just because I wouldn't mind to watch Garber perhaps stutter and squirm again. He should never get off easy for the Columbus Crew fan discomfort in 2018.

The player selected number one at the end of Garber's above stuttering was Joao Moutinho.

Moutinho has already been traded to always with it Orlando City in his second year, so this may be the highlight of his Major League Soccer days. A good pub quiz question. 

I love the logo's design. Could have been Precourt's only decent doing (that and the Berhalter hiring) if he had any real part in either other than saying okay.

I imagine Precourt as George W. Bush's character in Vice, 😅 going to Loughnane, Greeley akin to how Bush did with Cheney.

So makes sense if Precourt ends up in Texas. 

Regardless, of Precourt's part in the logo the logo was commissioned to, created by artists in Columbus so want the design to stay. 

The only problem with the logo was Precourt's other addition the "SC" and then Columbus Crew SC's steadfast dedication to be always mentioned as Columbus Crew SC on all telecasts, all official news stories, all tweets, and anywhere they could be. ALL THE TIME.

Which made the change even more natural. 

But made sense (sarcasm) since Columbus Crew SC just rolls so smooooothly off the tongue. Especially made sense when one combines that the unacknowledged may confuse us with Columbus Crew American Football Club? 😅

We have always been the Columbus Crew.

Looking for transfer news from other countries on Google News NO ONE EVER SAYS (really ever) the Columbus Crew SC are interested in Jhon Murillo, Lucas Gamba, Przemyslaw Frankowski, Robinho of Santa Cruz. 

It's always the Columbus Crew are.

Just DELETE the SC in 2019, like some other people in our history,  and call it a day.

Another wish for the future is for the Nordecke to own the NORDECKE NAME. 

Instead of all Columbus Crew fans in the Nordecke having the trademark, Major League Soccer (Don Garber & Co.) do.

I want the Columbus Crew fan, the NORDECKE to get every and any benefit from the name.

To get cash for displays and for other Nordecke efforts from all merchandise.

Not someone in a New York City office that had NOTHING AT ALL to do with the name. 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Caleb Porter to be new Columbus Crew head coach

It took Caleb Porter four years to win everything at Akron.

 Two years to win it all at Portland (as I'm sure you know).

Gregg Berhalter didn't win much on the extensive end in five years at Columbus other than four playoff appearances.

Which is nice, but well is it anything more than that?

Yes I respected Berhalter and his work here. I liked his style, formation, and how he carried himself. But... You have to win it all or it's at best just a good job, not a great job. 

Sigi Schmid is still the top Columbus Crew coach for me and that's because he won it all.

Everywhere Porter has head coached he's won it all therefore for Columbus, Columbus ownership to come out over the LA Galaxy hats off.

Ask Ola Kamara who comes out ahead for him between the Columbus Crew and LA.

Porter said he had done what he could with the Timbers and wanted time off to recharge his batteries. He has said he would know what his next job would be when he saw it. Apparently, he saw it in Columbus.

According to the DispatchFormer New York Red Bulls sporting director Ali Curtis and longtime MLS and men’s national team coach Bruce Arena have reportedly interviewed with the Crew. It looks as if Curtis is a top prospect for the sporting director’s job and Arena might be a John Davidson-like presence as GM.

See I thought twitter was just confusing GM and Sporting Director as the same position. I didn't realize they were interviewing both Arena and Curtis for different positions. 

Could you imagine a front office of Porter, Arena, and Curtis? Don't see some previous owners ever achieving that.

Related image

Also, change the logo to this:

About 95% of Columbus Crew fans no longer want to be known as Columbus Crew SC. 

Don't believe me. Check out this thread. Not a one off, there has been at least 10 other similar Bigsoccer, Nordecke Facebook, Reddit convos over the last few years.

Be another step in the right direction, as I think this can be. 

Yes, you can dislike Porter for being victorious over Columbus in 2015 but he has eventually won the championship everywhere he has been the head coach.

So is it really a bad hire? Nope.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Steffen news, Ali Curtis joins Sporting Director discussion, Robinho.

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 12/12/18: Columbus Crew most newsworthy or under the radar social media topics of interest for 12/12/18. 

Steffen to stay until July with Columbus. But is that best?

Zack Steffen will not transfer to Manchester City in January or be loaned out to Girona or OG Nice as first expected. But will instead be in light blue on July 9th, the start of the Summer transfer window.

Yet the change makes relative sense. It's not a guarantee that Steffen will be the starter at Girona or OG Nice straight off, especially in the middle of their season. But he will be in Columbus as long as he exists here. 

I'm sure Manchester City would like to keep Steffen playing until they can find him a loan situation in Europe where he continues to play.

Plus it gives Manchester City more time to get Steffen's work permit sorted by July.

As known for about a month the transfer deal is at least for $7 million, but could go up to $10 million if certain incentives are met. LINK.

Most Crew fans will say "yes please" to a surprise seven more months of Zack Steffen, myself included.

However, on second thought, is it great for Columbus to have Zack Steffen for a half season until July, and then July comes and we must find a new goalkeeper mid-season?


But likely no one at Zack Steffen's level or near it will sit under Steffen for the first four months of the season. So, likely the replacement in July will have to be Kempin or a rookie or a keeper in a current Steve Clark scenario or Steve Clark. 🤔

Therefore, goalkeeper position will be in flux all year. Big story or only story for first part of year. As much as I like Steffen, I can't help wondering if it would be better to get your new starter by January or February and move things along. Then again if this was the only way for Columbus's new owners to get most of the money instead of Austin Anthony is fine.

Further it's a bonus if we are a playoff team next year with the changes. I'm just thrilled we have a team and a future.

Ali Curtis joins the Crew Sporting Director discussion

I'm just stoked with the seriousness of the Crew names for this position. Ali Curtis and Bruce Arena are some big names for your Sporting Director position.

We could use some bigger names at the head coaching hire position as well then Porter, Wolff, etc... *Cough* *Cough* Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

But if GBS as head coach happened with the Crew new stadia Arena District pictures and everything else glorious as of late then I've died and am now in heaven.

I'm interested in what level Ali Curtis played in NYRB's youth academy progress, I'm guessing as their sporting director from 2014 to 2017 quite a bit.

In 2018, NYRB had seven homegrown players on their senior roster, five that have played a huge role in 2018 and are considered starters: Tyler Adams, Connor Lade, Sean Davis, Alex Muyl, and Derrick Etienne Jr.

In comparison, Columbus has lauded the success of their homegrown sole jewel Wil Trapp for the last five years. Currently Trapp is only joined as a homegrown by Alex Crognale, who was probably developed more from his four years with Sasha Cirovski. 

Adams in addition was recently acquired by the Bundesliga's Red Bull Liepzig that is managed by former NYRB manager Jesse Marsch. 

Marsch was also hired by Ali Curtis. So yeah could probably get behind that. Ali Curtis's dismissal from NYRB.

Regardless Columbus is going to need to develop their youth academy more so, in a similar direction, for the future to be competitive in the future. 


I'm going to say the $1 million dollar deal for Ceara's 23 year old winger, striker Robinho to Columbus is a done deal. 

We used to be rather solid on the wings, so if he can play either wing to a higher level. "Yes please."

Weird stuff

Atlanta United brought celebration to a new level by bringing MLS Cup to a strip club.

Corinthians (a club in Brazil) had a fan today post that Corinthians were signing Gonzalo Higuain's brother, Federico Higuain... 

Since I haven't seen it anywhere else on Twitter or Google Brazil I would say that this post is likely bullcrap. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Columbus Crew could be shopping around in Brazil again.

Robinho (BRA)

This time for a striker, secondary forward at right winger in Ceara's Robinho. Full name Francisco Wellington Barbosa de Lisboa.

The 23 year old is contracted to Brazilian Serie B side Ceara, but this season has been loaned out to Brazilian Serie C side Santa Cruz.

At Santa Cruz this season Robinho has compiled 8 goals in 38 appearances.

He's also shown some scintillating skills with Ceara from 2014 onward, as every season he bounces between their A squad and on loan. Best statistical website with information: link.

A Ceara popular fan instagram (Cearamigos) posted the following yesterday:

Nice find by Patrick:

And found in another Brazilian article here by Nick: