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1996 By Nathan Maynard

“If they take the Crew away, they're taking away the team that taught me all I know about soccer and how to love it.”

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

VIDEO: Columbus Crew Possible Move In-Depth

Having fun in Austin.

A wrap up of all interesting news clips I've come across lately online:

Each video I threw in above clip in full:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Brian McBride and Alejandro Moreno talk Crew possible move to Austin

McBride and Moreno being interviewed about recent Crew news on ESPN FC. 

Entire video here as conversation goes on for a couple more minutes (from 4:51 to 9:30).


By Nathan Maynard

1996. Bill Clinton won re-election, The Nintendo 64 came out, and the first MLS Team: Columbus Crew, was established. Oh, and that was the year I was born.

I have always loved soccer for as long as I can remember, I started in little kickers and never stopped playing all the way through high school. I am not able to put to words how I feel about the sport just that it has always seemed to live inside me. Some of my first memories of watching soccer instead of playing it was the Premier League on Fox Sports. I remember being blown away with the speed and the skill of these players, the likes of which I had never seen, I instantly wanted more. I have no idea why but I began to root for Manchester United. I watched when I could and loved it but it was nothing compared to what I would feel for my true team.

There are many people who can speak to the history of this club. The first seasons in the Ohio State Stadium, Then the first soccer specific stadium, The Supporters shield runs of 2004 and 2009 and of course the 2008 season. Brain McBride, Lord Guillermo, these names that I have heard the stories of but never saw play in person.

My first memory of Columbus Crew soccer was going to a game with my high school soccer team my freshman year, 2011. I had never been to a professional soccer game before. I could not tell you who they played but I do remember what happened. Columbus was down 1-0 in the second half, but came back to win 2-1. I don’t remember who I sat next to or what the weather was like, but I remember I fell in love. After that game I started to watch them play on TV and follow their season. My family went to a few games here and there and I went with my high school soccer team once a year. My junior year we got to play on the pitch. I remember getting dressed in the locker room and walking on to the field and aspiring to one day walk out on the pitch wearing a Crew jersey and the crowd going crazy. While that dream never came true we did win that game and I hold it as one of my fondest memories from high school.

By 2013 I had convinced my mother and sister to go to more games, we got a 5 match plan. In 2014 I got my girlfriend into soccer through the Columbus Crew, that year we got a 10 match plan. I explained the rules to my girlfriend and she got the hang of it, she was yelling and cheering with the crowd and I will never forget when she said, “Wasn’t that offside?” the rule that is every newcomers downfall but this time she was right. That’s when I knew she was all in. 2015 was the first year my family got season tickets. That season had its highs and lows, and while many remember that season for the heart break at the end, I always think of a different part.

November 22, 2015 the date of leg 1 of the Eastern Conference Final against the New York Red Bulls and my 19th birthday. My mom surprised me with tickets. Both my sisters, my parents and my girlfriend were all there. The first professional playoff game of any sport I had been to. The energy was thick in the stadium, you could feel the anticipation in the air resting heavy on your skin, making it almost hard to breathe. It was cold, but I was shaking more from excitement and a little bit of nervousness, no one wants to watch their team get kicked out of the playoffs. Those fears settled pretty quickly… 9 seconds into the game to be exact. 

The most amazing sporting event I had ever seen with my own eyes. Those are the days I remember but I am scared that these memories will soon bring more pain than joy.

“Columbus Crew owner Anthony Precourt is set to move team to Austin, Texas, in 2019 if downtown stadium can't happen in Columbus. Story soon.” The tweet at 10 pm by Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated. I had so many things to do for school the next day but seeing that tweet stopped everything else in my mind. “How can they do this?” is all I could think. “There is no way this is real.” I refreshed my twitter feed got on Reddit and spent my night like a lot of Crew fans, checking every second for updates and as the facts rolled in, mourning the possibility of our club leaving us for no reason other than greed.

People who know way more than I do have discussed all there is to discuss about if this is just a bargaining technique and all details and speculation. That is not why I am writing this. I just want to tell everyone I can in the words of my girlfriend, “If they take the Crew away, they're taking away the team that taught me all I know about soccer and how to love it.” 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

When your love is in danger.

The first game I ever went to was on July 30th, 2005. The MLS All-Star Game in Columbus, Ohio vs. Fulham.

Always had an interest in soccer since childhood. Wasn't fostered on me. My dad wrestled and ran. 

But, just something about the moves. I always found relaxation in just dribbling and juggling. 

I would watch the USA and see moves in games versus Mexico and etc.

Then I would practice them in my yard in Linesville, Pennsylvania.

I was not in a soccer hub. My high school was out in the middle of nowhere. We didn't even have a soccer team until my Sophomore year. 

But, still if you see the shirt in the above picture was recruited by the Titans of Westminster College (PA).

Crazy enough one of the senior stars at the time at Westminster College, Sebastian Salazar, is an analyst now at ESPN.

He's on the TV quite often.

Back to my first game. Was a beautiful stadium, beautiful day. I was hooked.

Started bringing my family to Crew games soon after. My dad to the left and sister.

As a teenager, I had this somewhat odd dorky interest in making websites.

I have no idea why? But, enjoyed screwing around with HTML code.

Eventually I started making websites for local teams. 

A Legion baseball team. Made one as well for the Linesville Lions during their baseball run to the state playoffs. 

So, had that as a backdrop. Got Crew season tickets in 2007.

At the age of 20, 21 oddly traveled over three hours and went to nearly every game. 

Because money rules the world. The next year the Crew were imploding the North End of the stadium for a stage.

It was seen as a disaster at the time in 2008.

The North End was where a dedicated 300 or so fans stood and shouted chants. Those fans had to now move to the North Corner of the stadium.

I had this experience with making blogs so figured why not make one? Try to make a positive out of a negative. 

I soon looked for a cooler, more daring, exciting name than "North Corner." A lot of fans were searching for a good name in January and February of 2008.

I put north corner on Google Translate and when I got to German it came back.


Was like that is magic. 

But, no idea why really? 😅 And actually if you type in "North Corner" now it comes up "Nördliche Ecke." Haha that wouldn't of done it. 

Also, had absolutely no clue about German Village, German history in Columbus as I'm located close to Erie, Pennsylvania. Just thought the name was cool. 

Before that created Crewture in January 2008.

On my website and BigSoccer, started plugging Nordecke as the new section name in February and it took off. Fast.

In March 2008, was the last time someone working with the Columbus Crew (or Columbus Crew SC whatever) reached out to me, showed an interest. Chris Keeney called me.

I'm not saying I'm great at all. Have had this website for 9 years and have 262 twitter followers 😅. I'm aware of my deficient areas. 

But, once in a while I pull something good out of nowhere.

Have a YouTube video with over 33,000 views. If you look at the Crew's views well they could probably use some spicing up. 

Regardless, I always held out some odd hope of helping out in a more official way. At least for a while. 

Have a Masters Degree in Sport Management. 

Was the Media Director for Dayton Dutch Lions FC in their inaugural season in 2010. 

Film, produced Division I college soccer at Duke, Maryland, Louisville, UCSB, Tulsa, and multiple US Youth Soccer Championships. 

One of the games I produced in 2013 actually had Crognale and Steffen starting. Go to 6:47 in. 

Was the last time Duke and Maryland were both in the ACC so was a huge game.

Regardless, always held out a hope that maybe I would get a call on one of the 15 applications I threw in from 2009 to 2015. 

Someone call to humor me or say what I could do differently at least. Eventually gave up. 

Back to the Nordecke's beginning. 

Right before the Nordecke intro on March 29th, 2008 we had Toronto fans talking about their huge crowd they were bringing and it bolstered us. 

2008 ended up being the season of seasons in my life and the Crew's part they played in it.

My dad passed on July 27th, 2008.

Days later I moved to Columbus, Ohio.

In the beginning of August, I started preparing for Capital Law School in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I'll say it wasn't all based on the soccer but was why I picked that one. Didn't put in for any others. 

Should of took a year off. But, I just wanted to disappear. Did fine my first semester but didn't work out.

What did is we became champions.

Thank you Crew for the memories. Thank you Hejduk, Moreno, Schelotto, Schmid, Gino, and etc.

I'll never forget the celebration at Ruby Tuesdays and the friends made.

It was the one thing that kept me going that year. 

I went to the MLS Cup Game on December 6th, 2015. 

A week later on December 13th, 2015 I got into a terrible car accident

Had to make some extreme life adjustments.

Don't even remember the week after as had a brain hemorrage. It took a lot of time to have any semblance of normal but doing great now and completely fine. The only thing that made me smile when I was in the hospital was this.


Thank you. 

In conclusion, I think United States soccer isn't just way off course internationally. But, if you want to get rid of an original 96' team because they don't sell out a football stadium of 40,000 to 60,000 go screw yourselves Major League Soccer. 

If you think you can take this and delete it...

Best of god damn luck to you. Hope you can bathe in your bubble bath of money.

You don't understand that soccer is not all business. In other leagues around the world some teams don't sell out but their the fabric of their community, they are always there.

Nobody is moving Hull City or Portsmouth because they're not Manchester United. 

And is there no meaning in keeping the first soccer stadium in the United States upright?

Can we not have Wrigley's and Fenway's in Major League Soccer?

Now that the USA didn't win once in Columbus, Ohio does this no longer matter?

American soccer is lost in a number of ways. Columbus Crew perhaps moving is bullet point number two.

If you would like to share similar of why the Columbus Crew is so important to you. Send an article to my Dropbox and would be my honor to post it here. Give me 500 of them. 


Sometimes all you got.

Thank you for the 2008 season. For the Nordecke. I love all that filled that place with passion over the years and care. You guys rock. 

No effort is or was a waste.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kaka and Artur could be on the same team next year

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/13: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

Kaka and Artur could be on the same team next year ✜ Kaka's game against Crew SC on Sunday will be his last with Orlando ✜ Changing baseball fields ✜ 

Kaka and Artur could be on the same team next year

Kaka wants to return to where it all began for him at Sao Paulo FC. Link.

He rejected another season with Orlando City and retirement. He wants to return to his first club.

In addition, Sao Paulo FC owned, loaned Crew SC player Artur could be headed back too. 

As SPFC doesn't have many options next year at the steering wheel (DM) position. 

Kaka's game against Crew SC on Sunday will be his last with Orlando City

The moment now is to say goodbye, but my heart is full of happiness and joy, proud and honored to end another wining cycle.  Sunday I will play my last official match with the Orlando City jersey in Orlando. I would like to thank Flávio, Alexandre and Diogo for believing that I could be an important part of this puzzle. Thank you to all the Fans for always supporting the team, crowded the stadium and didn’t hesitate to support us at any time, even in the hardest moments. Thanks to all the community that have embraced soccer in an incredible way and my fellow teammates who are and were always beside me, fighting for each ball. Also, thanks to the technical staff that gave us full support, the directors, employees who built this Club with happiness and enthusiasm from the backstage. Thanks to the press, to the sponsors and all of you that always supported me through these amazing 3 years of success and achievements. I will keep on supporting, cheering and believing in the club and will forever be a Lion. Excited for the upcoming professional challenges. Thank you Orlando! Kaká. O momento é de despedida, mas o sentimento é de muita alegria, orgulho e honra pelo final de mais um ciclo vencedor. Domingo faço meu ultimo jogo oficial com a camisa do Orlando City em Orlando. Obrigado Flávio, Alexandre, Diogo por acreditarem que eu seria peça importante nesse quebra cabeça. Obrigado a todos os fãs que sempre apoiaram o time, lotaram o estadio e não cansaram de nos incentivar. A comunidade que incrivelmente abraçou o futebol, aos meus companheiros que sempre lutaram ao meu lado, ao staff técnico que nos deu suporte e direção, aos funcionários que com alegria construíram esse time no anonimato , a imprensa, aos patrocinadores, e todos vocês que sempre me apoiaram. Obrigado por esses 3 anos incríveis de  sucesso e realizações. Sigo acreditando, torcendo e apoiando o Clube, serei para sempre um Lion. E que venham os próximos desafios profissionais. Obrigado Orlando. Kaká.
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Changing baseball fields

The New York Yankees advancing over the Cleveland Indians means that the NYCFC finale against Crew SC on October 22nd will be moved to Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.


Tryouts for next year's Brazilian?

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/12: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

Tryouts for next year's Brazilian? ✜ Crew SC floating ahead ✜ Artur will finally match up against Kaka ✜ 

Crew SC tryouts for next year's Brazilian?

One can hope this may be the beginning of a similar process for next year. Would (like all Crew SC fans) love to keep Artur too. Yet, the thought alone of a Brazilian loanee or two a season of Artur's quality is very exciting.

Seems like we have a pretty legit outfit and system in place in Brazil; as Ricardo Moreira runs Crew SC recruitment out of Brazil half of the month. Quotes from him earlier this week in depth.

Will tip my hat to Gregg Berhalter and co. if this is what they have set up for the future. A yearly Brazilian talent funnel would be quite exciting.


In the second highlight video Esperon looks oddly like he plays a very similar position to Artur. 

Crew SC is floating ahead

Crew SC apparently uses floating to maximize the nervous system's resting state.

Artur will finally match up against Kaka

Image result for Artur Sao Paulo

In one of Kaka's last Major League Soccer games. Link.

Hasn't happened this season because of injuries and cards on Kaka's end. If the matchup occurs this Sunday will be huge for Sao Paulo's Artur in one of the final opportunities to face the Brazil and Sao Paulo legend in America.

Kaka received his start at Sao Paulo FC as well.

But, Kaka is ending his Major League Soccer part of his career. Kaka could go back to Sao Paulo FC perhaps next to finish his career.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Ola Kamara ✜ USA fail to qualify for World Cup ✜ Today in general ✜

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/11: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

The Ola Kamara

Ola Kamara has scored the long distance goals like #23 in New England below.

Yet, think what Ola does really well is he doesn't stop his runs. Not until he gets to the end line. 

He's got a good 21 right in front of the goal mouth. Either in the six yard box or just barely outside.

A lot of strikers once they get to the keeper their run is done.

His movement really does a lot for him and it continues straight to the goal.

His first six for Crew SC were all in the six yard box.

Head of Recruitment Ricardo Moreira said yesterday:

"The process of convincing has been getting easier, of course we 
have this barrier, we are a seller club, we have made a few million 
dollars in sales of players in the last two years. We recently 
sold a defender, who we hired for $150,000 from Costa Rica, to 
Italy for $5 million. We have just finished selling a defender to 
Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Our center-forward, Ola Kamara, 
a Norwegian who does not stop scoring, has interest each 
window from the Premier League and French League."

I think that buy and sell time may be up at the end of this season. 
Peak may be getting near.

Like all Crew fans I really hope not. As I would give Ola 
Kamara the biggest Crew contract without a second thought. 

16 goals a year from a striker for the next 5-7 years would be 

But, can see Ola Kamara doing more than others at a bigger club. 

Somewhere bigger than SC Heerenveen (Nicolai Naess) or 
Bologna (Giancarlo Gonzalez). He's capable.

USA fail to qualify for World Cup

Complete nightmare.

I'm struggling to get my mind around it.

Last World Cup we missed was when I was born.

Today in general

In a nutshell is Sanchez as a Golden Girl.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Crew SC's Brazilian Head of Recruitment ✜ Crew SC rank 32nd in worth of clubs in North, Central, and South America ✜ Hejduk & Duncs ✜

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/10: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

Crew SC's Brazilian Head of Recruitment

Ricardo Moreira discusses his role in depth with Crew SC at Terra Brazil.

"We do not have the possibility to be a Flamengo or a Palmeiras, that have 50 players, because of our regulations. We can only have 28 players in the whole of the year, eight of which must be under-23, and we still have a financial limitation on the league and our club, we can not risk as much as those other teams around the world, who can hire and have players that do not work. We have to be much more careful and careful because the chance of error has to be minimal, we can not replace as easily," said Moreira.

"Contrary to what happens in Brazil, football stars do not have a guaranteed contract with any MLS club. It is not enough to just bring in a name for marketing. Performance and results on the field matter as well. If there is no consensus among the responsible sectors, hiring will not be done."

"The guy can be the player, can have the story, but if he does not have what we seek in the position he will play, he will not be hired." 

"Regardless of the opportunity. He may be a guy who will sell a million shirts, yet the concern is with the performance on the field. If he does not deliver what we want, for Columbus he does not matter," Moreira said.

Yet Columbus can be a good situation for a player looking for a stepping stone in his career. 

"For a player (such as Artur) who has hit the base categories at his age and yet is not being used on a main team it is better to lend this kid to a US team than to a small one in Brazil. There he will play in a showcase a little better than the smaller teams in Brazil, will learn another language, will have an experience as a man, will grow as a person, will have a fantastic structure and probably will be starting 40 games in the year and will evolve as a player, which is much more interesting" Moreira said.

"The process of convincing has been getting easier, of course we have this barrier, we are a seller club, we have made a few million dollars in sales of players in the last two years. We recently sold a defender, who we hired for $150,000 from Costa Rica, to Italy for $5 million. We have just finished selling a defender to Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Our center-forward, Ola Kamara, a Norwegian who does not stop scoring, has interest each window from the Premier League and French League."

Crew SC rank 32nd in worth of clubs in North, Central, and South America

At a worth of $71.6 million according to Forbes we rank better than Toronto FC, Pachuca, Cruz Azul, the Portland Timbers, and the Montreal Impact.

But, oddly New York Red Bulls rank first out of MLS teams in 6th place at $238.5 million.


Well figure this fits

Under the Hejduk topic. 

If I could would just let him write this section every day. 🙏

Further, if some day these two would be head coach and assistant I would not complain. Both have played internationally, can do it, and are so so Columbus.

Bet they could light some fires.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Rather focus on righting 2015 disappointment

“Well, I think ... ” Crew manager Gregg Berhalter paused, then corrected himself. “I know it’s closing the door on the great disappointment of last year. No one was satisfied with last year and the tone (this year) was set early on in preseason of how hard we’re going to work and what we were going to do to get back to this point.”

Congratulations on making the playoffs Crew SC but don't let the congratulations go on for too long.

We sometimes seem to be a team that is first to congratulate oneself.

Missing the playoffs last year and then 5th place in the East, two seasons after hosting MLS Cup, I wouldn't say we have reached any finish line or pinnacle as of yet.

It's better. But, I want to see much more to get over the finish to another year. 

And the thing is I think this team can achieve much, much more. 

The mark in the last eight games of 5 wins and 3 draws has the chance to far surpass a good finish to the 2015 season.

The 2015 team ended their season at 6-3-1. Finish with two more wins at 7-0-3 and go for it this playoffs.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Meram plays for Iraq today in Iraq ✜ Higuain hedonistic calculus ✜ Some calculus going on as well for Crew Ghana contingent? ✜

Gaven, Schelotto, Hejduk for 10/5: Three Crew SC-related social media topics of interest for today. 

Meram plays for Iraq today in Iraq

Iraq plays Kenya in a friendly at Iraq's Basra Stadium at noon today (EST). Crew SC's Justin Meram will be in the starting lineup.

Thought I had a legitimate stream but that would be far too easy.

There's no technical difficulty that can't be fixed four hours before game time. Other than not having a video camera. 😅 As have personally produced Division I college soccer. 

Even if you don't have an internet connection on-site, you can stream live with a Wifi Hotspot.

So, likely couldn't afford the fee to re-transmit the game.

I find it doubtful that the camera crew and etc. is coming from Kenya so if I find another feed will let you know.

Higuain hedonistic calculus 

With a little time and winning, "feeling very dear" and at home for Federico Higuain beats a little disagreement with Berhalter.

Higuain told Univision recently he "always felt very dear" here and that has helped his decision.

Two months prior he looked as good as gone and according to The Columbus Dispatch's Andrew Erickson that statement came from an argument or disagreement with manager Gregg Berhalter. 

Two months ago, the Crew had a losing record and Higuain, a 5-feet-8, 165-pound midfielder, was still more than two weeks away from returning from a sprained knee that cost him a month and a half of his 2017 season.
After an early August training session, he and Berhalter had a lengthy one-on-one conversation next to the Crew’s training pitch that at times became animated. Minutes later, Higuain told The Dispatch the 2017 season would be his last with Crew SC. Informed of Higuain’s comments, Berhalter remained optimistic the club would be able to reach an agreement with Higuain.
Winning helps. 

Believe the reacquiring of Higuain could be more important for the end of this season, than the next oddly.

Harrison Afful and Jonathan Mensah both out for Ghana in their World Cup qualifier

The two Crew SC defenders collided into each other against DC United and both became slightly injured from that collision. 

Yet Afful and Mensah both played 90 minutes regardless. 

The only defensive sub was in the 70th minute. Jukka Raitala came on for Hector Jimenez.

The collision occured in the 71st minute.

However, two substitutions for other players occurred after. Santos was subbed out in the 75th minute and Meram in the 83rd.

Image result for Harrison Afful Jonathan Mensah

Because of the collision neither Mensah or Afful made the trip for the upcoming must win for Ghana away at Uganda. 

The game occurs on Saturday and the Black Stars must win to keep any Russian World Cup hope alive.
Who knows the extent of the injuries.

Crew SC seems to rate both serious enough not to have them travel.

But, could have as much to do with an extreme unlikelihood for Ghana to qualify. 

As Ghana needs to win away. 

Then have Egypt tie or lose at home against last place Congo on Sunday.

Otherwise, the World Cup qualifying finale against Egypt on November 6th will have no meaning.

As a result, both Crew SC players may prefer to instead try to cement their Crew SC places on the run to the playoffs.

Regarding Afful's injury it may open doors for other Ghanaian players at right back.

However, Harrison Afful was left out of the starting lineup for Ghana in the September 1st disastrous home tie against Congo. 

That was the first time he hasn't started at right back since Ghana's 2014 World Cup loss to the United States.

So, if Ghana has any chance of qualifying on November 6th I'm sure that Harrison Afful will be on that field.